Pirates For Peace

Sunday, March 1, 2009


6220- 7.25 mystery radio strong signal 54444
6880-8.05 playback international plays jazz music sinpo 22122
5880-8.15 orion radio plays don mclean elo strong signal 55445
6425 unid plays kinks and hermans hermits fair signal but also utillty noise 33233
6205-8.35 radio paardenkracht plays bay city rollers silk rolling stones and byrds strong signal 54444
6240-9.05 misti radio poor signal 22122
6265 antonia radio heard@9.10 playing the archies foundations and roy orbison fair signal but also deep fading 33233
3910 skyline international(tent) poor signal lots of noise sinpo 21121
6250-9.30 delta radio plays men at work stranglers and toto good signal but also a lot of utilly noise 43233
6300- 9.40 radio merlin plays a tape of radio london heard later@10.50 plays sex pistols kiss bob marley and t rex
6215 unid heard only for a few minutes to weak to id 22121
6210 unid plays dutch music@9.45 sinpo 33233
6220 radio marabu plays louis armstrong@9.55 strong signal 54444
6282 radio borderhunter heard@10.00 plays al stewart ac/dc ike and tina tuner and chuck berry 55455
6290-10.30 radio cochiquaz plays spanish music 43444
6295 radio boomerang plays kim wilde then off back on a few minutes later plays laura branigan off@10.52
6140-13.00 mv baltic plays rock strong signal 55455
6313-15.30 radio alice playing polka strong signal 54444
6310-15.35 radio malaisy playing dance music suffering from splash from radio alice. mush better@17.00 good signal 44344

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