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Saturday, February 6, 2010

shortwave logs 06/02/10

4025-9.27 laser hot hits playing jim diamond fair signal ,but noisy sinpo 32233

6005-9.40 mv  baltic radio playing the supremes fair signal but noisy and fading. condations are poor here this morning sinpo 33223

6377-10.15 radio dutchwing playing country and western music also some dutch music sinpo 33233

5820-13.25 orion radio playing gilbert o'sullivan"clair" fair signal at times with deep fading sinpo 33322

4025-17.30 laser hot hits playing sade,daft punk and desireless fair signal with some fading sinpo 33233

3885-21.00 overijssel radio playing dutch and polka music fair to good signal sinpo 44333

3905-22.26 cupid radio playing ac/dc. said he was using a new amp strong signal sinpo 54444 back on@23.05 playing Atc,ac/dc,boo radleys and kid rock sinpo 54444

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