Pirates For Peace

Sunday, February 8, 2009

7.15-6220 mystery radio,strong signal,plays pop music-55455
8.00-5810 orion radio good signal,plays harpo and clout-44444
8.25-6202 radio scotland,fair signal plays music from tom petty and elo-33233
9.00-6295 someone plays insturmental music,off@9.05 strong signal,maybe bommerang-55455
9.05-6300 radio bommerang with a strong signal,moved to 6305 afew minutes later off@9.17-55555
10.20-6265 radio zodic,good signal-44434
10.33-6300 votn playing frankie goes to hollywood,ram jam and manfreds mann earthband
fair signal-43333
1300-6140 bluestar radio.very strong signal.plays elvis presley-55555
13.20-6210 unid playig abba.weak signal-22122

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