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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shortwave logs 02/05/09

4025-6.35 laser hot hits tony james playing kinks and jon and vangelis strong signal sinpo 54444

6415-6.50 unid playing song beautiful sunday good signal sinpo 43333

6380-7.00 unid playing hurricane smith and elton john fair signal sinpo 32233

6280 radio merlin playing cutting crew, shaken stevens and iron maiden sinpo 43343

3900-17.00 radio spaceman playing gerry and the pacemakers good signal signal sinpo 43344.also heard@19.45 playing journey,queen and black sabbath sinpo 55455

4025-17.55 britain radio roger davis reading listeners reports and playing caroline recordings good signal sinpo 44344

3930-20.57 antonio radio non stop oldies from everly brothers,the archies,the foundations and paper lace good signal sinpo 44333

6220 mystery radio playing abba strong signal sinpo 54344

6310 radio scotland heard id@21.40 good signal but some co-channel Qrm sinpo 43333

6870-22.25playback international playing ac/dc and the beatles sinpo 33233

6880-22.35 radio fox 48 playing rock music weak signal sinpo 22122

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