Pirates For Peace

Sunday, January 30, 2011

shortwave logs

6282-7.45 Radio Shadow playing Julian Lennon, Bruce Springsteen And Tears For Fears(12 inch versions) Fair Signal sinpo 43333

6200-7.56 Radio Orang Utan playing Dutch Music. Fair to Good Signal sinpo 44433

6305-8.05 Radio Sonic playing Bob Marley Songs"stir it up", "one love" And"i shot the sheriff". Good Signal sinpo 44344

6215-8.25 Radio King Shortwave playing Bryan Adams Fair Signal sinpo 43233

6265-8.45 Radio Spaceshuttle playing Boney M And ELO. Weak Signal sinpo 32122

6450-9.35 Free Radio Victoria playing Jean Michelle Jarre, The Hollies And Buddy Holly. Fair Signal, with a occasional fade Sinpo 43323

5820-10.02 Radio Saturnus playing a Dutch Version of"rhythm of the night" sinpo 44333

6300-10.30 Radio Waldmeister playing Mike And The Mechanics. fair signal sinpo 43323

6566-10.37 Radio Experience International playing The Cardigans, Weak Signal sinpo 32122. first time to hear this station

 6240-10.40 Time Radio playing Meatloaf"paradise by the dashboard light".Fair Signal, with some fading sinpo 43323

6425-11.25 Radio Scirocco playing John Miles"music"Hard to hear due to strong utility qrm. sinpo 31323

6210-11.35 Laser Hot Hits Sturat Ross playing City Boy And Mike Oldfield. Strong Signal sinpo 54444

6305-12.05 Unid playing Cliff Richard. faded out a few minutes later. sinpo 32232

6255-12.20 Radio Telestar South playing Bad Finger. Good Signal sinpo 43444

6300-12.40 Radio Marconi playing Dutch And Polka Music. Good Signal sinpo 44344

6375-13.23 Unid playing The Hollies. Weak Signal, making it hard to hear id jingle sinpo 31232

6325-14.12 Radio Pink Panther playing Mike Oldfield And Boston. Weak Signal sinpo 32322

6547-15.15 Central Radio International playing Style Council, Carole King And Joe Jackson. Fair Signal sinpo 44333

6305-15.15 Unid playing Dance Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6325-15.45 Radio Caroline International playing Non-stop Dance Music And ID Jingles. Fair Signal, and occasional fade. sinpo 43323

 6220-16.05 Radio Rainbow International Playing Bow Wow Wow"do you wanna hold me".Also giving out contact details. Fair Signal, with some good peaks. sinpo 43443

4030-16.20 Radio Black Bandit(tent) Playing Dutch Music. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

4015-16.45 Laser Hot Hits Playing America. Good Signal sinpo 44344


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM GMT

    Hi Paul,

    many, many thanks for your log of us today!!!

    Best wishes,
    Radio Caroline International.

  2. Hi Radio Caroline You're welcome.

    73's Paul