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Sunday, July 25, 2010

shortwave logs 25/07/10

6220-6.15 mystery radio playing dance music. good signal sinpo 44344

6310-6.45 radio summer meeting playing dutch music. fair signal sinpo 43233

7610-7.15 radio amica playing disco music. good signal sinpo 44344

5820-7.25 Orion radio playing the sweet, simon and Garfunkel, van mc coy and gorden lightfoot good signal sinpo 43444

5820-8.15 radio Tina playing snowy white, nick Lowe and Santana good signal, with the occasional fade sinpo 44434

6220-9.10 radio marabu playing dance music good signal sinpo 44344

6140-9.15 radio gloria international playing josh gorbin and placido domingo. strong signal sinpo 54444

6300-9.45 radio northpole playing lady ga ga and dance music. weak signal and some fading sinpo 32212. id heard@10.30

6309-9.55 radio weerklark playing dutch music causing a lot of interferance to summer meeing station on 6310 sinpo 31333

6295-12.38 unid playing sniff n' tears and steve winwood good signal sinpo 44444. Off@12.48.

6320-13.40 unid with a weak signal. Can hear some music just above noise level. sinpo 33122

6305-15.25 radio malaisy playing kenny loggins"footloose" and dance music good signal sinpo 44344

6220-20.15 mystery radio with a live program playing rod stewart and Alison moyet . fair signal, but some splash from rte on 6225 sinpo 42333

3945-20.30 bogusman talking about the weather and playing indie music. fair signal , but suffering some splash from station on 3955 sinpo 42333

6289-21.15 radio tidel wave playing the monkeys"I'm a believer" weak signal and some splash from reflections europe on 6295 sinpo 31222

6310-21.40 radio summer meeting playing dutch music. good signal sinpo 44344. closed down@22.00

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