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Saturday, August 21, 2010

shortwave logs 21/08/10

9515-8.35 Radio city playing the song"turn your radio on" and Cliff Richard"summer Holiday". good signal sinpo 44344

6270-8.45 Radio calypso playing polka music. good signal sinpo 44344

6524-10.00 Radio Ramona playing the troggs and the everly brothers weak to fair signal, with some fading sinpo 33223

6400-16.14 Unid playing rock music. Weak signal sinpo 33222

6425-16.28 Radio Marconi playing 10 cc, Bronski Beat and the Honey Dripers fair signal sinpo 44333

6310-17.15 unid with a weak signal. Playing the song"help me make it through the night". Weak signal sinpo 32122

6220-18.00 Mystery Rradio playing disco music. Good signal sinpo 43444

6305-18.05 Radio Mustang playing  Kraftwork. sinpo 42344 moved to 6289 a few minutes later to avoid co- channel qrm from weaker station.. Playing Abba and Aphaville. good signal sinpo 44444

6309-20.38 Radio Mazda playing polka music fair signal sinpo 43233

6260-20.50 Cupid Radio playing Ac/Dc. fair signal,with some noise. sinpo 43233 also heard@23.30 playing a rock version of"whiskey in your jar" strong signal sinpo 54444

3930-21.10  Antonio Radio playing Mouth and Mc Neil. fair signal, with some fading. sinpo 43323

6305-21.25 Radio Marconi playing dance music. Good signal sinpo 44344

6318-22.50 Radio Caroline Interntional playing dance music and id jingle. Fair signal sinpo 42333

5800-23.00 Radio Rapido relaying Aboslute Radio playing soul asylum"runaway train". Fair to good signal sinpo 44433

6290-23.05 Radio Whitestar playing rock music. Fair signal spoilt by the occasional utility qrm sinpo 42333

6300-23.15 unid playing polka and dutch music. Good signal at times, But suffering bad splash from sahara station on 6297 sinpo 42443

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

thanks a lot for your reception-report of us from yesterday evening!!!!

Best wishes,
Radio Caroline International.