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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shortwave logs 11/07/09

4025-8.05 laser hot hits playing neil diamound fair signal sinpo 33233

6265-8.55 radio 48 reading reception reports weak signal and long fades sinpo 22121

6310-10.23 unid playing boney m fair signal. faded out a few minutes later sinpo 33233

6300-16.20 delta radio playing kraftwork and cliff richard good signal sinpo 43444

6220-17.48 mystery radio playing the eagles good signal sinpo 44344

6310-19.20 radio Ramona playing pat boone.also giving out id and e-mail address radioramona@hotmail.com fair signal sinpo 32333

6870-19.50 mystery radio playing dance music in parallel with 6220 fair signal sinpo 33333

6265-21.10 radio 48 playing rock music and talking about reception condations fair signal sinpo 32333

4025-21.35 laser hot hits playing ronnie milslap strong signal sinpo 54444

6430-22.07 free radio victora playing cutting crew strong signal sinpo 54444

3920-20.20 radio noorderlict playing rock music strong signal sinpo 55444

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