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Saturday, January 2, 2010

shortwave logs 02/01/10

6375-9.15 sonic playing reggae music inclueding bob marley"is this love" good signal sinpo 43444

6215-9.25 radio king shortwave playing instrumental mustc fair signal sinpo 33233

4025-10.05 britain radio international roger davis playing the song"all alone for christmas" good signal sinpo 44344

6305-10.10 radio baken 16 playing abc and the kinks good signal sinpo 44444

6205-10.20 misti radio playing rock music fair to good signal sinpo 43333

6216-10.30 radio blackarrow playing modern talking and u2 fair signal sinpo 33333

6300-10.40 radio tornado playing rap music good signal sinpo 43444

6280-10.40 unid playing yazz" the only way is up"fair signal sinpo 32333

6325-10.55 radio monte carlo playing dutch music sinpo 33233

7670-11.00 radio baken 16 with a weak signal and high noise level playing rock music sinpo 22122

6210-11.05 radio blackarrow playing culture beat"mr vain" and van halen"jump" sinpo 33333

6870-11.25 playback international playing annie lynox and dance music sinpo 33233

6375-12.10 continenal radio playing the knack,madness and the boomtown rats good signal sinpo 44444

6300-13.20 radio black power playing bruce springsteen,u2 and the spin doctors strong signal sinpo 54444

6320-13.40 unid playing the same song all the time abba"happy new year" fair signal sinpo 33233

6955-13.50 radio jan van gent playing country and western fair signal with some fading sinpo 33233

6870-14.00 pirate music playing boney m good signal sinpo 44344

6425-14.05 unid playing yodling and dutch music sinpo 33233

6300-14.20 radio blackpower playing dance music strong signal sinpo 54444

6309-14.30 radio northsea international playing the beatles,b bumble and stingers and sting good signal sinpo 43444

6295-14.40 radio mazda playing dutch music good signal sinpo 43444

6325-14.50 unid playing dutch music no id heard. strong signal sinpo 54444

6320-15.00 unid playing simple minds,chris rea,ub 40 and u2 good signal also some fading. maybe same station that was on@13.40 playing abba sinpo 44334

6425-15.20 radio lowland with id jingle and polka music and then off sinpo 44344

6210-15.35 unid playing van morrison,shocking blue and the flowerpot men fair signal. also some fading sinpo 33233

4025-16.35 laser hot hits anorak hour with a recording of laser 558 playing bob dylan sinpo 44344

3935-16.40 radio northcoast playing los bravos"black is black" fair signal. also some noise and fading sinpo 32233

6220-19.00 mystery radio playing dance music good signal sinpo 44344

3895-19.25 radio boomerang playing midnight oil"beds are burning" strong signal sinpo 54444

3925-20.45 unid playing rock music fair signal also some fading sinpo 33233

3933-21.10 radio jan van gent playing pop and rock music good signal sinpo 44344

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