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Thursday, February 20, 2014

FINAL TRANSMISSION of Radio Spaceshuttle

FINAL TRANSMISSION of Radio Spaceshuttle! (INFO-Wednesday 19/02/2014): Hello friends everywhere,

We have sad news to tell you dear listeners! Radio Spaceshuttle is making last programes to be aired in near future. We shall use one of our 76 mb frequencies 3900/ 3905 or 3927 kHz to these transmissions.

We do not know yet times or dates of these transmissions- It might be only one or two different sessions in the end of February or start of March 2014. We would like to have few hours to be aired but that is absolutly not sure.

After these transmissions we shall take our antenna masts and antennas down and do not really know shall we ever return to airwaves  again :(
We shall put our equipments to good warehouse waiting for better times (if there ever are such).

Radio Spaceshuttle wish as many listeners as possible to try our frequencies during The Final Countdown. Please try direct or with any remote receiver to catch us! We like to receive your tapes, music wishes or memories of short history of Radio Spaceshuttle. Send your audiofiles and other material as soon as possible to our e-mail : spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com . Or send link to your audio source, please.

Many thanks all dear listeners! It has been so fun....
Good Bye, this is Radio Spaceshuttle's call for our LAST FINAL transmissions!

Please use our email-address spaceshuttleradio@yahoo.com or send your report to our mail box:
Radio Spaceshuttle International
P.O.Box 2702
Herten The Netherlands

Best greetings- May God Bless You (and us),
Dick of Radio Spaceshuttle

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