Pirates For Peace

Thursday, July 26, 2012

6321-17.28 Radio Ascona playing Billy Joel And Credence Clearwater Rival. Fair To Good Signal Sinpo 44333

6525-17.38 Radio Pink Panther With Dutch Music. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6325-20.40 Radio Metropolis With Music From Secret Garden. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333 

6980-20.50 Laser Hot Hits Playing The Stranglers And China Crisis. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6525-21.00 Radio Powerliner With Music From Shakespeare Sister And Air. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

3930-21.23 Radio Batavia  Playing Joe Dolan"good looking woman" Fair Signal Sinpo 34333.

5800-22.00  Overijssel With Dutch Music. Weak To Fair Signal Sinpo 33233

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