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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dear FRS Friends,

Sunday October 28thSummer has gone and autumn is ruling. Propagation conditions have improved during day time.
Time to expand some activity. We have planned a full almost 6 hour broadcast upcoming Sunday October 28th.
In preparation to that, we tested on 7600 kHz Sunday October 14th. Although conditions weren't satisfactory, results were
satisfactory and we are confident next Sunday a good signal will be aired over the European air waves.

Sunday October 28th FRS-Holland will be on air between 08:52- 14:30 UTC/ 09:52- 15:30 CET. Remember next Sunday winter time comes into force!!
The broadcast is on 5800//7600 kHz. Programme line-up includes all FRS presenters (except Paul Graham) and consists of FRS Magazine, the German
Service, FRS Goes DX , Radio Waves and the FRS Golden Show. Ingredients....great music, DX News, letters, the day calendar and a number of radio
related items. Radio entertainment on a Sunday. And...FRS has become 32 years. FRS-Holland brings true free radio into your receiver! Tune in....

Internet StreamThat same day between 14:52- 20:30 UTC/15:52- 21.30 CET will see a full repeat on the Internet. Check on your computer < http://nednl.net:8000/frsh.m3u >.
Alternatively you can use : [ helios.cloudnl.net:8000/frsh.m3u ]. For mobile devices there is a 24 kbps mono stream: [helios.cloudnl.net:8000/frsh24.m3u] or
[ http://nednl.net:8000/frsh24.m3u].

Still available: FRS News #36 special 30th Anniversary editionFRS News #36 is all about our 30th anniversary. In contains no less than 24 pages in colour. In the past months FRS-Holland has been working very hard to
produce this booklet covering 30 Years of FRS-Holland. It contains several photos and of course much information:
  • Memories on 30 Years of FRS-Holland from both former presenters and listeners;
  • a Number of Fact Files (Special moments to Remember, FRS Presenters 1980-2010, The Beginning);
  • Reflections on 30 Years of FRS-Holland;
  • The 1983 Raid;
  • Mailbox 2702 including the Anniversary mail;
  • How the 30th Anniversary broadcasts came about;
  • Last but not least a potted history 1980- 2010 !!
This is a true collector's item and no doubt it makes an interesting read! We never produced something similar in the past.
In case you are interested …you can obtain a hard-copy of our specially produced 30Years of FRS-Holland booklet for 5 euro/ 7 US dollars in cash.
Send your order to FRSH, POBox 2702, 6049 BE Herten, the Netherlands.

In the mean time FRS-Holland has become 32 years....

Email address
Please only use [frs@frsholland.nl] for your mails
. The other mail address will disappear within a short period.
Good listening next Sunday! We count on your support....

73s, Peter Verbruggen on behalf of the FRS Team.

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