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Saturday, February 13, 2010

shortwave logs13/02/10

7610-7.53 radio amica playing david bowie fair signal sinpo 33233

4025-7.58 laser hot hits lee richards playing the who sinpo 43233

6282-9.05 radio altrex playing the monkeys and greeting the listeners fair to good signal sinpo 43333

6957-9.20 radio jan van gent playing polka music sinpo 43333

6307-9.25 unid playing dutch music weak signal sinpo 22122

6295-9.38 trans europe  radio playing instrumental music and blonde. said he testing he's new 100 watt transmitter fair signal , also some utillty qrm sinpo 42333

7670-9.50 radio polaris playing boney m and kim wilde weak signal sinpo 22122

6325-10.00 radio mustang playing dutch music fair signal with some noise sinpo33233

6300-10.10 radio tornado playing instrumental music fair signal sinpo 33233

6290-10.15 two stations on the same frequency i mike radio playing dance music sinpo 32333. the other one unid playing tom petty sinpo 42333

6250-10.35 shortwave radio with a relay of RNI fair signal sinpo 32333

6400-10.45 radio shadow with dutch music weak signal and noisy sinpo 22122

6421-10.53 delta radio playing 2 status quo songs sinpo 43233

6265-11.00 radio scirroca playing rock music fair signal with some noise sinpo 33233

6200-1105 radio scotland on a short test greeting listeners in ianns chat and said he was using 400 watts strong signal sinpo 54444

6310-11.1radio paardenkracht
playing pop music good signal with some fading closed down@11.21 sinpo 44433

6377-14.55 radio dutchwing playing bob dylan good signal sinpo 43444

6295-15.10 phoenix radio testing out new link and valves playing the who,bob segar and the eagles good signal sinpo 44444

6315-15.35 unid playing kim wilde weak and noisy signal sinpo 32122

6312-17.00 unid playing dutch music good signal with some fading sinpo 44433

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