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Sunday, April 18, 2010

shortwave logs 18/04/10

4025-6.35 laser hot hits playing mac and katie kisson
good signal sinpo 43444

6283-6.45 radio shadow playing steve miller band  
and bruce springsteen fair to good signal sinpo
44333 also heard@8.15 playing alvin stardust"
pretend" sinpo 33233

6220-7.05 mystery radio playing dance music good
signal sinpo 44344

6305-7.55 radio merlin international  jackie frost
playing alessi brothers and the hollies good signal at
times but a lot of fading sinpo 44433 heard
later@10.30 jackie frost playing dave edmounds and
the rubbetts good signal sinpo 44344

6205-8.53 radio borderhunter playing dance music
and bzn strong signal sinpo 544444

6140-9.05 emr  tom taylor playing aretha franklin
strong signal sinpo 54444

6550-9.12 unid playing dance music weak signal and
lot of fading sinpo 22122

6240-9.25  free radio victoria playing oldies fair
signal  also some fading sinpo 43223

6295-9.56 unid playing polka good signal , but faded
out a few miutes later sinpo 44433

6240-10.05 radio tina with a weak signal playing
dutch music sinpo 32222

6300-10.20 radio golfbreker playing polka music fair
signal with some fading. lots of fading on 48 meters
today sinpo 43322

6310-16.20 radio malaisy playing dance music good signal sinpo 44344

6220-16.30 mystey radio plzying ike and tina tuner fair signal sinpo 43323

4025-17.25 laser hot hits martin scott playing robyn and natalie imbruglia fair signal also some fading sinpo 43233

6210-18.15 radio borderhunter playing dance music also u2 and the baha men strong signal sinpo 54444

5815-18.35 radio telestar south the golden boys playing the bee gees" got to get a message to you" good signal , but some splash from 5810 sinpo 42444

3932-18.40 bogusman playing 80's matchbox b-line and talking about the bad response to his internet stream strong signal sinpo 54444

6960-19.45 radio jan van gent playing gospel and country and western music fair signal with some fading sinpo 43323

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