Pirates For Peace

Saturday, December 1, 2012

4026-7.23 Laser Hot Hits Mike Andrews Playing Peter Skellern, The Adventures And Renaissance.  Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6215-7.50 Radio King Shortwave  Pop And Rock Music. Usually Bad Modulation. Sinpo 32333

6325-8.40 Misti Radio With Dutch And Instrumental Music. Weak To Fair Signal Sinpo 33233

6450-8.50 Polaris Radio Playing Soft Cell"tainted love" And Mud"tiger feet". Fair To Good Signal Sinpo 44333

6937-9.25 Irish Music Radio John Playing Status Quo"legs" And Dollar"shooting star". Also Id Jingles. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6304-9.40 Radio Vendor With Music From Genesis"follow me,follow you" And Bruce Springsteen"I'm on fire". Good Signal Sinpo 43444

15880-9.50 Radio Spaceshuttle Playing Abba"sos" And Greetings. Fair Signal, Odd Fade Sinpo 43333

6295-12.30 Radio Boomerang With Polka, Dutch And Easy Listening Music Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6325-12.49 Radio Quintus Playing Joan Osbourne And The Beach Boys. Also Id Jingles. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6210-12.50 Radio Marabu With Rock Music Fair To Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6205-13.00 Unid Talking In Dutch Weak Signal Sinpo 33322

6300-15.25 Unid Playing Dutch Music Weak To Fair Signal Sinpo 32333

6257-15.40 Unid With Rock Music. Fair Signal, But Some Long Fades. Sinpo 34323

6305-17.20 Unid With Dutch Music Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

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