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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shortwave logs 05/07/09

4025-6.35 laser hot hits playing wings and boney m good signal sinpo 44344

6210-7.25 radio paardenkracht playing righteous brothers and john fred and the playboy band good signal sinpo 44344

5810-7.40 orion radio playing blondie,dutch music and john miles strong signal sinpo 54444

6424-7.55 radio pioneer playing shania twain fair signal,but high noise level as well sinpo 33133

6220-8.05 mystery radio playing human league. Radio marabu on a few minutes later fair signal sinpo 32233

6327-8.15 summer meeting radio playing george baker selection fair signal,but spoilt at times by strong utillty qrm sinpo 31332

6285-8.25 antonio radio playing dutch music sinpo 33233

6140-9.00 mv baltic radio playing jackson 5 and zz top good signal sinpo 44334

6210-12.47 radio tina playing men at work fair signal sinpo 33233

6870 playback international playing king and howard jones fair signal sinpo 32233

6220-18.30 mystery radio playing pop music good signal sinpo 44344

4025-19.30 laser hot hits playing lightning seeds good signal sinpo 44344

6325-20.24 offshore sounds mike west playing ultravox good signal sinpo 44344

6325-20.40 sonnet radio playing wang chung and the cure.also reading reception reports good signal sinpo 44344 moved to 6310. heard@ 21.10 playing bronski beat and mathrew wilder good signal sinpo 43444

5825-21.50 radio rapido playing aha,alison moyet, alphville and ashford and simpson good signal sinpo 44344

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