Pirates For Peace

Monday, July 27, 2015

6295-18.20 Unid Playing Dutch Music. Strong Signal And Utility Qrm Sinpo 54343

6305-18.30 Radio Quadzilla Music from Al Stewart" on the border" And Dutch Music. Sinpo 33333

6285-18.42 Radio Digital Music From Beats International, Lipps Inc And Brothers Johnson. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6305-19.05 Radio Mustang  Playing Boney M" rasptun" And Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6255-19.20 Radio Henk AM Dance Music. Weak To Fair Signal Sinpo 33333

6245-19.30 Radio Mazda Music From The Sweet, The Hollies And Toto Sinpo 43433

6292-19.40 Radio Rode Adelaar Dutch Songs Sinpo 54444

6395-20.55 Radio Ronnie AM Music From The Tremolos, The Searchers And The Turtles. Noisy Frequency Here Sinpo 44233

425-21.08 Laser Hot Hits Paul Stewart With Music From The Sugababes And KWS. Sinpo 43443


Anonymous said...

Hi the past couple of days has saw very bad operating from some stations ie they are transmitting and not checking if the frequency is clear or not and i know its a pirate band but a little courtesy goes a long way and GSV had to close down after half an hour the past two nights and last night 6400 there were at times 3 stations on and it was just a mess.
cheers Jimmy .... the good ship venus .... radio GSV

Irish Paul said...

Hi Jim,
Yes im afraid they are still some idiots out there that don't check the bands before they come on.
hope to hear you again on the SW band soon and conditions will alow me to hear you.