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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

6310-18.03 Radio Ascona With Dutch Music And Talking. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6325-18.12 Wizard Radio With A Qso Report For Radio Ascona. Playing Instrumental Music And Daft Punk In The Background. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6296-18.28 Wizard Radio With A Qso Report For Radio Ascona And Radio Witte  Reus. Said He Sent A Audio Recording Of Radio Ascona On 6310 By E-mail To Him. He Also Said Radio Witte Reus Signal Was A little Weaker, But Still Ok . Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6295-19.07 Radio Witte Reus Playing 10cc"I'm not in love". Good Signal Sinpo 43444. Closed Down A Few Minutes Later.

6240-19.23 Radio Caroline International Playing Pop Music Interspersed With Offshore Recordings. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6295-19.35 Unid Playing  Instrumental And Country Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

4015-20.25 Laser Hot Hits Playing George Harrison,Barbara Dickson And Dolly Parton. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

thanks for such log and sleep well please!!!!

R.Caroline International.