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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shortwave logs 27/06/09

6415-6.55 unid playing the song rocking all over the world weak signal sinpo 22122

4025-8.00 laser hot hits playing moby fair signal sinpo 33222

6210-8.07 radio 48 playing micheal jackson weak signal sinpo 22122 heard later@21.03 playing thin lizzy sinpo 33233

6325-17.15 radio monte carlo playing thin lizzy and gary moore fair signal sinpo 33223

6220-17.55 mystery radio playing pop music good signal sinpo 43444

6424-19.25 radio pioneer playing dutch music and id jingle good signal sinpo 44444

3945-19.50 bogusman playing indie music and reading e-mail reports good signal sinpo 44344

6280-19.55 radio merlin jackie frost playing jerry lee Lewes fair signal sinpo 32233 heard later@21.10 playing louis armstrong sinpo 54344

4025-20.25 laser hot hits martin scott playing micheal jackson good signal sinpo 44334

6910-20.40 catus jack radio playing guiter music sinpo 32333

6265-22.15 cupid radio playing survivor,heart and gary moore and phil lynott strong signal sinpo 54444

6375-22.25 unid playing the hollies good signal sinpo 43333

5810-22.30 radio telestar south playing helen shapiro sinpo 33233

3900-22.40 unid playing simion and garfunkel faded out a few minutes later sinpo 32222

3905-23.00 radio polaris playing micheal jackson and wang chang strong signal sinpo 54444

6395-23.10 unid playing helen shapiro sinpo 32222

3890-23.15 free radio victora playing bellemy brothers good signal sinpo 42333

6905-23.25 catus jack radio playing the who good sinpo 44444

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