Pirates For Peace

Sunday, February 15, 2009

7.40-3910 skyline international radio,heard playing fergal sharkey,sinpo44343

7.50-6220 mystery radio plays pop music,strong signal.sinpo55455

8.30-5810 orion radio playing golden earring,good signal sinpo43343

8.50-6240 misti radio plays queen-i want it all sinpo33233

9.20-6205 radio scotland strong signal,plays pet shop boys and boney m sinpo54444

9.40-6310 delta radio plays gary glitter,sinpo44444

10.00-6290 unid plays rainbow sinpo33333

10.20-6310 radio paardenkracht plays hot choclate strong signal sinpo 54444

10.35-6302 radio condor plays dance music sinpo 43333

10.42-5800 radio geromino reading reception reports weak signal 22122

11.02 radio guintos-6290 fair signal sinpo 33233

11.40-6205 radio borderhunter strong signal plays elton john,suszane vega and madonna sinpo 54444

1405 -6903 votn plays dance music sinpo 44344 moved to 6310 a few minutes later sinpo 33333

13.00-6140 emr with the radio jackie story sinpo 55555

1635-6220 mystery radio plays kool and the gang sinpo 54445

18.00-3932 bogusman plays indie music and chat good signal 44344

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