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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Pirate radio night

 I'm planning to organize such event on 6th and 7th of July.
 I would like to invite every pirate broadcaster to take part.
 It would be great if many stations are on air
 Here I will publish the list of the stations,
 I hope at least 20 stations from Western and Central Europe will take part.

There will be no limits of time an frequencies, but I suggest to use the following bands:
  • 3900-3950kHz
  • 5800-5900kHz
  • 6200-7000kHz
  • 7400-7600kHz
Stations list:
  • 3930kHz: AM: Radio Batavia
  • 3935kHz: AM: Radio Rainbow International
  • 6200kHz: AM: Station SPE (800W)
  • 6205kHz: AM: Blue Star Radio  (150W)
  • 6266kHz: AM: Radio Waves International (25W)
  • 6280kHz: AM: Radio Merlin
  • 6290kHz: AM: Radio De Wittereus
  • 6295kHz: AM: Radio Omejan
  • 6300kHz: AM: Radio Osaka
  • 6305kHz: AM: Radio Powerliner
  • 6320kHz: AM: Radio Caroline International (150W)
  • 6324kHz: AM: SWRNL (30W)
  • 6384kHz: AM: Radio Underground (he is planning to test 15 or 21MHz during the day)
  • 6450kHz: AM: Radio Universe (50W)
  • 6735kHz: AM: CoolAM Radio (12W)
  • 6930kHz: LSB: Radio Activity (80W), he will broadcast only at 2000-2030UTC
  • 6945kHz: AM: Radio TrueNorth Canada (also will test 15070 or 21850kHz to Europe)
  • 7570kHz: AM: Radio Latino
  • 7610kHz: LSB: BRI International (100W)

A message from Radio Waves International:
  • Saturday from 13.00 to 15.00 UTC on 6266kHz
  • Saturday from 19.00 to 21.00 UTC on 6266kHz
  • Sunday from 06.00 to 13.00 UTC on 6266kHz
Special QSL (free of charge no IRCs needed)
BP 130
92504 RUEIL Cedex

Regular stations on the air:
  • 3905kHz: AM: Skyline International
  • 6960kHz: AM: Atlantic Radio
  • 6980kHz: AM: Laser Hot Hits  (45W)
  • 7600kHz: SSB: Lightning Radio (25W)
Legal stations on the air:
  • The Mighty KBC: AM: 6095kHz (100kW, via Wertachtal)

Also there could be a start time of the broadcasts, for example after 1800UTC on both days.
I will pubblish station names without location, a frequency,
 which can be changed later and a broadcast time.
 If you want your station to take part in the Pirate radio night,
 just leave a message here or send me an email to: georgi.bancov@gmail.com !

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