Pirates For Peace

Friday, December 31, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

648-5.56 Radio Caroline. Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, The Corrs Sinpo 44433

846-6.07 Radio North. Gareth Brooks Sinpo 32322

1655-6.22 Radio Belladonna. Talking, Peru" Africa", The Johnny Howard Band" rink dink" Sinpo 33333

1636-6.33 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33322

1615-6.46 Unid. Tony Light" please don't go", Dutch Music Sinpo 34333

1625-7.00 Unid. Adrian, Sniff N'Tears, Anita Sinpo 34433

1575-7.20 Radio DB. Four Tak, Herman Lippinkhof, Sweet Sinpo 44444

6260-15.50 Radio Scotland International. Pacific Gas And Electric, Neil Young Sinpo 54444

5770-16.02 Radio Sovereign. Duran Duran, Reo Speedwagon, Kids From Fame Sinpo 33433

6290-16.13 Radio Pioneer. Kool And The Gang Music Sinpo 44433

648-16.25 Radio Caroline. Temples, Sparks, Hard-Fi Sinpo 44333

1625-16.38 Professer Sikbok. Polka Music Sinpo 34333

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1621-5.08 Radio Rietvink. Theo Diepenbrock,Duo De Heikrekels, Sisko And The Nightbirds Sinpo 43433

648-5.16 Radio Caroline. Ferris And Sylvester, The Flowerpot Men, Tasmin Archer S4444

1625-5.35 Radio Eskimo. Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

1618-5.45 Radio Rietvink. Lisette, William W Sinpo 44433

1629-5.55 Unid. Polka/ Dutch Music Including De Roffel's, heir ben ik weer" Sinpo 33333

1617-20.10 Radio Marianne. Ellen And The Moonmakers, Ans Jaap Daniels Sinpo 44433

1625-20.25 Radio Blauwe Koe. Boozy, George Baker, Toto Sinpo 44433

1687-20.42 Radio Digital. Ro-D-YS, Kaoma, The Scene, Greetings Sinpo 54444

1640-20.53 Unid. Leni And Ludwig, Gilde Duo Sinpo 43433

1634-21.12 Unid. Fleetwood Mac, Bobby Vinton, Father Abraham Sinpo 54444

Monday, December 20, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1630-4.48 Radio Vilegende Hollander. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Ansambel Braun Ausenik Sinpo 44433

648-5.12 Radio Caroline. The Flower Kings, Pakka, The Rolling Stones Sinpo 54444

1646-5.47 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33222

1630-6 00 Radio Vilegende Hollander. Dutch Music Including John Spencer Sinpo 44433

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1646-5.37 Radio Quicksiver. Vengaboys, De Esperandois, De Vormer Sinpo 43333

1636-5.49 Radio Mi-Amingo. Dutch/ Instrumental Music Including Leni And Ludwig Sinpo 44433

1665-6.00 Radio Josje Power. Chris Andrews, Frits Stein Sinpo 44433

648-6.10 Radio Caroline. Abba, Pat Benater, Divine Comedy, Grace Jones Sinpo 44444

1611-6.35 Unid. Gary Glitter, Ken Griffin, Redbone Sinpo 44444

1656-6.49 Unid. Nancy Sinatra, Norman Greenbaum, Peter Fox Sinpo 43433

1636-7.00 Radio Mi-Amingo. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Jannes" arrivederci.my love" Sinpo 44433

1620-7.10 Unid. Polka Music Sinpo 43333

1665-7.20 Radio Josje Power. Karl Denver, Polka Music Sinpo 44433

1627-7.30 Unid. Ben Cramer, Radi Ensemble Sinpo 33433

5880-7.40 Radio Rock Revolution. The Pretenders, Will Butler, John Lennon Sinpo 44444

6020-7.52 Delta Radio. Kaisa Lustila, Sven Erik Magnussen, The Left Back Sinpo 55444

5140-8.10 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

1395-9.00 Energy Power Am. Robert Palmer, Jam, Rainbow, Hot Chocolate Sinpo 33433

5800-9.12 FRS Holland. Julian Cope, Reading Letters, Pretenders, Darlene Love Sinpo 54444

6210-9.23 Radio King Sw. Lou Reed, Procal Harum Sinpo 43333

6130-9.33 Radio Casanova. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Anita Sinpo 44444

5770-9.43 Radio Sovereign. Rod Stewart, The Police, Emerson Lake And Palmer Sinpo 54444

6280-9.54 Coast Fm. Fleetwood Mac,Otto, News Sinpo 54444

6040-10.17 Radio Blackstone. Crosby Stills And Nash, Donna Summer, Dua Lipa Sinpo 44433

6295-10.28 Radio Cuckoo. Lady Dj, Ringo Star, Dionne Warwick/ Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Linda Ronstadt/ Aaron Neville Sinpo 54444

6325-10.38 Radio Clash. Thin Lizzy, Ozzy Osborne, Reception Reports, Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 44333

6285-10.52 Unid. Lala Boys, Kanne Warries Danstroker Sinpo 54444

6272-11.02 Radio Boomerang. Mario Mathy, Watergate, Cd Sinpo 54444

5840-11.15 FRS Holland. Procal Harum, Reception Reports, Trans Siberia Orchestra Sinpo 54444

6290-11.28 Radio Ronalisa( tent). Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 33322

5800-11.40 FRS Holland. Peter Verbruggen Dx News Program, Recording Of Laser Hot Hits Sinpo 54444

5840-12.10 FRS Holland. Lou Rawls, Bee Gees Sinpo 44444

5770-12.55 Radio Sovereign. Herd Albert, Peaches And Herbs, Status Quo Sinpo 44444

7700-13.10 FRS Holland. Altered Images, Blondie, Patrice Rushen, Band Aid Sinpo 54444

6280-13.35 Coast Fm. Wendy Moten, Adele, Shakin Stevens Sinpo 44433

1629-17.38 Radio Bizon. Bee Gees, Het Ensemble, De Tornado's Sinpo 44433

1660-17.50 Unid. De Paladijns, OMD, Human Error Club Sinpo 44333

1647-18.02 Radio Tornado En Lady. Toon And De Risoco's, Orig Zillental Sound Sinpo 44333

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1611-5.55 Radio Zorro. Stockmihi Musikanten, Wimmie Bouma, Henk Wijngaard Sinpo 44433

846-6.10 Radio North. Buddy Holly, Katrina And The Waves, Sandie Shaw Sinpo 44333

648-6.18 Radio Caroline. Stevie Nicks, Lo Moon, Billy Joel Sinpo 54444

981-6.28 Radio Star Country.  Country Music Including Gene Watson" way to survive"  Sinpo 43333

1620-6.58 Unid. Dutch Music Including Frank And Mirelle Sinpo 33333

1630-7.15 Unid. Polka Music Sinpo 33333

5770-11.05 Radio Sovereign. Jermaine Stewart, Eurythmics, Deep Purple Sinpo 54444

6275-11.20 Imagine Radio. Duke Dumont, Tove Lo, Route 94 Feat Jess Glynne Sinpo 33333

6985-11.35 The Vault. Captain Sensible, Goldfrapp, Wings, Duran Duran Sinpo 54444

6985-14.38 The Vault. Roxy Music, Empire Of The Sun, Wendy And Lisa Sinpo 44444

5770-14.49 Radio Sovereign. The Shadows, The Isley Brothers, The Castells Sinpo 54444

5880-15.05 Radio Rock Revolution. Athlete, Farin Urlaub Racing Team, Krezip Sinpo 44433

6285-16.15 Radio Monique. Robbie Williams, Supertramp Sinpo 54444

6210-16.27 Radio King Sw. James, Harry Chapin, Jean Michel Jarre Sinpo 33333

Friday, December 17, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1620-18.30 Radio Alabama. Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks, Tom Petty, Dave Stewart Sinpo 54444

1633-18.47 Radio Digital. Neil Young, Bots, John Miles Sinpo 54444

1655-19.03 Radio Santa Claus. Maywood, Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 33433

1640-19.15 Unid. Dutch Music Including Gert And Hermien Sinpo 43433

1660-19.33 Unid. Gregory Abbot, Johnny Logan, Spagna Sinpo 33433

1645-19.43 Relmus Radio. Tumbleweeds. Lee Van Dyke, Milly Scott Sinpo 43444

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

648-5.05 Radio Caroline. Squeeze, The Bangles, Nocturna Sinpo 54444

846-5.21 Radio North. The Young Rascals, Susan McCann, Del Shannon Sinpo 34333

1635-15.34 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33322

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

648-4.58 Radio Caroline. Thompson Twins, Squeeze, T-Pau, Giant Sinpo 54444

1646-5.12 Radio Telefunken. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Albert West Sinpo 34333

1620-5.23 Unid. Dutch Music Including Jan And Zwan Sinpo 44344

846-5.35 Radio North. Abba, Andy Williams Sinpo 43333

1616-19.55 Radio Alpenjager. Dutch Music Including Ken Griffin Sinpo 43333

1665-20.05 Radio Kleine Man. Slim Whitman, Roy Benson, Kitty Wells, Beach Boys Sinpo 44433

1636-20.16 Unid. Jean Michel Jarre, De Heikrekels, Time Bandits Sinpo 54444

1621-20.31 Unid. Genesis, The Cats Sinpo 43433

1629-20.48 Radio Bluebird. The Retuns, Rob On, Frank Novak Sinpo 54444

1665-20.58 Radio Kleine Man. George Strait, Merle Haggard Sinpo 54444

1655-21.10 Radio Turkstreker. Instrumental/ Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

648-21.22 Radio Caroline. Pink Floyd, The Buggles Sinpo 54444

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1620-5.15 Unid. Ciska Peters And Ronnie Tuber, Het Radi Ensemble Sinpo 44433

1665-5.25 Unid. Christmas Songs Sinpo 33233

1645-5.45 Unid. Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 44433

648-5.55 Radio Caroline. Alice Cooper, Fuel, Led Zeppelin Sinpo 44344

1629-19.55 Radio Columbo. Bruce Springsteen, The Buffin's, Them Sinpo 44444

1617-20.05 Radio Marianne. Dutch Music Including De Marendo's Sinpo 43333

1638-20.16 Ros Am. Flock Of Seagulls, Prefab Sprout, OMD, Greetings, Manfred Manns Earthband Sinpo 44444

1665-20.30 Radio Vrolijke Mijnwerker. Dutch Music Including The Mason Dundee Band Sinpo 44433

1620-20.40 Radio Bison. Instrumental Music Including The Shadows Sinpo 43333

648-20.50 Radio Caroline. Manfred Manns Earthband, Glenn Fry, Ed Young Band Sinpo 544444

Monday, December 13, 2021

FRS Seasonal December broadcast


 Dear FRS-Holland friend,

Our traditional December broadcast 
is just around the corner!
The broadcast will be on next Sunday December 19th. FRS-Holland will continue a long time tradition, ringing out the year.
It was in the early 1980s that we started with December XMas broadcasts. Only very few times in the past 41 years, FRS was absent in December.

It will be worth while tuning our way, so we invite you to join us next Sunday!
For detailed information surf to: http://www.frsholland.nl/20-latest-news/157-frs-seasonal-december-broadcast-2.html
Good listening next Sunday and Happy Holidays!

73s, Peter V. (on behalf of the FRS team)

Balance between Music & Information joint to one Format....
FRS-Holland, POBox 2702, 6049 ZG Herten in the Netherlands.
e-mail: < frs@frsholland.nl>

Free Radio Service Holland is an Independent Free Radio station broadcasting on Shortwave since August 1980.
Broadcasts are carried out in Dutch, German & English at an irregular basis on 51, 48 & 41 metres.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1620-5.45 Radio Noordstar. Four Tak, Brendan Walmsley, Koos Albert's Sinpo 44444. @ 6.45 Sinpo 44444

648-6.00 Radio Caroline. Barcley James Harvest, Betty Lavette, John Martyn Sinpo 54444

846-6.16 Radio North. CW McCall, Abba Sinpo 33333

1611-6.30 Unid. Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 32333

981-6.53 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Lee Ann Womack Sinpo 33333

5120-7.20 Charleston Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

5840-7.45 Mike Radio. Flock Of Seagulls, 10cc, Earth & Fire Sinpo 54444

6185-7.55 Radio Piepzender. Rob De Niss, Kenny Rodgers Sinpo 44433

6020-8.50 Delta Radio. The Pretenders, Monica Morell Sinpo 54444

6115-9.00 Radio Casanova. The Classics, The Bellamy Brothers, James Last Sinpo 44444

5995-9.11 Radio Face De Blatte. Pop Music Including Rockafella" white Christmas" Sinpo 44333

3905-9.20 Radio Sovereign. The Hollies, Toto, Johnny Winter Sinpo 43433

6130-9.45 Unid. The Hollies, Gilbert O' Sullivan, Thelma Houston Sinpo 43333

6285-9.55 Radio Lowland. Anita Meyer, The Police, I'd Jingle, Stars On 45 Sinpo 34333

6210-10.10 Radio King Sw. Sniff N' Tears, Smith And Myer's, The Youngbloods, White Plains Sinpo 43333

6260-10.22 Radio Benelux. The Beach Boys, Desmond Dekker, I'd Jingle, The Hollies Sinpo 33333

6285-10.48 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Teresa Werner, Jope Ruonansuu Sinpo 54444

