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Thursday, July 15, 2010

shortwave logs 15/07/10

6385-16.58 radio black bandit playing don mc clean"crying",roger miller"king of the road" and john denver good signal sinpo 44344.

6305-17.10 old timer radio playing instrumental music fair to good signal sinpo 44334

6300-20.52 cupid radio playing love affair, lynard skynard and rod Stewart good signal sinpo 44344

6385-21.28 radio black bandit  playing classical and country and western music good signal sinpo 44344 moved to 6325@21.36 playing classical music. also pat boone and pussycat , good signal with occasional fade sinpo 44434. id heard@21.50

3930-22.00 unid with weak signal can hear some music and talking, but noise level is to high to catch id sinpo 32122

3940-22.25 laser hot hits playing micheal jackson weak and noisy signal sinpo 33122

6305-22.05 radio baken16 playing blondie good signal sinpo44344. Also heard@22.40 playing elvis presley, bob dylan and bonnie tyler. good signal with some fading sinpo 44434

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