Pirates For Peace

Monday, July 27, 2020

Sw Logs

5780-18.04 Harmony Radio. Frank Sintra, Peggy Lee, Judy Garland, George Shearing Sinpo 54444

6390-18.15 Radio 319. Frankie Valli, Gary Lewis And The Playboys, Bert Kampfert And His Orchestra Sinpo 43444

5140-18.30 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

3905-18.43 Radio Sovereign. Echo And The Bunnymen" killing moon", Bob Dylan" knocking on heavens door" Sinpo 43433

6290-18.53 Panda Radio. Steve Fresh, Electro Light, Talking And CD Sinpo 43333

6377-19.02 Radio Joey. Dance Music Including Clokx" clocks" Sinpo 44433

4860-19.15 Radio Dolfijn. Polka Music, Whistle From Carrier On 4861 Sinpo 42433

6285-20.42 Radio Johnny Tobacco( presumed). Petula Clark, Chiffons, Del Wood Sinpo 55444

3905-20.52 Radio Sovereign. Guess Who, Chuck Berry, Chrisse Hynde/ UB40 Sinpo 43444

4700-21.02 Mystery Radio 21. Röyksopp" remind me", The Count" i lost" Sinpo 44444

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