6295-10.59 Radio Scotland International. I'd Jingle, Cd Sinpo 54444

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1611-5.55 Radio Zorro. The Teddy Bears, Sylvia And Conforsa, De Havenzanger's Sinpo 44444

1621-6.05 Radio Rietvink. James Last, Het Noorder Bar Trio Sinpo 44333

648-6.17 Radio Caroline. Eddie Floyd, Simply Red, John Miles Sinpo 54444

1611-6.56 Radio Zorro. Dutch Music Including De Tornado's Sinpo 44444

1621-7.06 Radio Rietvink. Dutch Music Including Hepie And Hepie Sinpo 44333

1640-7.16 Unid. Talking, Polka Music, Off Sinpo 44444

1625-7.22 Unid. Dutch Music, Qso Report Sinpo 33333

1638-7.28 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 44433

5033-7.38 Radio Deltracks. Michael Jackson, Buddy Holly, I'd Jingle, Mai Tai Sinpo 43333

5140-7.50 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6280-11.25 Premier Radio. Leo Sayer, Beach Boys, Les Reed Orchestra, Cd Sinpo 44433

6040-11.34 Radio Blackstone. Talking, Paul And Lake" the riddle", CD Sinpo 34333

6290-11.43 Radio Ronalisa. Rob Ronalds" mariandel", Polka Music, CD Sinpo 33333

5840-13.55 Mike Radio. Wim Kersten And De Viltjes, Gebroeders Ko, The Beatles, Earth & Fire Sinpo 54444

6925-14.55 Radio Pandora. Gibson Brothers, Ozzy Osborne, I'd Jingle, Ac/ Dc Sinpo 43333

6320-15.07 Mustang Radio. Jon And Vangellis, Paul De Vinci, Simply Red, Smokie Sinpo 54444

6205-15.18 Ros Am. Tom Enzy, Thin Lizzy, Mirwas Sinpo 54444

6955-15.28 Radio Zwarte Panther. Het Holland Duo, Inca Marina Sinpo 43333

5140-15.40 Charleston Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

3905-16.40 Radio Sovereign. Staple Sisters, The Three Degrees, Harry Nillson Sinpo 43433

648-16.50 Radio Caroline. Stevie Wonder, Tracy Ullman, Dan Hartman Sinpo 54444

1636-17.35 Radio DB. Johnny And The Hurricanes, Peter Orloff, Toontje Van De Post Sinpo 44444

1621-17.48  Radio Turftrekker. Dutch Music Including Peter Sever's Sinpo 33433

1611-18.07 Radio Augusta. Human League, Mac And Katie Kisson Sinpo 33433

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

648-5.15 Radio Caroline. The Verve, Skinny Lester, Andy Fairweather Sinpo 43333

1618-5.25 Unid. Reol Brittany, Jenny Sinpo 43433

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1655-5.50 Radio Belladonna. Het Radi Ensemble, Ken Griffin Sinpo 44333

1634-6.00 Unid.Frankie Yankovic" pittsburgh polka" Talk, CD Sinpo 34333

1646-6.09 Unid. Ernst Mosch, Koto Sinpo 34333

846-6.25 Radio North. Don McClean, Country Music, Bob Dylan Sinpo 43333

981-6.35 Radio Star Country. Alan Jackson, Diamond Rio Sinpo 33333

1512-6.45 Radio Pacman Via Mike Radio. Maggie MacNeil, Hank Wijngaard, The Beatles Sinpo 45444

1611-7.00 Unid. Dutch Music Including Harm Wierstra Sinpo 44333

1620-7.14 Unid. Qso Report, Instrumental Music Sinpo 44333

1620-7.25  Unid. Polka Music, Qso Report Sinpo 43333

1638-7.30 Unid. Qso Report Sinpo 33333

6020-7.40 Delta Radio. Laura Voutilainen, Solistiyhtye Suomi, Lotta Endberg Sinpo 54444

648-7.50 Radio Caroline. Dire Straits, Coldplay, Talking Heads Sinpo 44444

5140-8.00 Charleston Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

5035-9.14 Radio Deltracks. Ten Days After, Rixton, Eddy Grant Sinpo 33333

6260-9.24 Radio Thunderbird. Whitney Houston, Spencer Davis Group, The Equals Sinpo 33333

5995-9.38 Radio Blackstone. Crosby Stills And Nash, Talk, Gerry And The Pacemakers Sinpo 43333

6280-9.48 Radio Scotland International. Koto, 009 Sound System, Moved To 6285@ 9 54 Sinpo 54444

6275-9 59 Radio Cuckoo. Lady Dj, Smokey And The Mircales, Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder Sinpo 54444

6210-10.10 Radio King Sw. Patti Smith Group, The Alarm, Julianna Barwick Sinpo 34333

6295-10.20 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Country Music Including Vince Gill And Paul Franklin Sinpo 54444

5990-11.28 Radio Zwarte Panther. Gloria Gaynor, Barry White, Duo Onbekenl Sinpo 43333

6325-11 39 Radio Clash. Scorpions, T-Rex, The Who, Magazine Sinpo 34333

3890-17.50 Radio Fox 48. Elton John/ Kiki Dee, Blue Swede, The Raspberries Sinpo 33333

3900-18.02 Radio Batavia. Clarence Clemon's And Jackson Browne, Oleta Adams, The Isley Brothers Sinpo 44333

3920-18.12 Sluwe Vos Radio. Blonde, Men Without Hats, Sandra Sinpo 44433

1647-18.23 Witte Tornado En Lady. De Triola's, Lady Talk, De Wilpie's Sinpo 44444

1670-18.33 Unid. Don Henley, Bogus Trizzy Sinpo 43333

1632-18.45 Unid. The Drifters, Ricky Nelson, Danny And The Juniors, The Lennerockers Sinpo 44444

1620-18.56 Unid. Dutch Music Including Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks Sinpo 54444

648-19.08 Radio Caroline. The Eagles, Tom Petty And The Heartbrekers Sinpo 54444

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1616-5.50 Unid. Remco, Henny Weyman's, Lucas And Gea Sinpo 44433

1629-6.00 Unid. Tina Rainford, Normaal, Marshall Hain Sinpo 44444

1646-6.15 Unid. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Gert And Hermien Sinpo 34333

846-6.25 Radio North. George Strait, Long John Baldry, Gareth Brooks Sinpo 43333

1620-7.00 Unid. Polka/ Dutch Music Including De Tijdbreker's Sinpo 33333

1629-7.10 Unid. Instrumental Music Including De Wiljando's Sinpo 34333

5140-7.25 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6320-14.47 Mustang Radio. Fancy, Fantastique, Koto Sinpo 54444

6275-14.58 Radio Parade International. Dave Edmonds, James Tyler, Blue Mink, Wings Sinpo 34333

5840-15.10 Ros Am. The Wallflowers, Kenzie Feat Sia, Alle Farben Feat Graham Candy Sinpo 54444

1663-16.45 Radio Digital. Led Zeppelin, Frankie Yankovic, Supertramp Sinpo 44433

1630-16.55 Unid. Tom Petty, Thin Lizzy, Tom Enzy Sinpo 44433

1620-17.08 Radio Professor Sikbok. John Tasz Band" key stone polka", Alex Meixner" jolly coppersmith Polka" Sinpo 44444

1663-17.25 Radio Digital. Lucas And Gea" Kristal der heimat", The Peppers" pepper box" Sinpo 54444

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Dr Tim RIP

Very sad to hear about the passing away of Dr Tim 

Our Prayers and thoughts  are with hls family and friends at this time 


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1621-5.22 Unid. Dutch Music Including Bonnie St. Clair" merlijn" Sinpo 43444

846-5.32 Radio North. Logue And McCool, Abba Sinpo 33333

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1636-6.05 Unid. Culture Club, Ultravox, Tracy Ullman Sinpo 34333

1636-6.25 Unid. Qso Report, Polka Music Sinpo 44333

1626-6.28 Unid. Dutch Music, Qso Report Sinpo 43333

1628-6.34 Unid. Instrumental Track,Qso Report Sinpo 33333

1634-6.38 Unid. Qso Report Sinpo 44333

1611-6.50 Unid. Polka/ Dutch Music, Bill Haley And The Comets, Xmas Song, Gene Vincent Sinpo 44444

6020-7.23 Delta Radio. Snow Patrol, John Travolta/ Olvia Newton John, Shirley Bassey Sinpo 54444

5140-7.33 Charleston Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

5880-7.45 Radio Rock Revolution. RNI Recording, Georgia Fame Sinpo 43433

6185-9.03 Radio Classic Sunday Via Piepzender. Tymes, James Last Sinpo 44444

6130-9.14 Radio Casanova. Keith Marshall, Roger Whittaker, G G Anderson Sinpo 54444

6280-9.25 Radio Scotland International. Dave And Ansel Collins, Dave Clark Five, Del Shannon Sinpo 54444

6204-9.35 Ros Am. Thin Lizzy, Scissor Sisters, Sherbet Sinpo 54444

6260-9.45 Radio Quintus. Ids, Frits Stein, Orig. 4 Tiroler Buam Sinpo 44444

5995-9.55 Radio Blackstone. Donna Summer, Harold Faltermeyer, Enrico Ostendorf Sinpo 43333

6290-10.05 Radio Blauwe Panther( tent). The Waikikis, Johnny Fargo, CD Sinpo 43333

6275-10.50 Unid. Alain Barriere And Noëlle Cordier, Roxette Sinpo 54444

6380-11.10 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amingo Recording, Gerry Rafferty, Jay Shepherd Sinpo 44433

6325-11.20 Radio Clash. Deep Purple, The Jam Sinpo 33333

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1622-5.55 Unid. Dutch Music Including De Evenin Stars, Qrm From Nearby Carriers Sinpo 33333

5033-6.08 Radio Deltracks. Graham Bonney, Scatman John, Brianbox Sinpo 43333

5140-6.18 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

846-6.28 Radio North. John Denver, Gareth Brooks Sinpo 33333

981-6.38 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Wade Hayes" Old enough to know better" Sinpo 33333

6275-7.35 Unid. Eydie Gorme" blame it on the bossa nova" Sinpo 33333

5840-7.45 Mike Radio. Id Jingle, Cusco, Anseltaler, Koto Sinpo 54444

6275-7.55 Radio Polka Puurlo( I'd Via Sw pirate WhatsApp). De Heikrekels And Marion, Marc And Dave Sinpo 43433

5880-8.05 Radio Rock Revolution. RNI Recording, John Lennon Sinpo 43433

6325-14.44 Radio Clash. Human League, Frank And Walters, Police, XTC Sinpo 44433

5840-15.04 Ros Am. Roosevelt, Calvin Harris And Dua Lipa, Lady GA Ga Sinpo 54444

6295-15.20 Radio Pioneer. The Hollies, Jennifer Rush, Kim Wilde Sinpo 43333

6255-15.33 Unid. Eddie Meduza Music Sinpo 33333

6290-15.43 Radio Ronalisa. Donna Summer, Madonna, John Rocca, Ac/Dc Sinpo 33333

1636-16.50 Unid. Gary Wright, The Hollies, Phil Collins Sinpo 44433

1620-17.00 Unid. Status Quo, Janis Joplin, Olvia Newton John, Shocking Blue Sinpo 54444

6210-17.13 Radio King Sw. Rod Stewart, Ricky Ericsson, Van Halen Sinpo 44333

6278-17.25 Radio Fox 48. Berd Clëver Music Sinpo 34333

5880-17.33 Radio Rock Revolution. RNI Recording, The Beatles Sinpo 44433

1647-17.45 Unid. Dutch/ Polka Music Sinpo 33333

1617-17.55 Unid. Dutch Music Including Henkie" De fiets", Splash From 1620 Sinpo 43443

Friday, November 26, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1611-5.04 Unid. Pink Floyd, The Bkackbyrds, James Last Sinpo 44433

846-5.16 Radio North. Mary MacGregor" torn between two lovers" Sinpo 32322

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1647-4.58 Unid. The Cats" be my day", Patricia Paay " je bent niet hip' Sinpo 34333

846-5.15 Radio North. Culture Club, Jim Reeves Sinpo 33333

FRS December broadcast

Dear FRS Friends,

Sunday December 19th FRS-Holland will be on air with its annual festive December /end of the year broadcast. Details about times and frequencies will follow in the course of December.
That day we will be broadcasting varied shows with great music, radio related programme items, your November mail and…...your participation !

Your participation
FRS-Holland offers you the opportunity to participate !! We have a simple question:   

"What would be the greatest gift you could get for Christmas this year?"

Your contributions are more than welcome and will contribute to our programmes that day!
You can easily produce a little message and send it to [frs@frsholland.nl].
Only a few lines will do. Of course we would be most happy with spoken (mp3) messages but of course also written ones are most welcome!
It only takes a few minutes of your spare time....

We raffle a number of Radio DVD’s among those who participate in our December broadcast.

Important: deadline
A sincere request: please return your participation before Sunday December 5th.
Don't hesitate and have your share in the upcoming FRS December shows…

Reply form
For those of you sending a written message: easing up things, you will find a reply form below.

The staff of FRS-Holland is awaiting  your contributions...together we can turn December 19th into something wonderful.

73s, Peter Verbruggen on behalf of the staff being Jan, Dave, Bert, Brian & Mike. 




