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Saturday, March 6, 2010

shortwave logs 06/03/10

6301-8.55 radio mustang playing stevie wonder,ricky neilson and ben e king fair signal sinpo 33233

6376-9.10 radio tina playing instrumental and polka music fair to good signal sinpo 42333

9510-9.20 radio joystick playing pop and dance music good signal sinpo 44344

6295-10.00 unid playing dance music strong signal sinpo 54444

6375-10.12 radio bonte koe playing the who weak signal sinpo 22122

6325-10.16 radio rob 007 playing blondie fair signal sinpo 32333

6290-10.22 voice of the netherlands playing dance music and looking for a qso sinpo 43444 heard later@10.40 on 6285 sinpo 43444

6310-10.45 radio northpole playing instrumental music fair signal sinpo 43233

6400-10.55 radio north coast playing icehouse and fr david fair to good signal sinpo 44334

6288-11.22 radio condor with dance music fair signal sinpo 33233

6958-12.00 radio jan van gent playing country and western fair signal with some fading sinpo 33233

6325-12.10 magic am playing bronski beat,antastacia,iggy pop and steely dan fair signal sinpo 43233

6310-15.40 radio spaceshuttle(tent) playing modern talking and dance music weak signal with some fair peaks sinpo 32222

6210-15.50 unid playing bits of music including dance,instrumental music and the cure. no id heard good signal sinpo 43444

6295-16.12 phoenix radio on test transmission playing radiohead the cranberries,the tornadoes and creedance clearwater rivial good signal with good modulation sinpo 44444

4025-17.30 laser hot hits with a fair but noisy signal playing journey sinpo 33223

6325-17.45 radio lowland playing dutch music fair signal but some fading sinpo 43223

3900-18.05 radio spaceman playing country and western music also peter gabriel,robin beck and the buggles strong signal sinpo 54444 heard later@21.10 playing ac/dc and murry head still coming with a strong signal sinpo 54444

6220-21.30 mystery radio playing imagnation good signal sinpo 44344

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