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Friday, July 16, 2010

shortwave logs 16/07/10

6310-16.37 radio northcoast(tent) playing instrumental music weak signal and deep fading sinpo 32212

6210-16.50 unid playing racey"some girls" weak to fair signal . also some long fades sinpo 33323

3905-18.50 skyline radio international playing bruce springsteen, the dobbie brothers and bryan adams good signal sinpo 44344

3932-1920 unid with a relay of a shortwave dxers program good signal sinpo 44344. not sure whether this relay is from a legal or pirate radio station

3935-20.05 free radio nova playing joe jackson"it's different for girl's" and the young radicals"you got the music in you" good signal, but some splash from station on 3932. sinpo 43444

3910-20.20 radio northcoast playing patrick Hernandez fair signal sinpo 423333 , but some splash from 3905. moved to 3912 a few minutes later to avoid splash playing peter gabriel  fair signal 43333

6385-20.38 radio black bandit playing polka and tango music good signal sinpo 44344

6260-21,38 cupid radio playing whitesnake good signal sinpo 44444

3895-21,36 free radio victoria playing barry ryan fair signal, but noisy with some static crashes sinpo 32233

3905-21.58 radio baken16 playing boney m good signal, also some static crashes sinpo 42444 in parallel with 6325 heard@22.10 playing elvis presley good signal sinpo 44444

6240-22.40 free radio victoria playing george micheal good clear signal sinpo 44444


Anonymous said...

Woaw! That is a fine SINPO! Thanks for listening!

irish paul said...

Hi free radio nova, nice to hear your station again and with such a good signal,

73's paul