My greatest gift you could get for Christmas this year…. :

Monday, November 22, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1630-5.08 Unid. Jumping Jewels, Rob De Nijs, Tino Martin, Ramses Shaffy Sinpo 44333

846-5.22 Radio North. Billy J Kramer, The Miami Showband, The Carpenters Sinpo 33433

6275-16.55 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

1670-17.05 Radio Digital. The Mavericks, Greenfield And Cook, Jürgen Marcus Sinpo 44444

3905-17.16 Radio Sovereign. Millie Jackson, David Essex, Smokie Sinpo 43433

5140-17.30 Charleston Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1656-5.48 Unid. Dutch Music Including Mika's De" lass mein herz nicht weiner Sinpo 44333

1646-6.00 Unid. Dutch Music, Boney M Sinpo 34333

1611-6.11 Unid. De Spelbreakers, Johnny Koenig Sinpo 44333

1620-6.22 Radio Rietvink. Ben Cramer, C. Jërome Sinpo 34333

1636-6.32 Radio Mi-Amingo. Bruce Springsteen, De Heikrekels Sinpo 44333

846-6.44 Radio North. Margo, The Pretenders Sinpo 43333

1625-7.07 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

1627-7.22 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

5880-7.30 Radio Rock Revolution. Royal Blood, Die Toten Hosen, Fehifarben Sinpo 44433

5140-7.40 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6020-7.50 Radio Delta. Viking Arna, Mariska Sinpo 54444

6125-9.05 Radio Europe. We Are Terrorists, Wham Sinpo 54444

3905-9.25 Radio Caroline North Via Sovereign. ELO, Bob Lind Sinpo 43333

6875-9.35 Radio Europe. Jermaine Stewart, Paul Young Sinpo 33333

5865-9.45 Ros Am. Emily Roberts, Calvin Harris And His Disciples Sinpo 54444

5990-9.55 Radio Scotland International. Editors, Kelis, Latin Quater Sinpo 54444

6275-10.06 Radio Cuckoo. Lady Dj, Nina Simone, UB40, Jimmy Cliff, John Holt Sinpo 55444

6285-10.16 Unid. Frankie Miller, Melba Moore, Faded Out Sinpo 43333

6325-10.22 Radio Clash. Queen, The Undertones, Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 44333

5990-10.32 Radio Scotland International. Qso Report, The Mission" tower of strength" Sinpo 54444

5990-10 43 Radio Blackstone. Donna Summer" heaven knows" Qso Report Sinpo 43333

5995-11.37 Radio Ronalisa. Village People, Bryan Adams Sinpo 34333

6985-12.42 The Vault. League Unlitmed, Malcom McLaren, Paul Hardcastle Sinpo 54444

6290-13.25 Radio Batavia. Duane Eddy, Jet Harris/ Tony Meehan, Andre Brasseur Sinpo 33333

6985-14.04 The Vault. Opus, Art Of Noise, Donald Fagen Sinpo 44444

1665-17.45 Radio Digital( Presumed). De Evening Stars, Nico Haak, Het Radi Ensemble Sinpo 44433

1647-17.55 Unid. De Hoepla's, Het Spencer Trio, Qrm From Carrier On 1648 Sinpo 43333

3905-18.05 Radio Caroline North Via Sovereign. Ian Dury And The Blockheads, Donovan, Def Leppard Sinpo 43433

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1611-5.45 Unid. Vader Abraham, Micke, Koen Griffin Sinpo 44333

1648-5.55 Unid. Qso Report Sinpo 34333

1645-5 58 Unid. Qso Report, Eddy Grant Sinpo 44333

1645-6.02 Unid. Polka Music, Qso Report Sinpo 34333

1648-6.07 Unid. Qso Report. Same Station @ 5.55?. Sinpo 34333

1645-6.11 Unid. Tennesse Ernie Ford, Qso Report Sinpo 44333

1648-6.18 Unid. Qso Report, Polka Music Sinpo 34433

846-6.30 Radio North. Bread, Jim Reeves, Gidea Park Sinpo 43333

5140-6.45 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

5033-7.23 Radio Deltracks. Frank Boeijen Groep, I'd Jingle, Time Bandits Sinpo 44433

5880-7.45 Radio Rock Revolution. Led Zeppelin, Police, The Beatles Sinpo 43433

6206-9.04 Radio Etherfreak. Dobbie Brothers, Maywood, Bucks Fizz Sinpo 43333

6280-10.30 Unid. Cila Black, Everly Brothers, Ferrari Sinpo 44433

5995-11.15 Radio Ronalisa. Nova, Rammstein Sinpo 34333

6275-11.27 Unid. Dutch Music And Off Sinpo 54444

6390-11.32 Radio 319. Five Star, Scritti Politti, Belinda Carlisle Sinpo 44444

5800-13.58 Mike Radio. Ami Stewart, Police, Blonde Sinpo 54444

6925-14.08 Radio Pandora. Pirate Jingles And Recordings Sinpo 33433

6210-16.56 Radio King Sw. Steve Hackett, The Beatles Sinpo 43333

1667-17.08 Radio Casablanca( tent). Meatloaf, Al Bano, Polka Music, Tom Petty Sinpo 43433

6275-17.35 Unid. Hartman, Harry Roy And His Band, Harry Nillson Sinpo 54444

6210-17.45 Radio King Sw. Dimka, Joe Cocker, Jethro Tull Sinpo 44333

3940-17.55 Radio Free Waves Bay. Russian Music/ Talk Sinpo 43333

5880-18.05 Radio Rock Revolution. Crabby Appleton, Bears Den, Birth Control, Linkin Park Sinpo 43433

3905-18.25 Radio Caroline Relay Via Sovereign( see comments). Simple Minds Sinpo 33333

1647-18.45 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 34333

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1636-20.17 Radio Meteour.  De Zingende Amateur, Yanko's Sinpo 54444

1629-20.27 Unid. Frank Vanetter, De Paladijns, Jan Petat Sinpo 44433

1655-20.37 Unid. Susan Schubert, The Monotones, Toto Sinpo 34433

1665-20.48 Radio Kleine Man( tent). Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Roger Miller Sinpo 44433

1616-20.58 Unid. Emellie De Forest , Afrojack And David Guetta, Propaganda Sinpo 54444

3905-21.15 Radio Sovereign. Dillinger, The Who, The Bee Gees Sinpo 33333

Monday, November 15, 2021

Sw/ Mw Logs

1670-21.12 Radio Digital( tent). Bette Midler, Desmond Dekker, Duane Eddy, Keith West Sinpo 44433

1646-21.22 Unid. Nico Haak, Dorus, Rommy, Tante Lean Sinpo 54444

1630-21.55 Unid. Wham, Peter Schilling, Dick Dale And His Del-Tones Sinpo 54444

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

846-6.28 Radio North. The Carpenters, Daniel O' Donnell Sinpo 43333

981-6.30 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Mel Tillis And The Statesiders Sinpo 33333

5140-6.48 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

5800-7.05 Mike Radio. Irene Cara, Steve Miller Band, The Beatles Sinpo 54444

6020-7.20 Delta Radio. Van Hertzen Brothers, Yes, Finlanders Sinpo 54444

5840-7.30 Mike Radio. Rolling Stones, Free Electric Band, Frank Boeijen Groep Sinpo 54444

3905-7.45 Radio Sovereign. Hamilton And Joe Frank And Reynolds Sinpo 33333

6130-9.08 Radio Casanova. Heintje Simons, Flinkerassouffle, A La Carte Sinpo 54444

5035-9.20 Radio Deltracks. The Rolling Stones, Drakwerk Sinpo 44433

6270-9.30. Polka Radio. Gerald Cox, Corry Konnings And Koos Albert's Sinpo 34333

5120-9.40 Radio Jennifer. Bob Marley, The Supremes, The Temptations Sinpo 33333

6195-9.55 Radio Blackstone. Afrojack And David Guetta, The Foundations, Donovan, Eddie Cochran Sinpo 44433

3905-10.05 Radio Sovereign. Rick Astley, Joy Division, 10cc Sinpo 43433

6285-10.18 Unid. The Clash, Pat Benater, Faded Out Or Off Sinpo 43333

6130-10.25 Radio Casanova. Demis Rousses, Polka Music, CD Sinpo 44444

6380-10.33 Radio 319. The Rolling Stones, Jim Reeves Sinpo 54444

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1611-5.45 Radio Zorro. Johan & Henk, Tarzen, Agena's Sinpo 44333

1621-5.55 Unid. Dutch Music Including Dana Winner" illusie" Sinpo 44333

1628-6.05 Radio Pontiac. Dutch/Polka Music Including Lydia And Her Melody Strings" send me the pillow you dream on" Sinpo 55444

1611-6.24 Radio Casablanca( tent). The Cats, Johnny Hoe's Sinpo 43333

5140-7.05 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6305-8.10 Radio Ronalisa. OMD, Ids, Donna Summer Sinpo 43433

6925-15.29 Radio Pandora. The Killers, Supertramp, Eric Burden, Jessie J Sinpo 43433

6270-15.45 Radio Johnny Tobacco. Bruce Springsteen, CCR, Abba Sinpo 54444

6905-15.55 Radio Parade International. Billy Amstell, Ambrose And His Orchestra, Lew Stone Sinpo 43433

6210-16.05 Radio King Sw. The Action" Shadows and Refections" Sinpo 33333

Monday, November 8, 2021

E-Qsl From Premier Radio


                                   Many thanks Jimmy 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

846-5.54 Radio North  Bette Midler, Gareth Brooks, Gene Pitney, Paul Simon Sinpo 43333

981-6.05 Radio Star Country. The Judds, Vince Gill Sinpo 33333

1617-6.25 Radio Rietvink. Dutch Music Sinpo 33322

6020-7.12 Delta Radio. Haloo Helsinki, Lauri Tähkä Sinpo 54444

5034-7.23 Radio Deltracks. Al Stewart, Imagination, Vandenberg Sinpo 44433

5140-7.33 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

3905-7.43 Radio Sovereign. Fleetwood Mac, Firefall, The Beatles, The Eagles Sinpo 33333

6285-8.53 Radio Parade International. 10cc, David Bowie, David Essex, Elton John Sinpo 43333

6380-9.05 Radio 319. Ottawan, Umberto Tozzi, Id Jingle, Gladys Knight And The Pips Sinpo 44444

6130-9.15 Radio Casanova. Herman Clippinkhof, Kenny Rodgers, Jimmy Cliff Sinpo 54444

6280-9.25 Premier Radio. The Everly Brothers, Shirley Bassey, Swinging Blue Jeans Sinpo 44444

5800-9.35 FRS Holland. The Fratellis, Dx News, Manfred Manns Earthband Sinpo 54444

6200-9.46 Radio Scotland International. David Guetta Feat Sia, Jo Jo Gunne, Mama And Papas, Marc Aurel Sinpo 54444

6185-10.00 FRS Holland. Paul McCartney, Tame Impala, Spectral Display Sinpo 43333

6325-10.10 Radio Clash. Heaven 17, Ian Dury And The Blockheads, Jam, Reception Reports Sinpo 43433

3905-10.23 Radio Sovereign. Paul Anka, Gene McDaniel, Jackie DeShannon Sinpo 43333

5865-11.10 FRS Holland. Three Colours Dark, Reception Reports, Big Big Train Sinpo 44333

7700-11.33 FRS Holland. Moulettes, Recording Of Robbie Robertson On Sunshine Radio Sinpo 55444

6325-11.44 Radio Clash. Neil Young" rockin in the free world" And Off Sinpo 43433

5800-11.50 FRS Holland. Dx News Program, Talking About Robbie Dale/ Robertson Sinpo 54444

7700-12.33 FRS Holland. Andre Brasseur, Champagne, Advance Sinpo 44444

6985-15.35 The Vault. Texas, Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, Art Of Noise Sinpo 44333

5120-15.52 Unid. Manfred Manns Earthband, The Wallflowers, George Harrison Sinpo 44333

6277-16.04 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Eddie Meduza Music Sinpo 54444

3905-16.14 Radio Sovereign. Dr Hook, Smokie, Queen Sinpo 44333

6210-16 25 Radio King Sw. The War On Drugs Feat Lucius, Thunder, Sabaton Sinpo 43333

5120-16.35 Ros Am. The Sweet, Madness Sinpo 44433

6260-16.45 Radio Parade International. The Stylistics, Wings And Off Sinpo 44333

6270-16.55 Unid. Rick Nelson, Pat Boone, Billy Vera Sinpo 33333

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1660-5.50 Radio Josje Power. De Lenco's, Calmeros Sinpo 43433

1625-6.00 Unid. De Four Tak, Elsi And Werner, Dich And Lollipop Sinpo 44444

1615-6.15 Radio Turftrekker. Dutch Music 33433

846-6.25 Radio North. John Denver, Logue And McCool, Mikey And Sylvia Sinpo 43333

5140-6.45 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

1646-6.55 Unid. Dutch Music Including Tommy & De Javelin Sinpo 43333

3905-7.30 Radio Sovereign. Elvis Presley, Sonia, Squeeze, Chris Isaak Sinpo 33333

6925-14.52 Radio Pandora. Ramones, Nu Shooz, Santana Sinpo 44433

6285-15.05 Sluwe Vos Radio. Blonde, Calvin Harris, Propaganda Sinpo 54444

6275-15.15 Unid. The Connells, Neil Young, Pointer Sisters Sinpo 54444

5800-15.25 Mike Radio. De Rakker's, Het Radi Ensemble, De Migra's Sinpo 54444

6380-16.35 Radio 319. Deep Purple" child in time" Sinpo 44444

6210-16.45 Radio King Sw. Guns And Roses, Halestrom Sinpo 43333

5780-17.07 Harmony Radio. Linda Ronstadt, Fred Astaire, Helen Gallagher Sinpo 44433

3905-17.18 Radio Sovereign. Eddie Holman, The Corsairs, Steve Wonder, The Fortunes Sinpo 43433

6210-17.30 Radio King Sw. Lindsey Buckingham, Majestica, Lotus Eaters Sinpo 43333

5140-17.45 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1629-4.40 Radio Bluebird( tent). Heintje Simons, Billy Joel Sinpo 44444 @5.45 Heieentje Cafelle, De Toendra's Sinpo 54444

1665-4.55 Unid. Dutch Music Including Jan Van Est Sinpo 33333

1636-5.55 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 44333

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1665-4.40 Unid. Polka Music Including Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks" when you're young" Sinpo 44333

846-4.56 Radio North. Nat King Cole, Brain Hyland, Dominic Kirwan Sinpo 43333

981-5.05  Radio Star Country. The Bellamy Brothers, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson Sinpo 33333

1647-5.35 Unid. Dutch Music Including De Four Tak Sinpo 34333

5140-5.45 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33322

FRS Holland Sunday November 7th Broadcast Details

 Dear FRS Friends,

Autumn has arrived and that means it's time for another FRS-Holland broadcast!
Next Sunday November 7th FRS will commence broadcasts at exactly 09:52 CET.
Make sure you'll join us on another great free radio journey on the wonderful shortwave waves.

