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Saturday, April 30, 2016

An update from Radio Revival Sweden, Sala:

Broadcasts over Radio Revival Sweden from Sala on Saturday, April 30:
1100-1200 UTC Radio Nord Revival
1200-1315 UTC Programme from the Swedish DX-Federation SDXF
1315-2400 UTC Radio Sala Cruisin' Special with lots of vintage music,
reports from the streets of Sala where the cruising is taking place,
interviews and more. Requests are welcome at 0046 73 8165608 or by email
studion@radiosala.se. Do surprise our friends at Radio Sala, call them and
let them know how their SW transmission is coming through in your area.
The frequencies are 3975 kHz (5 kW) and 6060 kHz (10 kW). Reception reports
can be sent by e-mail to qsl@sdxf.se or by snail mail to SDXF, Box 1097,
SE-405 23 Gothenburg, Sweden.for the SDXF transmissions. Reception reports
for the Radio Sala transmissions can be mailed to qsl@radiosala.se and they
have a great printed QSL card.

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