Pirates For Peace

Sunday, June 23, 2013

6250-6.25 Shortwave Gold With Music From Genesis"jesus she loves me". Also Dead Or Alive"you spin me around". Fair Signal, But Occasional Utility Qrm Sinpo 42333

6207-6.35 Radio Merlin International Jackie Frost With Music From The 50's. Good Signal For About 10 Minutes Before Fading Out Sinpo 43444

6267-7.00 Radio Marabu Playing Rock Music. Fair But Noisy Signal Sinpo 43233

6200-7.28 Radio Orang Utan Playing Dutch Music And Id. Weak Signal Sinpo 32332

6325-7.40 Unid Playing Dutch And Polka Music. Good Signal, But A Lot Of Fading Sinpo 44433

6207-18.50 Radio Merlin International With Music From Bob & Marcia And Bob Marley. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6425-19.25 Radio Universe With Music From Madonna"dress you up". Fair Signal, Some Fading Sinpo 34323

6745-19.45 Radio Pink Panther Playing Bonnie Tyler"total eclipse of the heart". Fair Signal, Odd fading Sinpo 43333

6280-20.33 Radio Nachtpiraat Playing Dutch And Polka Music. Fair Signal Sinpo 34333

3905-21.10 Radio Likedeeler(see comments)Playing Pop, Rock And Dance Music Including Slade"get down and get with it". Fair Signal Sinpo 34333

5810-21.45 Unid On Again Tonight With 80s Soul Music Including Goerge Benson And The Gap Band. No Id Heard. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444


Anonymous said...

3905 was Likedeeler

Anonymous said...

Radio Activity was on at 22nd of june

irish paul said...

Many thanks for the Correction And Information.