For full details just use the link below:
http://www.frsholland.nl/20-latest-news/153-frs-on-air-november-7th.html .

We are looking forward having your company next Sunday on 7700//5800 and 6185 kHz.

73s, the FRSH team: Jan, Bert, Dave, Mike, Brian & Peter.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1620-4.52 Unid. Peter Albada, Het Issel Duo Sinpo 43444

1637-5.09 Unid. Polka Music And Cd Sinpo 33322

1646-5.16 Unid. Dutch Music Including Het Radi Ensemble Sinpo 43433

846-5.32 Radio North. Dixie Chicks, Gareth Brooks Sinpo 43333

981-5.45 Radio Star Country. Country Music Sinpo 33333

5140-6.00 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

1630-6.13 Unid. George Baker, Dana Winner Sinpo 33433

3905-7.55 Radio Sovereign. Radio Fax Program Sinpo 43333

6291-15.28 XTC. Electric Six, The Smiths, Flight Of Conchordes, Imagine Dragons Sinpo 44444

6210-15.40 Radio King Sw. Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, The Everly Brothers, The Freeman Sinpo 43433

3905-15.55 Radio Sovereign. The Rockin Berries, Little Anthony, Christy Moore Sinpo 44333

6270-16.05 Radio Polkawelle. Polka Music Sinpo 33333

6185-16.15 Radio Piepzender( Presumed). Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6260-16.25 Radio Parade International. Jackson Five, The Elgins, T-Rex, Dave Edmonds Sinpo 44444

5120-16.38 Mike Radio. Beatles, Frank Boeijer Group, The Doors, Steve Miller Band Sinpo 55444

3940-16.48 Ros Am. Dusty Torez" your women", CD Sinpo 44433

5140-16.51 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Including Phil Spitalny's Music And Paul Small Sinpo 44333

6965-17.02 Radio Parade International. Cher, The Rolling Stones Sinpo 44444

6330-17.15 Radio Monique. Kate Bush, Talking Heads, Shocking Blue Jeans Sinpo 54444

6205-17 25 Radio Blackstone. Fancy, Fun Fun Sinpo 44433

5780-17.35 Harmony Radio. Dean Martin, Linda Eder, Eddie Ficher Sinpo 44433

6380-17.45 Radio Joey. Dutch Music Sinpo 43444

6273-17.55 Radio Cuckoo. Catatonia, Marina And The Diamonds, Feeder, Manic Street Preachers Sinpo 54444

6210-18.15 Technical Man. André Hazer Music And Ids Sinpo 54544

Friday, October 29, 2021

Sw/ Mw Logs

6290-19.25 Radio Pioneer. Village People, Patrick Hernandez, Voyage Sinpo 44433

6275-19.35 Radio Provokator. Dutch/ Ukraine Music, Jona Lowe Sinpo 55444

1637-19.47 Radio Turftrekker. " Mexican girl", Dutch Music, Co-Channel Qrm Sinpo 33433

1670-19.57 Radio Digital. The Equals, De Kaiserlich Böhmischen, Bob Dylan Sinpo 44444.

1655-20.07 Unid. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Pleasure" Tina" Sinpo 43433

4870-20.17 Mystery Radio 21. Techno Music Sinpo 54444

5140-20.28 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

Monday, October 25, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

15190-14.57 Unid. Joshua Kadison, David Bowie, Bette Milder Sinpo 54444

3905-15.08 Unid. The B B Q Band, El Debarge Sinpo 33333

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1660-5.08 Unid. Gere En Hermien, Gerrit Schinkel And James Brouwer- Schinkel Sinpo 44444

1647-5.20 Unid. Johnny Hoes & Annie De Reuver, Roy Black & Anita Sinpo 43433

5140-6.15 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6020-6.28 Delta Radio. Dean Martin, Miijoonajade, Peter Günt Sinpo 54444

6130-7.56 Radio Casanova. CCR, The Paradise Birds, Albert West, Andres Jűrgens Sinpo 54444

6325-9.10 Radio Clash. Sniff N' Tears, Fleetwood Mac Sinpo 33333

6925-9.25 Radio Pandora. Dx Program Sinpo 34333

5810-9.35 Radio Continental. Rod Stewart, Flock Of Seagulls, Booker T And The Mg's, Kool And The Gang Sinpo 44433

6325-9.45 Radio Clash. T-Rex, Three Dog Night, Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 43433

6200-9.58 Ros Am. Blackbear, Emily Roberts, Ace Of Bace Sinpo 54444

6925-10.10 Radio Pandora. Promo For" Achims Free Radio Desaster, Hot Chocolate l, Reception Reports Sinpo 34333

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1625-4.53 Radio Dolfijn( tent). Paul Rev, Chris Westgard, Dave Berry Sinpo 44444

1648-5.05 Unid. Frankie Yankovic, Corey En De Rekels Sinpo 34333

1620-5.40 Unid. Dutch/ Polka Music Sinpo 33333

5140-6.15 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6285-14.35 Radio Parade International. The Stylistics, Wings, Queen, I'd Jingle Sinpo 43433

6210-15.30 Radio King Sw. Marren Dekay, The Waterboys, Weezer Sinpo 43333

6325-15.48 Radio Clash. T-Rex, Three Dog Night, Bruce Springsteen, The Cars Sinpo 43333

6925-16.02 Radio Pandora. The Motors, D-Ream, Manfred Mann Sinpo 33433

6380-16.15 Radio 319. Chubby Checker, Rest Assured, David Rovics Sinpo 44444

6270-16.35 Polka Radio. Pop Music Including Jeronimo Sinpo 33333

5995-16.50 Radio Zwarte Panther. Simon And Garfunkel, Neil Young, CCR Sinpo 54444

6284-17.10 Radio Joey. Dance Music Including Gareth Emery Feat Sarah De Warren" coming hone" Sinpo 54444

1665-17.20 Unid. The Doors, Whistling Jack Smith, Duane Eddy Sinpo 44444

1620-17.32 Unid. Dutch Music, Fleetwood Mac" go your own way", I'd Jingle, but couldn't catch Name Sinpo 33333

1628-17.48 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1660-5.10 Unid. Andres Brasseur, Black Rhythm Orchestra, Andrea Jügens Sinpo 44333

846-5.20 Radio North. Glen Campbell, The Shadows, 5th Demision Sinpo 33333

1620-5.41 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33322

1660-6.00 Unid. Walter En De Rekels, Conny Froboess Sinpo 44333

1620-6.10 Unid. Corry Ende Rekels, Sylvia & De Rainaldo's Sinpo 33333

5810-6.23 Radio Piepzender. Rod Stewart, Guns And Roses Sinpo 44333

6185-6.35 Radio Piepzender. Kinks, Rob De Nijs And The Lords, Captain Hollywood Project Sinpo 54444

6020-6.45 Delta Radio. Beach Boys, Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band Sinpo 54444

6950(U)-6.55 Zenith Classic Rock. Pendragon, The Dobbie Brothers, Traffic Sinpo 44433

5140-7.05 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6130-8.10 Radio Casanova. Aerosmith, Afrojack Feat Chris Brown, Dutch Music Sinpo 44433

6325-8.43 Radio Clash. Kiss, Roxy Music, David Bowie Sinpo 33433

6100-8.57 Radio Scotland International. Amanda Lear, Dave Clark Five, Delorium Sinpo 54444

6205-9.08 Ros Am. Bruno Mars, Cro & Badchieff, Free Sinpo 54444

5997-9.20 Radio Zwarte Panther. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles Sinpo 43433

6285-9.30 NMD Radio. Rammstein, ZZ Top, I'd Jingle, Deep Purple Sinpo 43333

6940-11.20 Radio Nova. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Z Z Top, Ac/ Dc Sinpo 44444

6325-11.30 Radio Clash. Neil Young" rockin in the free world", I'd Jingle And Off Sinpo 33333

6185-11.38 Radio Piepzender. The Beatles, ELO/ Olvia Newton John Sinpo 44444. Also On 5810 Sinpo 43333

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1620-4.55 Unid. Heugo Peters, Het Ijessel Sinpo 43333

1630-5.10 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33322

1611-5.22 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

846-5.35 Radio North. Dermot Moriarty, Susan McCann Sinpo 43333

5140-6.15 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

6325-16.00 Radio Clash. The Clash, Gaslight Anthem Sinpo 33433

6210-16.10 Radio King Sw. The Rolling Stones, The Waterboys, Public Service Broadcasting Sinpo 43333

6225-16.20 Radio Kilohertz. The Tremeloes, Het Radi Ensemble Sinpo 43433

6275-16.35 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Los Paraguayos And Cd Sinpo 54444

6377-16 43 Radio 319. George Baker Selection, Gladys Knight And The Pips Sinpo 44444

6185-16.55  Radio Piepzender( Presumed). Masterplay's, The Scene, Rammstein Sinpo 44433

1640-21.30 Radio Yogi Bear . Dutch Music Including Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats Sinpo 44433

1636-21 40 Unid. The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, The Cats Sinpo 44433

1647-21.50 Unid. Polka Music Including Frankie Yankovic" pete's Polka", CD Sinpo 44444

1615-21.57 Unid. Dutch Music Including Frank & Mirella Sinpo 43433

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

846-5.05 Radio North. Glen Campbell, Rod Stewart, Status Quo Sinpo 43333

1619-5.16 Unid. Dutch/Polka Music, Boney M, Baccara, Talking Sinpo 33433

981-5.45 Radio Star Country. Mel Tillis, Clint Black Feat Allison Krauss, Co-Channel Sinpo 32433

5880-6.10 Radio Rock Revolution. PJ Harvey, The Perms, Splash From 5875 Sinpo 33433

6020-6.20 Delta Radio. Dan Hartman, Duane Eddy, Scorpions Sinpo 54444

5135-6.32 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

6950(U)-6.45 Zenith Classic Rock. The Doors, Fleetwood Mac Sinpo 44433

6965-8.12 Radio Parade International. I'd Jingle, Sandy Denny" listen listen", CD Sinpo 43433

6130-8.17 Radio Casanova. Simple Minds, Beta Ilie, Gerry And The Pacemakers Sinpo 44433

5997-8.27 Radio Zwarte Panther. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles Sinpo 43333

6290-8.38 Radio Scotland International. David Bowie, David Guetta Feat Sia, Earth & Fire, Jimi Hendrix Sinpo 54444

6195-8.50 Radio Blackstone. Fun Fun, Focus, Johnny And The Hurricanes, Johnny Cash Sinpo 43333

6120-9.05 Ros Am. Tears For Fears, Imagination Sinpo 54444

5120-9..15 Radio Jennifer. Reggae Track, Red Hot Chilli Peppers Sinpo 33333

6930-9.38 Radio Pandora. Elvis Costello, Tanita Tikarem, Eddie And The Hot Rods Sinpo 33433

6950-16.10 Radio Enterprise. Boston, Status Quo, Steve Miller Band Sinpo 43333

6285-16.20 Little Feet Radio. Little Feet" long distance love", Contact Details, CD Sinpo 44444

6275-16.38 Radio Fox 48. Abba, The Offspring, Deep Purple, Queen Sinpo 33333

1625-17.49 Unid. Polka Music, Talk, CD Sinpo 44444

1647-17.55 Witte Tornado En Lady. De Havenzanger's, Bobby Prin's Sinpo 34433

1617-18.05 Unid. Polka Music Sinpo 33322

1665-18.15 Unid. Polka Music Including Kai Warrior Orchestra" Ra-Ta-Ta" Sinpo 44444

6950-18.25 Radio Enterprise. Italian Music, I'd Jingle, Miss Johnson, Ultravox Sinpo 43333

4895-18.40 Mike Radio. Abba, Andre Brasseur, Leonard Cohn Sinpo 54444

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

846-4.55 Radio North. Kenny Rodgers, Elvis Presley, Mel McDaniel, Vera Lynn Sinpo 43333

