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Saturday, January 31, 2009

shortwave logs

6220-20.35 mystery radio playing dance music.very strong signal 54444

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

shortwave radio

wednesday 28th jan 2009
6200-1930 rte radio.strong signal,but there is noise also .Not a live program

Sunday, January 25, 2009

free radio logs on shortwave

SUH 25TH JAN 2009

8.55 radio scotland international-strong signal.playing bronski beat alan parsons project.sinpo-54344.freq.-5791

9.00 orion radio-fair signal.playing kim wilde,earth wind and fire and tight fit sinpo-33333.freq-5810

9.15 american station playing old time music, maybe been realayed by somebody very strong signal sinpo55455.freq-6430

9.20 unid playing procal harem, the mindbenders and the casuals. then station faded out.freq-6280

9.27 ducth station playing 10.cc and wings.Hum on freq. caused by another station on freq.Same to be having tech. problems.freq-6210

10.25 unid playing the knack and lots of beatles songs fair signal but also lots of fading.sinpo33223.freq-6210
11.33 radio malibo playing swing out sister. good signal-sinpo44334.freq-6220

11.43unid playing roxette in usb. then switch to am and played u2.good signal at times,but also lots fading.freq-6290

12.15 bogusman intreasting chat and music strong signal. but some noise on the band.sinpo54344.freq-3932

13.00 radio gloria playing killers,richard harris,strong signal-sinpo54444.freq-6140