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Sunday, June 21, 2009

6280-7.00 radio merlin jackie frost playing lounge and big band music. strong signal sinpo 55445

6399-7.10 radio baken 16 playing soft cell and lobo. good signal sinpo 44344

6202-7.22 radio scotland playing rock music. fair signal sinpo 33333

5815-7.30 orion radio playing yes and bette milder. good signal sinpo 44344

5825-7.40 radio rapido playing the jam and suzanne vega. fair signal sinpo 32333

4025-8.20 laser hot hits playing gordon lightfoot. sinpo 33233

6310-8.25 classic hits radio playing Carly Simon,chic and cliff richard. strong sinpo 54444

6140-9.00 emr mike taylor with the mailbox program and playing u2 and journey. strong signal sinpo 54444

5810-9.55 radio telestar south playing oldies weak signal sinpo 22121 heard later@20.35 playing joe dolan sinpo 43333

6310-15.00 unid playing johnny cash. too much fading and noise too catch id. sinpo 31122

6210-16.00 radio 48 playing the clash. fair signal sinpo 33233

6220-17.45 mystery radio playing gary newman weak signal sinpo 22122.also on 6870 heard@18.00 playing simply red sinpo 33232

6910-18.45 catus jack radio playing chris andrews sinpo 33233

3898-19.45 bluestar radio playing dutch music sinpo 32222

3905-20.25 voice of the Netherlands playing the spin docters and opus. some splash from reflections europe on 3910 sinpo 32233

5800-20.35 radio rapido playing black sababath,tom jones and abba good signal sinpo 42334

3932-21.10 antonia radio playing polka fair signal sinpo 32233

4025-22.15 britain radio playing john lennon good signal sinpo 44344


Anonymous said...

6399-7.10 radio baken 16

>>> here in the north western part of germany there was All Europe radio at 0740 UTC

Mystery Radio at 0740 on 6220 kHz

R. Playback Int'l at 0745 on 6870 kHz

Skyline Int'l at 0815 on 3900 kHz

R. Scotland at 0745 on 6280 kHz

Have a nice siunday!

irish paul said...

yes intresting log you have there. as all europe radio have not been heard for sometime.

73's paul