1611-5.05 Unid. De Mika's, George Baker Selection Sinpo 34333

1623-5.15 Unid. Talking, CD Sinpo 33333

1629-5 20 Unid. Dutch Music Including André Hazer Sinpo 33433

1635-5.32 Unid. Polka/Dutch Music, Les Reed Orchestra Sinpo 33433

981-5.52 Radio Star Country. Idia, The Mavericks Sinpo 43333

6950((U)-6.20 Zenith Classic Rock. The Beach Boys, Elton John Sinpo 44433

5140-6.32 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6932-14.30 Radio Pandora. Recording Of Radio Britannia see comments). Pink Floyd, The Beatles, John Kongos Sinpo 33333

6210-16.28 Radio Caroline North Via King Sw. Wham, Jonathan Richmond, Johnny Marr Sinpo 43333

6272-16.38 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Natali, Bobby Bare, Instrumental Track Sinpo 54444

6285-16.50 Radio Ronalisa, Dance Track, Polka Music, Mario Mathy Sinpo 33433

6377-17.00 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amingo Recording. R Dean Tylor, Colin Blunstone Sinpo 44444

5880-17.10 Radio Rock Revolution. Pat Benater, The Undertones, Placebo Sinpo 33433

1660-20.55 Radio Digital. John Foggerty, ZZ Top, Nazerath Sinpo 44444

1670-21.05 Radio Technical Man. Backstreet Boys, Luniz, S-Exprees Sinpo 44444

1638-21.15 Radio Bluebird. Four Tak, De Roffel's, New Four Sinpo 54444

1647-21.35 Keizer En Keizerin. Dutch Music Including Lean Zijlmans Sinpo 33433

1652-21.50 Radio Moby Dick. Dutch Music Sinpo 33343

Friday, October 8, 2021

Sw/ Mw Logs

6300-18.15 Unid. Bruce Springsteen, Seal, Lobo Sinpo 44433

6185-18.25 Radio Piepzender. Simon And Garfunkel, U2, Michael Jackson Sinpo 54444

6210-18.48. Radio Boomerang. Aldo Lesina, Fisher Z, Mario Mathy Sinpo 54444

4874-19.35 Mystery Radio 21. Limp Bizkit, Dj Ross, Carrier On 4873 Sinpo 53443

6950( U)-19.45 Zenith Classic Rock. Asia, Jackson Browne Sinpo 44444

4865-20.00 Mystery Radio 21. No Joy, Play & Win Sinpo 54444

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6280-18.20 Radio Cuckoo. Gary Newman, Teardrop Explodes, Semisonic, Fleetwood Mac Sinpo 54444

5140-18.35 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 44333

4840-19.45 Mike Radio. Acda De Munnik, Andrew Gold, I'd Jingle, Al Stewart Sinpo 54444

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1665-20.40 Radio Mijnwerker. Willy Schebben, Peggy En Ramon, Demis Rousses, Les Reed Orchestra Sinpo 44444

1647-20.51 Unid. Roy Orbison, Janis Martin, Buck Owens Sinpo 43433

1629-21.02 Unid. Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 43433

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1611-4.40 Unid. Dutch Music Including The Cosy's" Summertime" Sinpo 33433

1647-4.50 Unid. Dutch Music Including Jan And Zwaan" 'T Dorpsfeest" Sinpo 33433

Monday, October 4, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6290-17.50 Radio Ronalisa. Dance/ Polka/ Instrumental Music, Talking, CD Sinpo 43333

6320-18.00 Polka Radio. Piratenboys, Quintus, Mia And Leo Sinpo 43333

6185-18.10 Radio Piepzender. The Byrds, The Rolling Stones Sinpo 33333

6205(U)-18.20 Unid. Bread, Alan Parsons Project, Scott MacKenzie Sinpo 55444. AM Mode@ 18.47

5140-18.32 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sw/ Mw Logs

1655-5.10 Unid. Pan Pipes Music, I'd, CD, Couldn't Catch Name Sinpo 33433

1611-5.15 Unid. Dutch Music Including Majando's" majando mars" Sinpo 33333

5880-6.10 Radio Rock Revolution. Santana' Chris Rea Sinpo 43433

6020-6.20 Delta Radio. Beach Boys, The Seekers, Santana Sinpo 55444

6070-6.30 Radio Waves International. Beach Boys, See Your Shadow, The Hammond Brothers Sinpo 54444

5140-6.40 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 44333

6280-7.58 Radio 319( Presumed). Radio Mi-Amingo Recording, The Average White Band, CD Sinpo 44333

6130-8.12 Radio Casanova. Gunter Gabriel, Ronny, The Band Of Love Sinpo 44433

6265-8.23 Radio Scotland International. Chi Coltrane, Cream, Dave & Ansel Collins Sinpo 54444

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Sw/ Mw Logs

1629-4.53 Unid. Wanda Jackson, Bzn, De Miero's Sinpo 34333

846-5.10 Radio North. Jerry Keller, Stephanie De Sykes, Simon Park Orchestra Sinpo 43333

981-5.21 Radio Star Country. Steve Wariner, Travis Titt Sinpo 33333

5880-6.00 Radio Rock Revolution. Shocking Blue, REM, The Damn Crystals Sinpo 44333

5140-6.10 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6280-6.30 Radio 319. Id Jingle, Michael Jackson, Partner, Maywood Sinpo 44444

5825-16.10 Continental Radio. Aphrodisiac Child, David Bowie, Hall And Oates Sinpo 44444

6210-16.30 Radio King Sw. Clifford T Ward Songs Sinpo 44333

5120-16.40 Radio Jennifer. The Style Council, The Stranglers, Jerry Lee Lewis Sinpo 34333

5780-16.50 Polka Radio( tent). Dutch/Polka Music Sinpo 33333

6295-17.00 Radio Panda. Spencer Davis Group, The Royal Guardsman, Deep Purple Sinpo 33333

6295-17.15 Radio Fox 48. Conny Konings, The Animals, Metallica, Boney M Sinpo 43333

5880-17.28 Radio Rock Revolution. Thin Lizzy, Genesis, Him Sinpo 44433

6955-17.40 Zeppelin Radio. Jose Feliciano, Patrick Juvet Sinpo 33433

7770(L)-18.00 Radio JVG. De Toendra's, Johnny Sinpo 43433

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

5880-5.45 Radio Rock Revolution. Incubus, The Perms, Therapy Sinpo 43433

5033-6.00 Radio Deltracks. The Killers, Musical Youth, The Cats Sinpo 33433

6020-6.10 Radio Delta. Elvis Presley, Cuby + Blizzards, Wulf Sinpo 54444

5140-6 23 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 44333

6120-8.00 Radio Casanova  Luv, Shorts, John Lennon, Abba Sinpo 44444

6280-8.18 Radio Scotland International. 700 Watts, Del Shannon, David Guetta Feat Sia Sinpo 54444

6195-8.35 Radio Blackstone. Detroit Spinners, Voggue, The Three Degrees Sinpo 43333

6930-9.00 Radio Pandora. Wings, Chris Farlow, Fox, UK Dxer Promo, Abba Sinpo 34433

6325-9.18 Radio Clash. Steve Earle, Sex Pistols, Deep Purple Sinpo 44333

6205-9.28 Laser Hot Hits. Sa-Fire, The Colourfield, The Supremes Sinpo 54444

6270-9.38 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Instrumental Track, The Los Paraguayos, Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 54444

6300-9.50 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33322

6275-17.55 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Andrew Sisters, Dave Edmonds, The Crew Cuts Sinpo 54444

6955-18.05 Unid. Pooh, Laura Pausini, Riccard Fogi Sinpo 33433

6320-18.15 Radio Joey. Simon Anthony & Meredith Bull, Braudo Stefield & Sharon Valerona, Dreay Feat Dee Sinpo 44444

4895-18.25 Radio Pacman. Polka Music, Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, Labi Siffre Sinpo 54444

5825-18.35 Radio Classic Sunday. The Tremeloes, Ten Years After, The Manhatten Transfer Sinpo 44433

1686-18.45 Unid. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Vonalpen Express Sinpo 43433

6205-18.55 Laser Hot Hits. Level 42, Troggs, The Critters, Gary Puckett And The Union Sinpo 54444

3920-19.05 Radio Classic Sunday. The Love Affair, Guys And Dolls , Carole King Sinpo 44444

4865-19 15 Mystery Radio 21. Blutengel, Stellardrone Sinpo 54444

4895-19.25 Mike Radio . Koto, I'd Jingle, Mario Mathy, CD Sinpo 54444

1629-19 35 Radio Spakenburg. Dutch/ Polka Sinpo 44433

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6325-14.40 Radio Clash. Goodbye Mr MacKenzie, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp Sinpo 43333

6205-14.50 Laser Hot Hits. The Walker Brothers, Steve Winwood, Los Diablos Sinpo 54444

6287-16.05 Radio XTC. Maximo Park, Tim Rose, The Blessing Sinpo 33433

6210-16.42 Radio King Sw. ZZ Top Music Sinpo 43333

6280-16.53 Radio Fox 48. Simply Red, Marvin Gaye, Level 42 Sinpo 33433

6380-17.08 Radio 319. Neil Young, Elkie Brooks Sinpo 44433

3920-17.20 Radio Piepzender( Presumed). Michael Jackson, Dire Straits Sinpo 43433

5880-17 30 Radio Rock Revolution. Avril Lavigne, Pearl Jam, Royal Blood Sinpo 43333

5140-17.40 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 44333

Friday, September 24, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6295-18.03 Radio Pioneer. Pop Music, Dire Straits" tunnel of love" Sinpo 43333

5140-18.14 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6325-18.25 Radio Clash. Roxy Music, David Bowie, Suede Sinpo 43333

6275-18.35 Radio Cuckoo  I'd Jingle, Catatonia, Marina And The Diamonds, Stereophonics Sinpo 55444

6205-18.48 Laser Hot Hits. Michael Gray, Iqed, House Gospel Choir And Adelphi Music Factory Sinpo 54444

5825-18.58 Continental Radio. Spooky And The Star, Lieutenant Pigeon, Holly Johnson Sinpo 43433

6925-19.50 Radio Parade International. Ray Conniff, Chakacha's, Udo Jűrgens Sinpo 44333

6325-20.00 Radio Clash. Nena, Simple Minds, The Undertones, Natalie Imbruglia Sinpo 43333

6274-20.10 Radio Provokator. Go-A, Baccara, Jaktor Gaza Sinpo 54444

6260-20.20 Studio 52. Dire Straits, Kim Wilde, The Classics Sinpo 33433

6205-20.30 Laser Hot Hits. Chic, Majestic Feat Patilow Sinpo 54444

1636-20.42 Unid. Tiffany, Buggles, 10cc Sinpo 44433

5825-21.05 Continental Radio. I'd, Godsmack" I stand alone" Sinpo 54444

Monday, September 20, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

4900-19.30 Mike Radio. Booker T And The Mg's, Guns And Roses, CD Sinpo 54444

3905-19.40 Sluwe Vos Radio. Phil Oakley & Giorgio Moroder, OMD, Scorpions Sinpo 54444

6290-19.50 Radio Ronalisa. Polka Music, Donna Summer, Yolandade Be Cool Sinpo 43433

4850-20.00 Unid. Deep Purple, Jean Michel Jarre, CD Sinpo 54444

5140-20.10 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

4870-20.20 Mystery Radio 21. Bőhse Onkelz, Etherwood Sinpo 54444

1645-21.10 Radio Twentana( tent). De Toricko's, Frankie Yankovic Sinpo 43433

1620-21.20 Radio Emmen Drentle( tent). Polka Music, Talk Sinpo 44444

3940-21.30 Radio Batavia. Wham, The Seekers Sinpo 43444

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1636-4.50 Unid. Mike Tyler Orchestra, Brunner And Brunner, Ruth Bradin Sinpo 43433

846-5.10 Radio North. Logue And McCool, James And Bobby Purify, Elton John, Elkie Brooks Sinpo 43333

981-5.38 Radio Star Country. Billy Ray Cyrus" achy breaky heart" Sinpo 33322

6950(U)-6.00 Zenith Classic Rock. Yes, Squeeze, 10cc Sinpo 54444

6020-6.15 Delta Radio. Gordon Lighfoot, Di-Rect, Dusty Springfield Sinpo 54444

6185-6.25 Radio Piepzender. Jim Reeves, Buddy Holly, Polka Sinpo 43333

5015-6.40 Radio Deltracks. Alison Moyet, I'd Jingle, Andy Williams, E G Daily Sinpo 33333

5825-6.50 Continental Radio. Dutch Music Including Normaal Sinpo 43433

6120-8.20 Radio Casanova. Dutch Music, UB40, Nena Sinpo 44433

6260-8.30 Radio Scotland International. Dave And Ansel Collins, The Everly Brothers, The Flirts Sinpo 54444

6195-8.42 Radio Blackstone. Henk Wijngaard, Kim Wilde, Londonbeat/ Klaas Sinpo 43333

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6210-17.06 Radio King Sw. ABC Music Including" when smokey sings" Sinpo 43333

846-18.55 Radio North . Them, The Chiffons, Donny Osmond Sinpo 43333

1647-19.45 Radio Keizer En Keizerin. Dutch Music Including De Marletts Sinpo 43433

1636-19.55 Radio Mosfet. Golden Earring, Blonde, Redbone Sinpo 54444

1625-20.08 Unid. Spider Murphy Gang, Fancy, Simple Minds Sinpo 43333

1620-20.18 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33433

1615-20.28 Radio Turftrekker. Dutch/ Polka Music Sinpo 33433

1670-20.38. Radio Matrix( tent). Booker T And The Mg's, CD Sinpo 43333

1652-20.44 Radio Moby Dick. Smokie, Duo Tak, Henk Wijngaard Sinpo 43433

1611-20.57 Unid. Dutch Music, Talk Sinpo 33322

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

5840-19.56 Mike Radio. Clarence Clemons/ Jackson Browne, Jean Michel Jarre, Johnny Pearson And His Orchestra Sinpo 54444

4865-20.10 Mystery Radio 21. Monaco, Thyx Sinpo 54444

1670-20.20 Radio Digital( tent). Christie, Jean Michel Jarre, Air Bubble, Albert Hammond Sinpo 44433

1625-20.33 Unid. Stevie Winwood, Agnetha Falkskog Sinpo 44444

1611-20.45 Unid. Fisher Z, Anne Murray, Polka Music Sinpo 44433

Radio Merlin Raided

Very Sad News.

