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Sunday, July 11, 2010

shortwave logs 11/07/10

3940-5.55 laser hot hits tony james playing oldies good signal sinpo 43444

6220-6.12 mystery radio playing disco music fair signal, but quite a bit of fading sinpo 34223

6524-6.20 radio northcoas(id via ianns chat) playing brotherhood of man and cyndi lauper good signal sinpo 44344

6310-6.35 sonic radio playing the songs"the weight and" je tamie" good signal sinpo 44444

6283-6.45 radio shadow playing instrumental music fair signal with some fading sinpo 43323

6304-7.10 unid playing rod stewart. talk talk and slade sinpo 43444

6295-8.05 trans europe radio playing 80,s music and giving out contact details fair signal sinpo 43333

6375-8.15  sonic radio with fair, but noisy signal sinpo 43233 . signal improved@8.40 playing dutch music and serge gainsbrough and jane birkin sinpo 44344

6320-8.50 radio marconi playing polka and 60's music good signal with the occasional fade sinpo

6289-15.05 unid playing dutch music fair signal, but some deep fading sinpo 43323

6395-15.10 unid playing polka good signal sinpo 44344 no id heard

6425-15.30 premier radio playing oldies and talking about the world cup final tonight. weak signal sinpo 32122

6325-15.45 radio mustang playing the black eye peas fair signal sinpo 43333. closed down a few minutes later

6304-16.00 unid weak signal, but can hear some music over noise level sinpo 22122 heard later@17.40 with a stronger signal playing suzanne vega and tears for fears, also id jingle .but can't make it out sinpo 44433

6282-16.10 old timer radio playing barry evens"Eloise" and the sweet"papa joe" good signal sinpo 43444

6315-16.30 radio northcoast playing dutch music fair signal at times, but some long fades sinpo 33223

5752-20.20 best of british radio playing brotherhood of man"save all your kisses for me" and mud"tiger feet" fair to good signal sinpo 44433

3940-20.32 laser hot hits playing the teardrop explodes good signal sinpo 44344

3904-20.40 bogusman talking about the effect power line adaptors have on shortwave listening in the uk. also playing supertramp strong signal sinpo 54444

6220-20.55 mystery radio playing frankie goes to hollywood good signal sinpo 44344

6375-21.32 radio black bandit playing country and western music including Billie Joe spears, don Gibson and johnny cash strong signal sinpo 54444

6210-22.20 radio underground playing the rah band"clouds across the moon" weak signal sinpo 32222

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