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Saturday, November 21, 2009

shortwave logs 21/11/09

4025-7.44 laser hot hits Stuart ross playing dave edmounds and kate bush good signal sinpo 44344

6870-7.55 playback international playing Mathews southern comfort and jazz music fair signal sinpo 33233

6376-8.50 sonic radio(tent) weak signal but can hear some music sinpo 22122

9510-9.05 radio city playing the carpenters good signal sinpo 44344

6240-9.10 radio altrex playing john hiatt and greeting listeners also heard@9.45 playing heart fair signal sinpo 33233

6301-9.20 radio mustang playing aneka and kim wilde fair signal also some fading sinpo 33223

6295-10.05 radio condor playing dance music good signal. was having trouble with his mircophone sinpo 44344

6310-10.15 radio altrex with a weak signal sinpo 22122

6280-10.25 radio merlin playing the beatles,the shangri lars,abba and the supremes good signal sinpo 44344 heard@14.25 playing fleetwood mac,david bowie and dexys midnight runners good signal but suffering splash from station on 6275 and 6285 sinpo 43433

6375-11.00 voice of the Netherlands playing aha and looking for qso good signal sinpo 44344

6310-12.35 grensstad radio playing instrumental fair signal sinpo 33233 off@13.57

3925-14.00 the ghoul playing indie music good signal sinpo 44344

3945-14.25 central radio playing dodgy and the soup dragons good signal sinpo 44344

6425-14.45 radio alice playing dutch music fair signal at times but some fading and noise sinpo 33223

6400-15.20 unid playing monkeys and the kinks heard id jingle but could not catch name due to fading out at the wrong moment sinpo 33223

3885-15.50 radio continental playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33233

6305-16.00 voice of the netherlands playing stealers wheel and neilson also looking for a qso again sinpo 44444

6425-16.10 radio lowland playing pop music fair signal but noise level is very high sinpo 33222

6420-17.20 radio lowland with a better clear signal playing dolly parton,the beatles and bon jovi sinpo 43333

6220-20.48 mystery radio playing procal harem good signal sinpo 43444

3885-21.05 overijessel radio playing dutch and german music fair signal sinpo 33333

3905-21.40 radio borderhunter playing the police,dire straits and the eurythmics strong signal sinpo 54444

6554-21.53 radio rainbow international playing dance music and the loving spoonful,the cure and talking heads fair signal sinpo 33233. also on 3932 signal much weaker sinpo 22112

4025-22.25 laser hot hits playing dance music good signal sinpo 44344


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the report and chat.

irish paul said...

hi frans no problem.
i enjoyed the chat.

73's paul