Radio Merlin Was Raided Today 16th September 2021.
Police Removed Everything From Studio While Unoccupied. 

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6020-6.20 Delta Radio. Bachmann Turner Overdrive, Hazel Dean, Mike And The Mechanics Sinpo 54444

5140-6.30 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

5015-6.50 Radio Deltracks. The Fortunes, Dire Straits, Maroon 5 Sinpo 34333

6130-8.15 Radio Casanova. Saragossa, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins Sinpo 44433

6940-9.14 Radio Nova. Dio, Ratt, Judas Priest, Journey Sinpo 44444

6934-9.40 Radio Pandora. I'd Jingle, Adam And The Ants, Blues Track Sinpo 33333

5805-19.15 Mike Radio. Snow Patrol, Alan Parsons Project, Heart Sinpo 55444

4865-19.28 Mystery Radio 21. Shireen, Xymox Sinpo 54444

1685-19.38 Radio Digital.  David Bowie, Neil Diamond, James Last Sinpo 44433

1665-19.48 Radio Odynn. Sex Pistols, Greetings The Knack, Martha And The Muffins, Sinpo 44333

6270-20 00 Triple L Radio. Banda Calypso, Lasse Stefanz Sinpo 54444

1611-20.12 Elgan Risico( tent). Dutch Music Including Bobby Klein" cowboy Johnny' Sinpo 34333

1647-20.25 Radio Witte Tornado En Lady. Justin Wellington, De Heikrekel's, A La Carte Sinpo 44333

1625-20.36 Radio Spakenburg. Dutch Music/ Talk Including Ad En Karin" Blauwe nacht" Sinpo 54444

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6320-19.10 Radio Joey. Jakarta, Dj Sammy, Kylie Minogue Sinpo 44444

4865-19.25 Mystery Radio 21. Yumukoactive, Miuosh & Nosowska Sinpo 54444

5140-19.35 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6380-19.50 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amingo Recording, Will Tura, Kate Bush Sinpo 44444

6208-20.20 Radio Etherfreak. Johnny And The Hurricanes, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, CD Sinpo 33333

Friday, September 10, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6325-19.42 Radio Clash. Kim Wilde, Ramones, Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 33433

5825-19.55 Continental Radio. The Nightbirds, Henk Wijngaard, Les Amis Sinpo 54444

5135-20.07 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

5812-20.25 Radio Fox 48. Billy Ocean" when the going gets tough", CD Sinpo 33333

1670-20.32 Unid. Cascades, Kinks, David Garrick Sinpo 43333

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1628-20.04 Radio Bizon. Clout, Johnny Leon And Jumping Jewels Sinpo 44444

5840-20.14 Enjoy Radio. Alan Parsons Project, Id Jingles, Cd Sinpo 55444

5140-20.17 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

1636-20.27 Radio Mi-Amingo. Dutch Song, CD Sinpo 33333

1611-20.40 Unid. Polka Music Sinpo 43333

1655-20.53 Radio Witte Raaf. Los Bravos" black is black Sinpo 33433

Sunday, September 5, 2021

E-Qsl From Premier Radio

                           Many thanks Jimmy 

Sw/Mw Logs

6020-6.18 Delta Radio. FR David, The Four Tops, Echosmith Sinpo 54444

6195-6.30 Mike Radio. Yes, Propaganda, The Beatles, Bread Sinpo 54444

5140-6.42 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

6305-7.55 Radio Merlin International. Boston, Cream Sinpo 33333

6130-8.17 Radio Casanova. George Baker Selection, Fonola Band, Neil Sedaka Sinpo 44333

6195-8.31 Radio Blackstone. The Cats, Reception Reports, The Searchers Sinpo 33333

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6280-19.53 Premier Radio. James Brown, Spilt Enz, Dave Edmonds, Off Or Faded Out Sinpo 33433

6230-20.04 Bzn Radio. Altered Images,  Bzn Sinpo 43333

6325-20.15 Radio Clash. Talking Heads, Cat Stevens, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie Sinpo 33333

6305-20.25 Radio Merlin International. Billy Ocean, Disco Tex And The Sex-O Lettes, Bay City Rollers Sinpo 43333

5140-20.35 Charlston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6300-20.45  Radio Mi-Amingo. Dolly Parton, Faron Young, David Frizzell Sinpo 33433

6270-20.55  Cruisin Radio. Rita Coolidge, The Babys, Greetings, Earth & Fire Sinpo 54444

5975-21.07 Radio Ronalisa. Gipsy Kings,  Nova Sinpo 44433

Friday, September 3, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1685-20.50 Radio Digital( tent). Abba Songs Sinpo 44444

5975-21.00 Radio Ronalisa. Donna Summer, Id Jingle, The Flirts Sinpo 44433

1647-21.10 Radio Spannigzoeker. The Fortunes, Shadows, CCR, Madonna Sinpo 54444

3920-21.22 Continental Radio. Kriss Kross, Shaggy, Coner Maynard, Opus Sinpo 44344

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6280-21.0 Radio Ronalisa. Tokia, Rammstein, The Weeknd Sinpo 44333

6305-20.11 Radio Merlin International. Brent Lamb, Kate Campbell Sinpo 43333

1638-21.21 Radio Bluebird. Benson, Tiana EnOompie Koerier Sinpo 54444

1671-21.31 Radio Wilakracht. Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Snowy White Sinpo 34333

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

5018-6.20 Radio Deltracks. Dream Theater" metropolis part 1" Sinpo 43333

5140-6 10 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

6950(U)-6.30 Zenith Classic Rock. Genesis, 10cc, Tom Robinson Band Sinpo 54444

5880-6.40 Radio Rock Revolution. Steely Dan John Lennon, The Dammed Sinpo 43333

6130-8.10 Radio Casanova. Kincade, The Kelly Family, Suzi Quatro/ Chris Norman, Smokie Sinpo 44444

6305-9.03 Radio Merlin International. Gary Moore, Four Non Blondes Sinpo 33333

6095--17.33 Radio Blackstone. Klass And Londonbeat, Men Without Hats, Brothers On 4th Floor Sinpo 44333

6255-17.55 Radio Batavia. Gipsy Kings, Asia, Udo Jugen's Sinpo 54444

4895-18.15 FRS Holland. Love Unlitmed, Laser Hot Hits Recording Sinpo 54444

6210-18.05 Radio King Sw. Chrissie Hyde, The Pretenders, The Rolling Stones Sinpo 43333

6185-18.25 FRS Holland. UB40, Heart Sinpo 44444

1638-20.28 Radio Baroness. Tom Petty, The Doors, David Bowie Sinpo 44344

1647-20.40 Radio White Tornado En Lady. Dutch Music Including The Starfighters Sinpo 43333

1665-20.50 Radio Josie Power. Dutch Music Sinpo 44333

6265-21.00 Radio Johnny Tobacco. Urbarus, Cliff Richard, Splitheart Sinpo 54444

1655-21.10 Radio Witte Raaf. Nathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats, Amen Corner Sinpo 43333

1660-21.20 Vrolijke Mijnwerker. Imca, Wilma, Het Radi Ensemble Sinpo 54444

4895-21.30 FRS Holland. Wizzard, Brian Tchaikovsky Sinpo 44444

Friday, August 27, 2021

Sw/ Mw Logs

6290-20.50 Radio Ronalisa. Bert Kersten, Donna Summer, Groove Coverage, Jeckyll And Hyde Sinpo 44433

1655-21.02 Vroliijke Mijnwerker. Heino, Het Radio Ensemble Sinpo 54444

1629-21.13 Unid. Polka/ Dutch Music Including Steve Adamezyk And His Orchestra Sinpo 43333

1638-21.24 Unid. Wilma, Danny Vera Sinpo 43333

5140-21.34 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Including Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth Sinpo 44333

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Sw/ Mw Logs

6270-20.55 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Doris Day And Dutch Music Sinpo 55444

1670-21.05 Radio Digital. Queen Songs, I'd Jingle, Charlene Carter Sinpo 44444

1629-21 17 Radio Turftrekker. Dutch Music And Talk Sinpo 34333

4870-21 27 Mystery Radio 21. Valiant, Box And The Twins Sinpo 54444

5880-21.37 Radio Rock Revolution. REM, CCR, Metallica Sinpo 43433

1650-21.47 Radio Witte Raaf. Dutch Music Including Jannes Sinpo 43333

6950(U)-21.58 Zenith Classic Rock. Ambrosia, The Rolling Stones Sinpo 54444

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

5880-5.45 Radio Rock Revolution. Paul McCartney, In Extremo, Nickelback, Billy Clyro Sinpo 44333

6020-6.00 Radio Delta. Gladys Knight And The Pips, Madonna, Keith Polger And Nicki Giles Sinpo 54444

5140-6.15 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6195-8.13 Radio Blackstone. The Shadows, The Poilce Sinpo 34333

6270-8.25 Radio Lowland. Kenny Rodgers, Cusco, Kinks Sinpo 33333

4895-19.40 Unid. Chris Farlow, Christopher Cross, Chris Rainbow Sinpo 44444

5018-19.52 Radio Deltracks. Alan Parsons Project, Gary Puckett, Prefab Sprout Sinpo 43433

6950(U)-20.03 Zenith Classic Rock. Prince, Damian Maddison, Jackson Browne Sinpo 44444

6070-20.15 Bogusman. Interpol, The Fall, Talking About Council tax, Galaxie 500 Sinpo 54444

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

Ids 1637, 1625 Thanks To Terry's Hobby Radio Blog.

6195-6.23 Unid. Abba, Dj Paul, Then Just A Carrier Sinpo 54444

5020-6.33 Radio Deltracks. Ultravox, Giorgio Moroder, Hardwell Sinpo 33433

5140-6.45 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6210-18.30 Radio King Sw. Barenaked Ladies, John Mayer, I'd Jingle Sinpo 43333

5025-18.45 Mike Radio. Jean Michel Jarre, Vitesse, The Shadows, De Disk Sinpo 54444

6320-18.55 Radio Joey. Janse Baggebend, Reo Speedwagon, Spilt Enz, Cinderella Sinpo 44444 Later 54444

5140-19.05 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

5880-19.15 Radio Rock Revolution. Slade, Smith & Burrows, Chris Rea Sinpo 44333

6270-19.25 KCR. Artem's World Of Music Program, Ruriko Kuboh Sinpo 33333

1637-19.35 Radio DB. Leni & Ludwig, Soulful Dynamics, The Troggs, De Four Tak Sinpo 44433

1655-19.45 Radio Baroness. Bobbejaan Schoepen, Bright Star, The Easybeats Sinpo 44433

6264-19.55 Studio 52. Status Quo, Golden Earring, Abba Sinpo 43333

1625-20.10 Radio Uniek. George Baker, Amigos, Normaal Sinpo 43433

1670-20.28 Unid. Dutch Talk Sinpo 33322

FRS on air August 29th

 Dear FRS Friend,

On Sunday August 29th FRS-Holland will take to the air with a 4 hour evening broadcast.
Next Saturday at 02:00 UTC a 60 min. relay takes place via WRM- Radio Miami Int.
For full details including the August 29th schedule, please go to:

We look forward to have your company in August!

