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Sunday, April 11, 2010

shortwave logs 11/04/10

4025-6.35 laser hot hits tony james playing air and
scott mckenzie good signal sinpo 44344

7610-6.53 radio amica playing electronic music fair
but noisy signal sinpo 33233

5820-7.15 orion radio with a strong signal playing the
beatles, nenah cherry and some dutch music strong
signal sinpo 54444

7620-7.35 catus jack radio playing emf"unbelievable"
fair to good signal sinpo 43344

6220-7.55 mystery radio playing dance music fair
signal sinpo 33233

6375-8.00 sonic radio playing dance music weak
signal sinpo 32222

5835-8.15 radio thunderbird with a weak signal  but
can just about hear some music above noise level
sinpo 22112

6295-9.35 radio develon with the dx program good
signal sinpo 44444

6203-8.45 radio scotland playing space"magic fly"
and bobby goldsboro"summer the first time" strong
signal sinpo 55444

6240-8.55 free radio victoria playing rock music and
elo fair to good signal sinpo 43434

6315-9.50 radio trans europe playing pat benetar and
the human league weak signal sinpo 32122 testing
differant transmiters

6205-9.55 radio borderhunter playing dutch and
dance music , also abba mix good signal sinpo

6450-10.30 radio marconi playing dutch music also
box scraggs and bow wow wow good signal with
some fading sinpo 44334

6310-12.45 unid playing dutch music weak signal
sinpo 22122

6295-12.55 unid playing ac/dc strong signal sinpo
54444 closed down after ac/dc song no id heard

6400-13.00 radio star international chris phillps with
the mailbox program. Reading reception reports and
playing new music and roman holliday strong signal
sinpo 54444

6302-13.20 radio bommerang playing van halen and
the prodigy strong signal sinpo 54444

6305-13.45 radio merlin international jackie frost
playing the platters,the drifters and johnny and the
hurricanes good signal sinpo 43444 also heard later@17.25 playing alpha and donna.kiss the who and reo speedwagon good signal sinpo 44344

6375-1505 unid weak and deep fading making it hard to catch id playing dutch music sinpo 22122

6375-15.35 radio rob oo7 giving out e-mail address before closing down sinpo 43233

6960-15.40 radio jan van gent playing gospel and country and western music fair to good signal sinpo 43434

6945-15.50 radio blackarrow playing ralph mctell" streets of london" fair signal with some noise sinpo 42333 also heard briefly on 6250 before closing down sinpo 43344

6220-16.05 mystery radio playing gilbert o sullivan good signal sinpo 44344

3905-17.05 skyline radio international playing nazareth and zz top fair signal, but noise level is high sinpo 43233 heard later@19.15 playing ub 40 and chris de burgh good signal sinpo 44344

3932-18.40 mrf radio fair to good signal with some fading  playing elton john. america and the sweet sinpo 44334

3899-2215 Polaris rado playig the song"layallyour love on me" fair signal also some noise sinpo 43223

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