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Sunday, April 17, 2011

shortwave logs 17/04/11

4026-5.55 Laser Hot Hits Tony James playing ELO, Space And Pink Floyd. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6283-6.10 Radio Shadow playing Hot Chocalate"so you win again". Fair Signal Sinpo 44333

6295-6.30 Unid playing Dutch Music. Fair Signal, but some fading Sinpo 33323

6940-6.58 Unid playing Sinead O' Conner"nothing compares to you".Good Signal, but closed down a few minutes later. Maybe Catus Jack Radio.

6315-7.05 Unid Playing Ray Davies"death of a clown" And Teach In"ding a dong". Fair Signal, but quite noisy. Sinpo 43233

6210-7.10 Unid playing Duran Duran And Iron Maiden. Good Signal Sinpo 44344. No Id Heard. Maybe Polaris Radio Or Baken 16.

6526-7.25 Wizard Radio Playing Instrumental Music. Only On for a short time. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

5815-7.33 Orion Radio playing Alice Cooper And Santana. Also promos for Am Forum And The Summer Meeting. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6935-7.45 Mike Radio Playing Roxette And Massive Attack. Said he had small problem with transmitter. good signal sinpo 44444. also on 13890, but no reception here.

6305-8.10 Radio Merlin International Jackie Frost Playing The New Seekers, Nancy Sinatra, Nickleback And Neil Diamond. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6290-9.15 New Wave Radio playing Instrumental Music, Good Signal, with a occasional Fade. sinpo 44434

6260-9.25 Unid playing Katy Perry. Only heard briefly before fading out. Sinpo 34333

6203-9.35 Radio Powerliner with a Qso Report for Radio Scotland. Fair Signal Sinpo 43323. folowed by Radio Scotland, back on briefly Sinpo 44344

6375-9.50 Unid Playing Soft Rock Music. Weak Signal And Fading. Sinpo 23212

 6930-11.08 Irish Music Radio playing Daniel Boone, Albert Cooney And Mud. Fair Signal,but quite noisy. Sinpo 43233. Also heard@15.10 with a Good Signal Sinpo 44344. Playing The Archies, Jimmy Ruffin And Aretha Franklin

 6305-12.09 Radio Merlin International playing Belinda Carlise And Duran Duran Good Signal, with some fading. Sinpo 44434

 6210-17.40 Radio Altrex Saying hello And Playing OMD, Kylie Minugue And Dance Music. Fair Signal Sinpo 43433

4075-18.05 Overijessel Radio playing Instrumental And Dutch Music. Fair Signal, with some fading. Sinpo 34323

6375-21.15 Black Bandit Radio playing Bruce Springsteen And Meatloaf. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

3905-22.02 Radio Festivum Playing The Commodores. Fair Signal, But a lot of fading Sinpo 33323

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