73s, the FRS team

Friday, August 13, 2021

5800-18.55 Mike Radio. Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, The Verve Sinpo 54444

6275-19.07 Radio Fox 48. Abba, The Beach Boys, Queen Sinpo 33433

6246-19.25 Studio 52. OMD" enola gay", CD Sinpo 33333

6265-19.30 Time Radio( tent). Dutch/ Polka Music Sinpo 33333

6305-19.40 Radio Merlin International. Utility Qrm, The Honeycombs, Darts Sinpo 43333

5015-19.50 Radio Deltracks. Gerry Rafferty, Zen, I'd Jingle Sinpo 43433

6280-20.00 Triple L Radio. The Bellamy Brothers, Russian Music Sinpo 54444

5140-20.10 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34433

1623-20.20 Unid. Qso Report For Radio Mi-Amingo, Polka Music Sinpo 43333

1671-20.32 Radio Viking En Tante Fok( I'd Terry Hobby Radio Blog), Dutch Music Including Peter Waaldrecht Sinpo 43333

1620-20.42 Radio Concorde( tent). The Cure, Prince, The Rolling Stones Sinpo 33333

6270-20.58 Radio Ronalisa. Spider Murphy Gang, Los Bravos, Moved To 6290, Loreen, Bryan Adams Sinpo 43333.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1631-20.20 Unid. Bob Marley, De Zingende Amateur, CD 43433

1667-20.30 Digital. The Ronettes, Scott MacKenzie, Billy Swan Sinpo 44444

1673-20.40 Radio Kristal. Frits Stein Sisko And The Nightbirds Sinpo 43333

5880-20.50 Radio Rock Revolution. Sick Pepper's, Imagine Dragons Gary O' Sinpo 43433

1685-21.00 Radio Armada. Polka/ Instrumental Music, Talking/ Ids, CD 43333

1625-21.08 Radio Blauwe Koe. Middle Of The Road, Status Quo, Queen Sinpo 43333

5140-21.20 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

Monday, August 9, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

4880-19.45 Mike Radio. Procol Harum, Diana Ross, Leif Garrett, Earth Wind And Fire Sinpo 54444

4865-19.55 Mystery Radio 21. Paul Van Dyk, I'd Jingle, Boehse Onjelz Sinpo 54444

5880-20.05 Radio Rock Revolution  The Rolling Stones, The Jets, Greyhound O.C.D  Sinpo 43433

6275-20.15 Radio Merlin International. Argent, Al Stewart, The Doors Sinpo 33433

5140-20.25 Charlestown Radio.Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6210-18.43 Radio King Sw. Silversun Pickups, Silver Lake, Renaissance Sinpo 43333

6950(U)-18.54 Zenith Classic Rock. Jon & Vangelis, Spirit, ELO Sinpo 44444

4865-19.05 Mystery Radio 21. Ladytron, Beach Fossils, Ashbury Heights Sinpo 54444

5140-19.15 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's, 40's And 50's Sinpo 34333

6375-19.27 Radio 319. Captain Sensible, Instrumental Track, Donna Summer Sinpo 43333

5880-19.56 Radio Rock Revolution. Foals, Artic Monkeys, Apoptygma Berzerk Sinpo 43433

1625-20.10 Radio Uniek. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

1638-20.20 Radio Baroness. CCR" bad moon rising", " cotton fields" Sinpo 43333

1652-20.30 Radio Moby Dick( tent). Polka Music Sinpo 33433

1625-20.40 Radio Uniek  The Buoys, Henk Wijngaard Sinpo 43433

1638-20.50 Radio Baroness. Dutch Music Including Normaal Sinpo 44433

Friday, August 6, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6305-19.02 Radio Merlin International. Rubettes, Sister Sledge, Qrm Sinpo 33433

4855-19.15 Unid. Radio Nova Recording. John Clark Jingle, Pseudo Echo, Elvis Presley, Lovin Spoonful Sinpo 44444. Maybe WMR Testing?

6747-19.25 Radio Pioneer. Lipps Inc, Anita Ward, Bee Gees Sinpo 44433

5140-19.40 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6268-19.58 Radio Fox 48. Angel City, Barry White, Amii Stewart Sinpo 43333

6242-20.10 Radio Tidelwave. Alphaville, Gary Moore, George Michael, Deep Purple Sinpo 54544

6321-20.28 Radio Olympia. Lily Allen, Vera Lynn Sinpo 33333

4945-20.38 Radio Deltracks. Pretty Things, Cliff Richard, Gene Pitney Sinpo 43433

4865-20.48 Mystery Radio 21. Drab Majesty, Video Club Sinpo 54444

6275-20.58 Radio Ronalisa. Percy Faith, Draft Deutjeher, Conquistador Sinpo 33433

6242-21.08 Radio Fox 48. Dance Music Sinpo 43433

6285-21.20 Radio Batavia. The Band, James Last Sinpo 54444

Monday, August 2, 2021

Sw Logs

6270-19.03 Mike Radio. Nolans, Denise Williams, The Shadows Sinpo 55444

6305-19.15 Radio Merlin International. Jimmy Cliff, The Shirelles, Barrington Levy, Utility Qrm Sinpo 43333

6945-19.25 Zeppelin Radio( presumed). Easy Listening Music Including Max Greger And His Orchestra" Moscow nights" Sinpo 44333

6375-19.35 Radio 319. United Djs Recording, Michael Jackson, Barry White, Lorraine Johnson Sinpo 43444

4865-19.55 Mystery Radio 21. Röyksopp, Drab Majesty, Omnia Sinpo 54444

5140-19.45 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6270-20.13 Panda Radio. Dance Music Including Bodyrox & Luciana" what plant you on" Sinpo 33333

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6925-5.50 Album Station Radio Caroline. Music From The Hollies Sinpo 43333

5140-6.02 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6925-6 40 Album Station Radio Caroline . Frankie Miller, The Yardbirds, The Baby's Sinpo 43333

6275-6.53 Radio Merlin International. Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra, Steam, Ramsey Lewis Trio Sinpo 33433

6320-17.58 Radio Joey. Queen" crazy little thing called love", " somebody to love" Sinpo 43333

6285-18.10 Radio KR1. Shakespeare Sister, Klaus Bardet, Magic System Sinpo 44444

3940-18.25 Mike Radio. James Last, Andre Van Duin, Clovis & De Landra Zusjes Sinpo 54444

6950-18.44 Radio Pandora. ELO, Talking About Radio Caroline, Paula Cole Sinpo 33433

6210-19.00 Radio King Sw. ZZ Top Music In Memory Of Dusty Hill Sinpo 43333

6275-19 12 Radio Merlin International. Free, Muddy Waters, The Tubes Sinpo 43433

6320-19.22 Radio Joey. The Hollies, Eurythmics, Peru Sinpo 54444

5140-19.35 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6210-19.55 Radio King Sw. Yardbirds, World Party Sinpo 44333

6267-20.10 Studio 52. The Stranglers" skin deep", CD Sinpo 43333

5990-20.20 Radio Zwarte Panther, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles Sinpo 43444

6925-20.30 Album Station Radio Caroline. UFO, The Edgar Broughton Band, The Raspberries Sinpo 43433

6290-20.40  RadioJohnnyTobacco. Broey Marantika, Elvis Presley, Sarek Sinpo 55444

6945-20.50 Zeppelin Radio. Easy Listening Music Including Kenny G" my heart will go on " Sinpo 33333

Friday, July 30, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6230-20.10 Radio Tidelwave. Kris Kros Amsterdam & Shaggy, Coldplay, One Republic Sinpo 54444

6275-20.20 Radio Merlin International. Peter Tosh, The Stone Roses, T-Rex Sinpo 33433

6295-20.30 Radio Pioneer. Utility Qrm, Pat Benater" we belong", " love is battlefield" Sinpo 43433

5140-20.40 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6270-20.23 Radio Fox 48. Abba, Pussycat, Village People, Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 33433

6280-20.36 Radio KR1. Latino Music Including Dos Cubanos Sinpo 44444

6305-20 46 Radio Merlin International. Jack Ruby, X Sinpo 43333

5880-20.57 Radio Rock Revolution. Fall Out Boy, Concrete Blonde, Kinks Sinpo 43433

5140-21.10 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

Friday, July 23, 2021

Sw/ Mw Logs

6295-20.50 Crusisin Radio. Glen Campbell, Bread Stealers Wheel Sinpo 54444

5800-21.02 Mike Radio. Don McClean, Mike Dorth, Jean Michel Jarre Sinpo 54444

6305-21.16 Radio Merlin International. Fats Domino, Marty Wilde, Ernie Marescia Sinpo 43333

4870-21.28 Mystery Radio 21. Marsheanx, Zeno Call Sinpo 54444

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6185-19.55 Radio Piepzender. Dutch Music, Twenty 4 Seven" slave to the rhythm" Sinpo 54444

6285-20.08 Radio KR1. Scorpions, U2, Rolling Stones Sinpo 43444

6270-20.21 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Stan Ridgeway, Eddie Meduza, Slenke Sinpo 54444

6305-20.32 Radio Merlin International. Glen Miller, Stan Kenton Orchestra, Anita O'Day Sinpo 33433

5140-20.42 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6270-19.18 Mike Radio. Lady Ga Ga, ABC, Madness Sinpo 54444

3920-19.28 Radio WDR Via Continental Radio. Dean And Marc, Plastic Bertrand Sinpo 43434

6295-19.38 Radio Aba Dhabi. Roxette, Ids, Instrumental Track, Steve Miller Band Sinpo 54444

6950-19.48 Radio Pandora. El Bimbo, Fleetwood Mac, Talking, I'd Jingle, Status Quo Sinpo 33333

6285-19.58 Radio Quadzilla. A Mante, Dead Or Alive, The Communards Sinpo 43433

4975-20.08 Radio Deltracks. Flowerpot Men, Golden Earring, Orgy Sinpo 44433

6334-20.18 Radio Joey. Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

12075-20.28. Mix Radio International. Jazz Music Including Grover Washington Sinpo 44333. Moved To 12085 Later

6305-20.38 Radio Merlin International. Toto, Yes, Robbie Williams Sinpo 43333

5140-20.48 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6285-20.58 Voice Of The Netherlands. Soft Cell, The Rolling Stones, Laura Branigan Sinpo 54444

4870-21.10 Mystery Radio 21. Elekronka-60, Kruseiouke Starship Sinpo 54444

Monday, July 12, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

5795-19.13 Mike Radio. Boney M, Raydo, Eruption Sinpo 55444

6285-19.23 Radio KR1. Bob Seger, The Everly Brothers Sinpo 44444

5140-19.35 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

6295-2002 Unid, Heart, The Fortunes, Poor Audio Sinpo 33333

5935-20.14 Radio Jong Europe. Dance Music, Manfred Mann Sinpo 43333

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6210-18.12 Radio King Sw. Stan Bush, Tim Hardin, Styx Sinpo 33433

6950--18.23 Radio Pandora. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Talking, I'd Jingle, Aztec Camera Sinpo 33333

5140-18.38 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6185-18.40 Radio Piepzender. Santana, Bangles, The Outfield Sinpo 44444

6272-18.58 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). The Bellamy Brothers, The Snake Oil Willes Band, Toby Keith Sinpo 54444

6930-19.45 Radio Nova. Fleetwood Mac, Motley Cure, Generation X Sinpo 43433

6280-19.57 Radio KR1. Bay City Rollers, Bee Gees, Billy Ocean Sinpo 43433

6180-20.28 Radio Technical Man. Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Don Williams Sinpo 54444

6325-20.40 Radio Clash( tent). Peter Koelewijn, Squeeze, Kasabian Sinpo 33333

6305-20.52 Radio Merlin International. Peter Tosh" pick me up" , Utility Qrm Sinpo 32433

Friday, July 9, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

Utility Qrm 6280 To 6305 Most Of Time 

6280-20.00 Unid. The Bellamy Brothers Rodney Crowell, Ronnie McDowell Sinpo 43433

6290-20.10 Unid. Ida Corr, Tim Duluxe, Armin Van Buuren Sinpo 43433

6335-20.22 Radio Monique. Rolling Stones, Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich Sinpo 54444

6205-20.33 TRX Radio. Alan Jackson, Gene Autry, Joni Harms, Buck Owens Sinpo 54544

6305-20.43 Radio Merlin International. Luther Vandross, Malcom McLaren Sinpo 43333

6298-20.54 Unid. Frankie Goes To Hollywood" relax" Instrumental Track, I'd Jingle Couldn't Catch Name Sinpo 33333

6283-21.02 Radio KR1. The Mavericks, Rock N'Roll Music Sinpo 44444

6322-21.12 Radio Batavia. Gary Moore, Frances Gall, T-Spoon Sinpo 54444

4870-21.23 Mystery Radio 21. Mantus, Karl Bremies Sinpo 54444

Monday, July 5, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6285-20.00 Mike Radio. De Tornado's, De Four Tak, De Tijdbreker's Sinpo 54444

6305-20.15 Radio Merlin International. Utility Qrm, Heavy Jelly, Skid Row, Eagles Sinpo 43333

5885-20.30 Radio Rock Revolution. The Black Keys, Pink Floyd, Placebo Sinpo 43433

4975-20.50 Radio Deltracks. Oldies Including Mark Peters" don't cry for me" Sinpo 44333

4870-21.00 Mystery Radio 21. The Killers, Dj Deep Dance,  Fury In The Slaughter House Sinpo 54444

5140-21 15 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6130-8.20 Radio Casanova. Nena, Modern Talking, Peter Kent Sinpo 43433

6020-8.31 Radio Delta. Rem, Dusty Springfield, Duran Duran Sinpo 43333

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

5885-20.15 Radio Rock Revolution. The Beatles, The Doors Sinpo 43433

6290-20.25 Radio KR1. Randy Scruggs, Gareth Brooks Sinpo 44433

3920-20.35 Radio Baroness. Dutch/Polka Music, Oliver" good morning sunshine" Sinpo 43433

6270-20.45 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Joe Cocker, UB40, The Classics.   Alma Cogan Sinpo 55444

4975-20.55 Radio Deltracks. Jim Gilstrap, UB40, Sinėad O'connor Sinpo 33433

6265-21.05 Studio 52. Dutch Music, Shocking Blue Sinpo 33333

6305-21.15 Radio Merlin International. Gerry Rafferty, Don McClean, Cliff Richard, Occasional Utility Qrm Sinpo 43433

6285-21.25 Radio KR1  Acker Bilk, Bille Holiday, Duke Ellington Sinpo 54444

5140-21.35 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

Friday, July 2, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

5992-20.13 Radio Zwarte Panther. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones Sinpo 43433

