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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

shortwave logs 28/12/10

6301-10.05 Misti Radio playing Abba"angel eyes" Weak Signal, with some fair peaks sinpo 33232

6325-10.15 Radio Pink Panther with Dutch Music.Weak signal sinpo 32122

6210-10.35 Laser Hot Hits Martin Scott playing Freeze. strong signal sinpo 54444

4030-10.45 Radio Appelflap playing Country Music and saying he was closing down. fair signal sinpo 42333

6376-11.35 Unid playing Bzn. fair signal sinpo 43333

6395-12.00 Time Radio playing Polka Music. weak signal And fading sinpo 32212

6547-12.27 Central Radio International with Id jingle And playing Status Quo.fair signal, with some deep fades sinpo 43322. Also heard@13.30 with a stronger signal. Playing Peter And Gorden And The seekers. sinpo 44334

6220-14.25 Radio Mustang  playing Omd, Survivor, Dire Straits And Fleetwood Mac. Id heard@14.50 Good Signal sinpo 43444

6960-15.10 Atlantic Radio playing The Cure And Wings. Fair signal, with some fading sinpo 33423

3905-16.45 Skyline Radio International playing Fiction Factory And David Bowie. good signal sinpo 44344

3920-20.40 Radio Spaceman playing a uptempo version of Alphaville"forever young". strong signal sinpo 54444

4015-22.05 Laser Hot Hits playing Gary Moore. fair signal. Also some fading sinpo 43323

3905-22.25 Skyline Radio International still coming in with a good signal. playing a few songs from Ac/dc And Guns And Roses. sinpo 44344

3930-23.00 Radio Black Bandit playing Country Music. Good Signal sinpo 44444. off suddenly a few minutes later.

3940-23.30 Radio Underground playing 2 Unlimted And The Chordettes. weak signal sinpo 32333. moved to 3905@23.45. Signal a small bit better here sinpo 33433

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