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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shortwave logs 30/05/09

4025-7.45 laser hot hits playing mental as anything fair signal sinpo 32223

6280-10.02 radio merlin international playing the clash and the animals good signal sinpo 44334

6305-16.00 unid playing the stranglers and dance music strong signal sinpo 54344

6220-17.48 mystery radio playing the verve sinpo 43333

3898-19.25 unid playing paper lace fair signal sinpo 43333

3945-19.35 radio bogusman playing jona lowie good signal sinpo 44334

5800-19.55 radio Geronimo dave scott reading reception reports good signal but aiso some qtm sinpo 42333

3920-21.15 radio borderhunter playing dance music strong signal sinpo 54454

3905-20.15 antonia radio(tent} playing schalger weak signal sinpo 22122

4025-22.10 laser hot hits playing dance music sinpo 44344

3932-22.30 radio rainbow(tent) weak signal sinpo 22122

3890-22.45 free radio victora playing rock n'roll fair signal sinpo 33233

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