Pirates For Peace

Sunday, March 8, 2009


6220-7.15 mystery radio strong signal 44444

6380 unid heard playing madness and level 42 fair signal 33233

6850-7.40 playback international playing Kate Bush good signal 44344

4.25 heard laser hot hits@7.47 talking about Colin Dixon and playing dollar 44344

5815-8.15 Orion Radio plays Ami Stewart,Albert Hammond and Fleetwood mac strong signal 44444

6210 Radio Geronimo heard@8.45 Dave Scott talking about UK Dxers site good signal getter stronger at closed down@9.15

6285-8.55 Radio Borderhunter plays ELO, Survivor, Golden Earring and Bill Haley strong signal 55455

6310 Radio Conder plays dance music fair signal Sinpo  33333

6265-9.22 Antonia radio plays pop music  Sinpo 43333

6300 Radio Merlin plays Rock music from Graham Bonnet,Asia and Hawkwind strong signal 54444

6240-9.50 Delta radio fair signal not helped by weaker station underneath it Sinpo 32232

6280 Radio Zodiac fair signal Sinpo 33333

6310 Radio Malaisy plays pop music heard@13.50 strong signal 44444

6140-13.00 Bluestar radio plays dutch music strong signal 55455

3932 Bogusman heard@16.25 talking about politics playing his usual Indie music and middle of the road strong  signal Sinpo 54444

4025 laser hot hits heard@10.45 good signal 44344

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