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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shortwave logs 19/04/09

4025-7.00 laser hot hits anorak hour program is on.good signal sinpo 44434

6425-7.15 unid playing c&w music sinpo 33343

5815-7.25 orion radio playing leo sayer sinpo 44344

6375-7.35 radio lowland playing alpavilla and katie perry strong signal 53344

6220-7.45 mystery radio good signal sinpo 44334

6260-8.10 old time radio weak signal sinpo 22112

6295-8.40 radio devalon international with a very intresting program strong signal 53344

6140-9.00 emr tom taylor playing wizzard and the tymes strong signal sinpo 55445

6220-17.50 playback international and mystery radio playing lou reed good signal sinpo 43333

3900-18.15 radio sallendse boer playing dutch music sinpo 33233

4025-18.30 laser hot hits playing dance music sinpo 43333

3898-20.10 bluestar radio playing dutch music strohg signal sinpo 54444

3930-20.20 continental radio also playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43434

3886-10.15 radio baken 16 playing ac/dc and talking about dr. Tim been raided also saying hello to radio romona good signal sinpo 44334

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uk dxer said...

Much better reception in Ireland than UK today.