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Monday, November 7, 2016

Free Radio Loggings from Dunlo, PA, USA

An e-QSL came in from FRSH for 21 August reception.  (4 Nov.)

Got a nice e-QSL from R. Enterprise (Europirate) for my 31 Oct. Halloween reception on a Youtube video I posted.   (5 Nov.)

6 November 2016 Micro-DXpedition:
RX:  Perseus SDR
ANT:  313' Beverage (BOG) aimed at 60°.
Duration:  0635-0905 UTC.

4028.98      PIRATE (EUROPE)   LHH  0640 weakly w/M anncr at t/in, jingle w/deep-voiced M, then Pop mx.  0711 M DJ again in UK-accented EG.  Never got any better and faded out.  (6 Nov.)

6205.08      PIRATE (EUROPE)   LHH (relay)   Was fair at 0635 start but nearly gone at 0702 check.  Improved a lot at 0751 w/”I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” by Elton John.  0753 short anmnt by M w/info for reports to LHH.  Nice ID jingle between songs at 0757.  0759 ID by W and into nx.headlines, ID, and back to mx.  “It’s a Livin’ Thing” by ELO at 0818, “Promises Promises” by Naked Eyes at 0824, then jingle ID.  “Maggie Mae” by Rod Stewart at 0839.  There's a video of my reception at  https://youtu.be/yyMHm63iRpA   (6 Nov.)

6286.82      PIRATE (EURPOE)   R. Focus Int.  0717 M anncr and into “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes.  0746 end of “Love is the Drug” by Roxy Music.  0759 sounded like a quick ment of Focus starting an anmnt.  0801 “In the Light” by Led Zeppelin. Pretty nice peak at 0806 and 0808, and DJ anmnt at 0809 w/ment of Terry Philips coming up and asked listeners if they came across Gary Stevens.  0810 “Barracuda” by Heart.  Still audible at 0901 but gradually fading.  Very fady.  A video of the reception can be found using this link  https://youtu.be/Qdn-7FXyN64  (6 Nov.)

6257.02      PIRATE (EUROPE)   R. Black Arrow  Signal on  at 0813:55, and immediately into more current Pop mx.  0816:10 tuned the freq down 2 khz, up 2 khz, and settled on 6260.05!!  Dance mx up a little at 0823.  M anncr at 0825:30 but too weak to copy.  When he moved to 6260.05, there looked to be like an extremely weak signal already there.  R. Waves Int.??  Went off sometime between 0832 and 0834 while I was checking calibration.  Tnx Irish Pauls blog.  A video of my reception can be viewed at  https://youtu.be/Xh0hoUrXeao  (6 Nov.)

6230           PIRATE (EUROPE)   R. Casanova  Signal on at 0817:10 and playing mx at 0818.  Definite mx on 0820, 0821, 0822:45 peaks.  0823 into another Dutch song.  0823:55 and 0824:20 M anncr voice-over.  0826 novelty instru., I think “My Bonnie”.  0827 into “The Old Man Down the Road” by John Fogerty and M voice-over, and again at 0829:40.  0830 another Dutch song.   0836:20 M anncr.  0838:05 some kind of jingle w/M voice in a bottle.  Really nice peak at 0839 and 0840:05.   0841 sounded like canned e-mail in IT.  0842 M voice-over with radiocasanova@hotmail.com e-mail addr and into “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John.  Fading out completely just 5 min. later.  Some SSB QRM.  Video of the reception can be viewed at  https://youtu.be/_1sglra6vu0  (6 Nov.)

15070.07    PIRATE (EUROPE)   Cupid R.  Tnx John Cooper tip, found w/Dance and Pop mx at 1604.  1613 anmnt w/IDs and peaking during listener acknowledgments.  More anmnts at 1622.  Canned e-mail anmnt at 1628.  Live anmnts again at 1639.  Poor but had a couple decent peaks.  (6 Nov.)

15059.87    PIRATE (EUROPE)   Enterprise R.  Very shortly after getting in the Pirate Chat, Capt. Denny asked if I could tune in and did.  Extremely weak signal and didn’t seem to hold much promise.  But then it came up at 1616 with a little mx, and dropped back down.  Back at 1624 w/a bit more audio, but then the best peak at 1626:00 w/guitar solo who Capt. D. said was Queen.  Couldn’t recog. it though as it was a song from one of the latter LPs.  Dropped out completely again.  Even though it was right at threshold at 1633, it never did come back up.  A Youtube video of this reception can be viewed at  https://youtu.be/e7zub-QKvVM   (6 Nov.)

6 NOVEMBER 2016  Quick micro-DXpedition:
RX:  Perseus SDR
ANT:  313' Beverage (BOG) aimed at 35°.
Duration:  1705-1735 UTC.

15070.08    PIRATE (EUROPE)   Cupid R.  1704 tlk abt the Summer Meeting while the BOG was being laid out.  1705:07 ID and greetings, and said was closing in 15-20 min., and back to Dance mx and really faded.  1717 more listener acknowledgments including shout-out to yours truly listening at “the remote site”.  Very fady signal.  No better than at home, but also about 45 min. later.  A video of the reception can be found at  https://youtu.be/u5DtfCCqkJQ  (6 Nov.)

Barely any signal at all on 15059.87 from 1705+ on Enterprise R.  Way below threshold.  (6 Nov.)


Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA

Perseus SDR and Wellbrook ALA1530S, 153 foot Delta Loop, and BOGs on Micro-DXpeditions

                    Many Thanks Dave For Sharing Your Loggings With Us.

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