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Saturday, October 3, 2009

shortwave logs 03/10/09

6870-8.08 playback international playing klf and van morrison fair signal sinpo 33233

6280-8.15 unid playing dutch music sinpo 32222

6305-8.30 unid with recordings off radio caroline only on for a short time before off good signal sinpo 44344

6265-8.35 radio altrex playing greek music fair signal sinpo 33233

6200 misti radio with a good signal playing nazareth and meatloaf sinpo 43444

6310-9.55 radio grensstad playing dutch music good signal sinpo 44344

6300-10.05 radio golfbrekker(tent) playing dutch music weak signal with some fair peaks sinpo 32232

6290-10.30 radio boomrang playing popcorn and vengaboys strong signal sinpo 54444 moved to 6300@10.38 with a strong signal playing song for radio tina(tina turner) also creedance clearwater rival sinpo 55444

6325-10.55 radio monte carlo playing simon and garfunkel and dutch music fair signal sinpo 33333

6307-11.25 unid playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 32333

6330-12.55 voice of the netherlands with a good signal playing mungo jerry,los bravos,alphaville and bruce hornsby and the range good signal sinpo 44344

6210-13.47 radio mustang playing the doors and creedence clearwater rival good signal sinpo 44344

6321-14.15 radio dutchwing playing reggae music sinpo 33323

6300-14.30 unid playing rock music off a few minutes later sinpo 43433

6210-14.40 unid playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43444

6301-15.35 radio northpole playing instrumental music good signal sinpo 43444

6306-16.10 radio brandaris playing instrumental music also van halen and toto good signal sinpo 44344

3905-17.45 overjissel radio playing dutch music good signal sinpo 44344

6240-18.05 free radio victora playing the eagles good signal sinpo 43344

3930-18.10 bluestar radio with short test transmission playing dutch music strong signal sinpo 54444

3920-18.15 radio oscar zula playing the nolans fair signal,but noise level is quite high sinpo 33223 heard later@20.00 playing phil collins with a better signal sinpo 44334

3935-19.25 baggerteam playing dutch music. fair signal, but some splash from bluestar
on 3930 sinpo 32232

6220-19.35 mystery radio playing gonzalaz" haven'i stop dancing yet" good signal. also some splash from rte on 6225 sinpo 43444

3890-20.20 free radio victoria playing 10cc fair signal some ssb qrm sinpo 32232

3900--20.25 radio boomerang playing foreigner and aneka usual strong signal sinpo 55444

3924-20.35 radio scotland playing al stewart,blue oster cult and the cure good signal sinpo 44344 heard later on6307@21.10 with a good signal sinpo 43444

6870-21.05 playback international playing the four tops fair signal.but high noise level sinpo 32232

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