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Saturday, September 26, 2009

shortwave logs 26/09/09

6870-6.20 playback international playing dna featuring suzanne vega good signal sinpo 44344

6310-8.05 radio condor playing dance and instrumental music strong signal only using 10 watts sinpo 54444

6304-11.27 retro radio(tent) playing bruce springsteen no id heard good signal untill another station came on 6305 causing a whilstle on channel sinpo 43444

6280-11.40 unid playing bob marley weak signal and long fades sinpo 21121

5810-11.43 radio merlin playing the kinks,jetro tull and neilson fair signal sinpo 33233

6295-15.20 unid weak signal can just hear music above noise level sinpo 21121

6305-15.30 retro radio with a good signal playing mari wilson,madonna and the mamas and papas sinpo 43444

6870-16.00 playback international playing edie brickell and the new bohemians fair signal sinpo 33233

3935-19.10 baggerteam playing status guo,frankie goes to hollywood and u2 good signal sinpo 44334

5805-19.05 radio telestar south playing focus"syliva" fair signal sinpo 33233

3900-19.20 unid playing dance music faded out a few minutes later sinpo 32122

6220-20.12 mystery radio playing elvis costello strong signal sinpo 54444

3900-20.43 radio scotland playing bronski beat strong signal sinpo 54444

6240-21.08 free radio victora playing buddy knox,jerry lee lewis,little richard and pat boone. said he was using 80 watts fair signal. high noise level at first but noise only small@21.20 sinpo 33233

3900-21.33 radio pluto playing the pretenders weak signal sinpo 22111

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