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Saturday, September 5, 2009

shortwave logs 05/09/09

6870-6.38 playback international playing rap music good signal sinpo 44344

6280-6.42 radio merlin international jackie frost playing elo and zz top good signal sinpo 44344

6375-8.15 sonic radio(tent) playing coldplay weak signal sinpo 22121

9510-8.43 radio joystick playing simply red strong signal sinpo 54444

6310-9.50 radio condor playing dance music good signal. some co channel qrm from weaker station underneath it sinpo 42334

6295-10.05 sonnet radio playing non stop dance music.heard id@10.30 strong signal sinpo 54444

6400-12.57 sonnet radio playing snap and then the news.strong signal sinpo 54444 off a few minutes later

6210-13.35 orion radio/tina radio playing dutch music good signal sinpo 44344

6870-16.55 playback international/mystery radio playing queen in concert fair signal sinpo 33233. in parallel with 6220 sinpo 44344

6385-17.35 2 stations on same frequency one playing dutch music(unid) with a strong signal sinpo 54444 when the other station moved. the other station(unid) with a weaker signal playing dr hook moved to 6325@17.42

6325-17.45 unid playing dutch music and abba fair signal sinpo 32233

3921-18.45 radio noorderlicht playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43444.off@19.02

3885-18.55 unid playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

6310-19.20 sonnet radio playing irene cara,thin lizzy and elvis presley strong signal sinpo 54444

3905-19.40 radio oscar zula playing cilla black sinpo 43233

3885-19.45 radio overijssel(not sure about spelling) playing dutch music and giving out id fair signal sinpo 33233

3934-19.52 radio tina playing phd"i won't let you down" good signal sinpo 43444

3895-20.45 antonia radio playing dutch music weak signal and high noise level sinpo 21121

3921-21.10 skyline radio international playing dutch music strong signal sinpo 54444

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