Pirates For Peace

Saturday, September 20, 2014

4026-6.10 Laser Hot His Mike Andrews With Music From Smokey Robinson And Tasmin Archer. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

1476-6.22 Laser Hot Hits With Music From Abba, Moterhead And Paul Hardcastle. Fair Signal With Some Fading Sinpo 43323. Different Program Than 4026.

6397-7.80 WMR Via Radio GSV Jack With Music From Heart, Doris Day And Julia Christie. Also Reading Reception Reports. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6295-8.12 Radio Condor Playing Instrumental And Dance Music. Also Id's. Fair Signal With Some Fades Sinpo 34323

6210-8.32 Unid Playing Country Music Including Gloria, Tammy Wynette, Johnny Cash And Shania Twain. Fair Signal, But Fading In And Out. 43323

6075-9.00 Laser Hot Hits With Music Julian Lennon, Elton John And Jackson Browne. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6803-15.45 Radio Pink Panther With Music From Pet Shop Boys" it's a sin" And Peter Frampton" show me the way". Fair, But Noisy Signal Sinpo 43233

6285-17.35 Radio Altrex Oldies And Dance Music. Also Trademark Mo Mo Sounds. Weak To Fair Signal Sinpo 33233

6290-17.55 Radio Caroline International( tent) With Greek Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 32322

6265-18.05 Radio Tango Italia Playing Tango Music. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6803-18.20 Radio Pink Panther With Music From Sandie Shaw" puppet on a string" And Salt N' Pepa" push it". Fair Signal Sinpo 34333

6960-19.08 Premier Radio With Music from Kirsty McColl, New Order And Simple Minds. Good Signal Sinpo 43444. Was On 6940 And 6945. 6960 Is The Best And 6945 Was The Noisiest.

6850-20.05 Radio Acadia Playing Jazz Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 33322

6300-20.05 Crazy Wave Radio Playing Rock And Pop Music. Weak Signal And Occasional Strong Carrier With Test Tone Coming On Top Of It. Sinpo 32332. Also Heard At 20.35 With A Better Signal And In The Clear. Music From Sister Sledge" lost in music" Sinpo 33333

6870-20.20 WMR Via Radio GSV With Music From Louis Armstrong And Thunder. Jack Talking About The 48 Meter Band being Full Of Utility Qrm. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6290-20.48 Radio Black Bandit Playing Polka, Country And Dutch Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6075-21.05 Laser Hot Hits Martin Scott  Playing Dance Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444


Anonymous said...

agree with jack about 48 full of utility. you can get away from it. its hard to find a clear freq these days. maybe the edge of 6.800 up wards to 6.980. for broadcasting. the new band.

Irish Paul said...

Couldn't agree more.
Even up higher from 6915 to 6935 and sometimes 6940 there does be strong utility on now and again.