3920-20.25 Piraten Team Overijssel. Rammstein, Bzn, The Dutch Music Sinpo 444444

4850-20.40 Mike Radio. Dutch Music, Space, The Animals Sinpo 54444

5140-20.50 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

6930-21.00 Radio Nova. Santana, Siouxsue And The Banshees, The Who Sinpo 44433

6285-21.10 Radio Parade International. Classical Music Sinpo 33433

6265-21.45 EM Radio. Dutch Comedy Sketch Sinpo 33333

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6265-20.28 TRX Radio. Ron Schaffer, Johnny Cash, Tiger Army Sinpo 55444

6275-20.40 Reggae Radio. Christiaan Gomez, Tarmac, Taurus Alphonso Sinpo 33333

6285-20.50 Radio KR1. Carl Phillips, Slim Rhodes, The Playtones And Boppin Steve Sinpo 54444

5885-21.00 Radio Rock Revolution. The Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Dylan, Crash Test Dummies Sinpo 43433

6305-21.10 Radio Merlin International. Paul Fenoulhet And The Skyrockt's, Mel Thome Sinpo 43333

1665-21.20 Unid. Dutch Music Including Mirelle Mathieu Sinpo 44433

1620-21.30 Radio Bluebird. Dutch Music Including De Mario's Sinpo 44444

6265-21.40 TRX Radio. Roy Buchanan, Pinetop Perkins, CD Sinpo 55444

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6920-20.05 Mike Radio.  Beatles" hey jude", Koto, Boston Sinpo 54444

6305-20.20 Radio Merlin International. T-Rex, Band-Maid Sinpo 33333

5140-20.30 Charlestown Radio  Old Time Music Including Ted Lewis And His Band Sinpo 34333

6955-20.40 Unid. Recording Of Various Irish Pirate Radio Stations. American Top 40 Countdown From 1989. Sinpo 54444

4870-20.56 Mystery Radio 21. Mylo, Neon, Colina Sinpo 54444

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6210-18.20 Radio King Sw. Jimi Hendrix, Grandaddy, Gordon Lighfoot Sinpo 43333

6270-18.32 Radio Pacman Via Mike Radio. The Beatles, Slade, Wally Tax Sinpo 54444

6305-18.44 Radio Merlin International. Shonen Knife, Tommy Bolin, Gary Moore Sinpo 33433

5140-18.56 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

6295-18.52 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Rooftop Singers, Johnnie Ray, Polka Music Sinpo 54444

6295-20.53 Radio Ronalisa. Kim Wilde, Dan Hartman, The Astronaut And Cd Sinpo 43333

6985-21.03 The Vault. Lidnsey Buckingham, Elton John/ Kiki Dee, David Bowie Sinpo 33433

6930-21.23 Radio Parade International. Miff Mole, Carroll Gibbons, Bix Beiden Becke Sinpo 43433

1670-21.47 Unid. Tom Petty, Supertramp, Foreigner Sinpo 43433

4895-21.52 TRX Radio. J. Frank And The Cavaliers, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Jackie Wilson Sinpo 54544

1652-22.09 Radio Moby Dick. Dutch Music Including Heidi Sinpo 43433

Friday, June 25, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6295-18.56 Radio Pioneer. Rob Van Daal, Henk Bernard Sinpo 43433

6185-19.07 Radio Piepzender. Dutch Music Including Erik Van Netgen & Sanne Sinpo 54444

6305-19.17 Radio Merlin International. Tit Fit, Beach Boys, Shakin Stevens, Bucks Fizz Sinpo 43433

6266-19.30 Studio 52. Dutch Music, Party Animals Sinpo 33333

5140-19.40 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6280-20.37 Radio Panda. Ricchi E Poveri, Andriano Celentano Tano, Eros Ramazzotti Sinpo 33433

4870-20.48 Mystery Radio 21. Sólvig Mathildun, Falco, Zeno Call Sinpo 54444

6985-21.35 The Vault. Genesis, Don Henley, Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin Sinpo 44433

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6285-20.55 Radio KR1. Johnny Cash, Bill Haley And The Coments Sinpo 54444

6275-21.05 Radio Batavia. Duane Eddy, Bzn, Weather Girls Sinpo 54444

6295-21.15 Radio Panda. Ricardo Fogli, Matia Bazar, CD Sinpo 33333

1665-21.23 Unid. Dire Straits, The Animals, The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 44433

1620-21.33 Radio Bluebird. Tom & Dick, Voartse Boys, De Magneta's Sinpo 44444

4870-21.43 Mystery Radio 21. Schiller Feat Moya Brennan, Schiller Feat Maya Saben Sinpo 54444

6305-21 53 Radio Merlin International. Rose Tattoo, The Raspberries, Heart Sinpo 43433

1646-22.05 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 44444

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6985-18.50 The Vault. Chris De Burgh, The Clash, Louise Cordet, Cd Sinpo 54444

5140-19.02 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6305-19.13 Radio Merlin International. Stone Axe, Buffalo Kings, Budgie Sinpo 33333

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6940-18.43 Radio Nova. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe Jackson, Focus Sinpo 44444

6295-19.03 Radio KR1. Neil Sedaka, Bobby Day, Moved To 6285, CD, Bad Audio Sinpo 44433

5885-19.12 Radio Rock Revolution. White Lies, Editors, Icehouse Sinpo 43433

5140-19.25 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6225-19.35 Radio Sunflower. Joe Cocker, Bonnie Tyler, Mungo Jerry Sinpo 44443

6380-19.45 Radio Joey. Sylver, Dj Jose V G-Spot, Gigi D'agostina Sinpo 44433

6305-19.55 Radio Merlin International. Spandau Ballet Sinpo 43333

6950-20.10 Radio Pandora. Promo For Hf Underground, Martika" toy solider", Off Sinpo 33333

3905-20.20 TRX Radio. Johnny Winter, Albert King Sinpo 55444

6295-20.30 Radio Panda. Patrick Hernadx, Tom Tom Club, CCR Sinpo 33333

5885-20.42 Radio Rock Revolution. Bryan Adams, Seyes, Bon Jovi Sinpo 44333

5015-20.53 Radio Deltracks. Matthias Rein, Hozier, Imagination Sinpo 44333

5140-21.05 Charlestown Radio  Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6270-21.20 Unid. Bzn Music Sinpo 54444

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6940-18.30 Radio Nova. REM, John Otway Wild Willy Barrett, Argent, John Couger Sinpo 44433

6280-18.45  Radio KR1. Ames Brothers, I'd Jingle, The Beach Boys, Amen Corner Sinpo 44433

6305-18.58 Radio Merlin International. Ten Sharp, Steve Wonder, Whitesnake Sinpo 33433

6269/70-19.10 Mike Radio( tent). The Animals, Brunner And Brunner, Morrison Kiers Sinpo 54444

5140-19.20 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

5885-19.30 Radio Rock Revolution. Inxs T-Rex Bruce Springsteen, The Yardbirds Sinpo 34433

4870-19.45 Mystery Radio. Clan Of Xymox, Paul Van Dyk, Ritual Howl's Sinpo 54444

6285-19.55 Radio KR1. Sid King And The Five Strings, Tarheel Slim. Moved To 6282 Sinpo 44444

Monday, June 7, 2021

Sw/,Mw Logs

6290-20.13 Radio Johnny Tobacco. Dickie Rock, Ray Lynam, Andy Cooney, Bernie Heaney Sinpo 55444

6305-20.25 Radio Merlin International. The Specials, Wilco, Dexys Midnight Runners Sinpo 43333

6985-20.40 The Vault. Fleetwood Mac, Los Bravos, New Order Sinpo 44444

4975-20.53 Radio Deltracks. Four Seasons, Dire Straits, Yazoo Sinpo 33433

6285-21.04 Radio Parade International. Jazz/ Easy Listening Music Including" if you go to San Francisco" Sinpo 33333

5140-21.15 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6020-6.18 Delta Radio. The Beatles, Boudewijn De Groot, Don Henley Sinpo 54444

5140-6.30 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

5885-6.50 Radio Rock Revolution. Stash, Europe, Treyarch Sound Sinpo 43333

6295-8.10 Radio Cuckoo. Rick Astley, Train, Bon Jovi, Starship Sinpo 54444

5955-8.48 Radio Scotland International. Alice Cooper, Elton John, Editors Sinpo 44433

6120-8.58 Radio Casanova. Polka Music And Cd Sinpo 33433

6295-9.05 Radio Cuckoo. The Commodores" easy", I'd Jingle And Cd Sinpo 54444

6210-18.30 Radio King Sw. Supertramp Tracks From "Crisis What Crisis" Sinpo 43333

6305-18.40 Radio Merlin International. The Nice, Genesis Sinpo 33433

3920-18.50 Continental Radio. Genesis, Matthew Wilder, Mr Mister Sinpo 44444

5140-19.00 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Including Oscar Joost" heer ober, zwei mokka' Sinpo 34333

6283-19.35 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Instrumental/ Dutch Music Sinpo 55444

4870-20.15 Mystery Radio. Tinlieken, The Birthday Mascare, Manowar Sinpo 54444

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6275-18.55 XTC Radio. Ten Sharp, St. Vincent Sinpo 44444

6210-19.10 Radio King Sw. Sparks, Bronx, Procol Harum Sinpo 43433

6294-19.20 Radio Joey. Jean Michel Jarre, Neil Diamond, Heart Sinpo 54444

3920-19.30 Radio Piepzender. Reach, Bobby Horton, Goomby Dance Band Sinpo 54444

5140-19.40 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

5885-19.53 Radio Rock Revolution. Kinks, Stephen Chopek, Peter Gabriel Sinpo 43433

6275-20.03 XTC Radio. Sirens, Talking About Charlie Bowman's Blog Sinpo 44444

6322-20.15 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Diggy Dex Feat. Eva De Roovere Sinpo 55444

4870-20.50 Mystery Radio 21. Halo Helsinki, Espriritusanto Sinpo 54444

7735-21.05 Radio Pamela. Oli Brown, Blondie, 3 Doors Down Sinpo 33333

6985-21.15 The Vault. The Who, Michael Frank', 3th Floor Elvators Sinpo 44333

Friday, June 4, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6290-19.58 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed), Hank Williams, Doris Day, Eileen King, Patsy Cavanagh Sinpo 55444

6305-20.10 Radio Merlin International. Average White Band, The Who Sinpo 33433

5140-20.20 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 43333

6275-20.30 Radio KR1. I'd Jingle, The Ames Brothers, The Andrew Sisters, The Beach Boys Sinpo 54444

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6295-19.15 Radio Cuckoo. Rolling Stones, Beatles, Kinks, Red Hot Chilli Peppers Sinpo 44444

3920-19.25 Radio Garr Via Piepzender. After The Fire" 1980-F" And Cd Sinpo 54444

5140-19.40 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6295-19.58 Radio Cuckoo. Neil Young, Queen, Steely Dan, I'd Jingle And Cd Sinpo 44444

1625-20.55 Unid. Normaal, Het Holland Duo Sinpo 43433

4060-21.05 TRX Radio. George Jones, John Lennon, I'd Jingle, Conway Twitty Sinpo 55444

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6940-19.00 Radio Nova. Hawkwind, Fleetwood Mac, Donna Summer Sinpo 44433

4870-19.10 Mystery Radio 21. Basis, Oberselesien Sinpo 54444

5140-19.20 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 343333

6285-20.05 Radio KR1. Marvin Gaye, Marvin Gaye/ Tammi Terrell, The Isley Brothers Sinpo 54444

6940-20.15 Radio Nova. Gerry Rafferty" get it right next time' And Cd. Sinpo 44444

Monday, May 31, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6280-18.33 Mike Radio. Bob Seger, The Beatles, Mumford And Sons, The Cats Sinpo 55444

5140-18.55 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6305-19.08 Radio Merlin International. Peabo Bryson And Roberta Flack, Country Music Sinpo 43333

6531-19.20 Offshore Music Radio. The Spinners" what am I going to do without you" Sinpo 33322

6230-20.30 Radio Batavia. Les Humpheries Singers, Duane Eddy, Bzn Sinpo 54444

6270-20.40 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Teresa Werner Music Sinpo 55444

6285-20.53 Radio KR1. Dutch Music, The Black Devils, I'd Jingle Sinpo 54444

1640-21.05 Radio Bluebird. The Starfighters, Tom Jones, Luc Simmering Sinpo 43433

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

3920-19.00 Radio Baroness. Harm Vierstra, Kelsey Yu, BÖhse Orkelz Sinpo 54444

6305-19.10 Radio Merlin International. Beach Boys, Shakin Stevens, Bucks Fizz, Racey Sinpo 43333

6541-19.20 Offshore Music Radio. Cliff Richard, Aretha Franklin, Connie Francis, The Equals Sinpo 33333

5140-19.30 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

4915-19.45 TRX Radio. Wille Lewis, Red Norvo And His Orchestra, Sonny Rollins Sinpo 54444

6005-20.05 Delta Radio. Herman Blood, Johnny Cash Sinpo 54444

1670-22.25 Technical Man. Living Colour, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bonnie Tyler Sinpo 44444

1630-22.35 Radio Baroness. Sweet, Andre Brasseur, The Peppers Sinpo 54444

1640-22.45 Radio Bluebird. Dutch Music, Bryan Hyland" ginny come lately" Sinpo 54444

1655-22.55 Radio Yogi Bear( tent). Kenny Rodgers, Dutch Music Sinpo 44444