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Sunday, November 22, 2009

shortwave logs 22/11/09

6420-8.05 radio lowland playing johnny cash,queen and rod stewart good signal sinpo 44344

6215-8.20 radio king shortwave playing instrumental music weak signal with fair peaks sinpo 22232

6315-8.30 radio waves international playing the song"moon river" weak signal sinpo 22122

6300-8.40 unid playing dutch music weak signal sinpo 22122

6205-8.50 unid playing canned heat off a few minutes later sinpo 54444

6280-8.55 radio merlin jackie frost playing hawkwind and barclay james harvest good signal but modulation a bit dull sinpo 44344
heard later@11.22 playing madness, the zombies and deep purple sinpo 54444

6295-9.05 radio boomerang playing sandie shaw and the hollies strong signal sinpo 54444

6395-9.15 radio R.f.b playing dance music fair signal sinpo 33233

6202-9.25 radio scotland playing dance music good signal sinpo 44344

6265-9.35 trans europe radio playing smokie and alan parsons project fair signal but some utillty qrm 32233 heard later on 6290 playing tom petty and stan ridgeway said he was using 25 watts sinpo 33333

6202-9.50 radio boomerang in qso with radio scotland playing marmalade sinpo 54444

6306-9.55 radio brandaris playimg instrumental music and oldies good signal sinpo 44344

6540-10.00 unid playing dance music weak signal sinpo 22222

6140-10.05 radio gloria international playing the editors strong signal sinpo 54444

3920-10.17 central radio playing m people"one night in heaven" good signal sinpo 43444

5815-10.30 orion radio playing van halen"jump" and dutch music good signal sinpo 44444

4025-10.35 laser hot hits playing deep purple fair signal sinpo 32333

6300-10.40 radio paardenkracht playing brass band music,stealers wheel and barry white good signal sinpo 43444

6296-10.55 radio condor playing trance music good signal but suffering some splash from 6300 sinpo 43344

6220-11.50 playback international playing al stewart and marvin gaye fair signal also some fading sinpo 33223

6325-12.00 radio skywire playing dutch music sinpo 33233

6260-12.15 radio borderhunter playing country and dutch music strong signal sinpo 54444

6425-12.25 skyline radio international playing elo"mr blue sky" fair signal sinpo 33233

6415-13.00 radio marconi sinpo 43344 and radio lowland sinpo 44344 in qso both playing dutch music

7600-13.30 frs holland playing rock music fair signal but lots of fading sinpo 33223

6310-13.40 grensstad radio playing van mc coy"the hustle" fair signal sinpo 32333

6260-13.45 radio paardenkracht playing charlie rich,scott mckenize and andy kim strong signal sinpo 54444

3946-14.10 central radio playing happy mondays good signal but can hear a rumble noise sinpo 43444

3932-14.22 bogusman playing indie music and talking about julian cope good signal sinpo 44344

6300-14.35 radio golfbreker(tent) playing polka music weak signal sinpo 22222

6305-15.05 radio merlin playing simple minds,erasure and paul hardcastle strong signal sinpo 54444

6295-15.45 unid playing focus"syliva" good signal off a few minutes later sinpo 44344

3886-16.18 radio baken 16 also playing van mc coy"the hustle" fair signal sinpo 32333

6220-18.15 mystery radio playing john lennon good signal sinpo 43444

6870-21.28 playback international playing paul davis fair signal sinpo 33233

4025-21.35 laser hot hits playing cher and bryan adams. also mentioned uk dxers site sinpo 44344


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the report, Ukdxer can receive a rumble sound possibly from the TX can you detect the same?



Irish Paul said...

hi joe yes uk dxer is right i can hear the rumble now

73's paul

Anonymous said...

The TX must be very hungry :)

Cheers Paul

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report!