Pirates For Peace

Saturday, March 7, 2009


6215 unid heard@9.05 playing dutch music. Too weak to id
9510-9.25 radio joystick plays detroit spinners strong signal 54454
6285 -11.00 unid heard playing abba faded out a few minutes later
6375 unid heard@1140 playing dutch music good signal 44344 off@11.47
6280-12.05 someone plays pop music from father abraham and the sweet lots of fading today on 48 metres making it very hard to id
3905-18.00 votn plays mark knopfler.ssb interferance making it hard to hear signal. stronger@18.50 no ssb but @19.05 ssb had returned sinpo 53343
19.10-4025 laser hot hits fair signal 34333
6220-1915 mystery radio plays phil collins and aha strong signal 55455

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