Pirates For Peace

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

6305-18.40 Radio Merlin International. Shangri-la, Marcels, Vanity Fare Sinpo 43333

5780-18.53 Harmony Radio. Petula Clark, Danny Elfman, The Carpenters Sinpo 34333

5790-19.04 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amigo Recording, The Bellamy Brothers And The Rolling Stones Sinpo 43433

5825-19.15 Unid. Laser 558 Recording, The Thompson Twins And The Pretenders Sinpo 43433

5140-19.25 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

4700-20.08 Mystery Radio 21. Kleerup Feat Titiyo, 4 Strings, Little Menace Sinpo 44444

1638-20.35 Radio Bluebird. Nancy Sinatra" like I do" And Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

Monday, June 29, 2020

5790-19.00 Radio 319. Recording Of Dutch Station, Dutch Music And Candlewick Green" who do you think you are" Sinpo 44333

5140--19.10 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

5825-19.43 Unid. Laser 558 Recording. Sinpo 54444

6305-19.55 Radio Merlin International. James Last" i don't know how to love him", The Rolling Stones" too much blood", Utility Qrm Sinpo 32433

3400-20.08 Unid. Michael Franks, Dean Friedman, Judie Tzuke Sinpo 43444.

5780-20.30 Harmony Radio. Sammy Davies Jr, Marilyn Monroe, The Elgants Sinpo 54444

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sw Logs

6390-5.05 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amigo Recording, Donna Hightower, 5000 Volts Sinpo 43444

5780-6.12 Harmony Radio. Brook Benton, The Royal Teens, Nancy Sinatra, Jose Feliciano Sinpo 54444

6205-6.24 Laser Hot Hits. Carol King" it's to late" And Faded Out Sinpo 43444

6130-8.20 Radio Casanova. Nena And Koos Bloemsma Sinpo 33333

6290-8.30 Radio Scotland International. Michel Poinareff, Silver Convention" fly robin fly" And CD Sinpo 44433

6290-8.56 Radio Scotland International. Back On, The Equals, The Smiths, The Undertones Sinpo 44433

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Sw Logs

6205-5.45 Laser Hot Hits. Mike Andrews Show, Madonna, China Crisis, Sade Sinpo 43444

5780-5.55 Harmony Radio. Dick James, Glenn Campbell And Matt Munroe Sinpo 54444

5140-6.20 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6205-12.50 Laser Hot Hits. Dolly Parton, Steve Mac And Mosquito, Donovan Sinpo 54444

5780-12.59 Harmony Radio. Sammy Davies Jr, Doris Day, Petula Clark Sinpo 54444

6930-18.20 Radio Nova. Steelheart, Green Day, Gun And The Motors Sinpo 43443

6286-18.45 Radio Abu Dhabi. Instrumental Music Sinpo 54444

6260-18.55 Studio 52. John Fogarty And Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

5790-19.05 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amigo Recording, Dutch Music Sinpo 43433

6251-19.15 Studio 52. Dire Straits" walk of life", Bruce Springsteen" glory days" Sinpo 43333

6930-19.38 Radio Nova. Atrocity" hey little girl", Rush" limelight" Sinpo 44333

Friday, June 26, 2020

Sw Logs

6930-18.00 Radio Nova. The Dobbie Brothers, Dire Straits And Dr Feelgood Sinpo 44433

5780-18.12 Harmony Radio. Billie Holiday, Perry Como, Anne Shelton Sinpo 54444

6205-18.22 Laser Hot Hits. Ian Lawrence Dance Show, Franky Wah, Adeva  Jan And Spoon Sinpo 44444

6305-18.32 Radio Merlin International. The Weather Girls, The Pointer Sisters, James Brown Sinpo 43333

5140-18.45 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6280-18.58 Radio Melkbus. Ids, Ram Jam" Black Betty" And CD Sinpo 43333

6285-19.08 Radio Igloo. Enya, Waylon Jennings And Scott McKenzie Sinpo 43444

6262-19.33 Studio 52. Dolly Parton, Andrė Hazes, Bryan Adams Sinpo 43333

6225-19.45 Radio Doc Tim. French Music Including Edith Piaf" la vie en rose" Sinpo 33333

3920-19.55 Radio Piepzender. Fleetwood Mac" albatross", Amanda Lear" follow me" Sinpo 44344

Monday, June 22, 2020

Sw Logs

6305-19.35 Radio Merlin International. Tony Orlando, The Righteous Brothers, Duane Eddy Sinpo 43333

3400-19.45 Unid. Blonde, Bow Wow Wow, Eddie And The Hot Rods Sinpo 44344

6955-21.12 Radio Parade International. Classical Music And Id/Contact Details Jingle Sinpo 33433

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sw Logs

6205-19.03 Laser Hot Hits. Barry Manilow, Various And Steppin Across USA, Ultravox Sinpo 43444

3940-19.15 Continental Radio. Tears For Fears, UB40, Dutch Music Sinpo 43433

6240-19.25 Transatlantic Broadcast. Bee Gees( 3 songs), And Id Jingle Sinpo 34333

6305-19.35 Radio Merlin International. The Housemartins, The Everly Brothers, Jerri Southern Sinpo 34333

5780-1947 Harmony Radio. Matt Munroe, Sarah Vaughan, Paul Robeson Sinpo 54444

3905-20.05 Radio Fox 48. Boney M, The Dobbie Brothers, The Tramps, Andrea True Connection Sinpo 33333

5140-20.18 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Radio SE-TA-2


RADIO SE-TA 2 is broadcasting primarily to German citizens in Europe
and the world, who live outside of Germany.
Our programs include information and music from Germany and the world
to maintain the connection to their home.

A quarterly program series starts on July 4th, 2020 with
a one hour show called "Let's Go Rock'n Roll".

This time our program is from Nauen via the facilities of
MEDIA BROADCAST on 6095 kHz with a radiation power of 125 KW.
The reception area will be all of Central Europe.

These quarterly programs will always be aired on the 1st Saturday
in the new quarter.
Summer period: 10.00-11.00 UTC (= 12.00-13.00 CEST).
Winter period: 11.00-12.00 UTC (= 12.00-13.00 CET).

Transmissions are already booked as follows:
04.07.2020 / 03.10.2020 / 02.01.2021 / 03.04.2021 - safe the dates!

Your letters with comments, criticisms, music requests
and reception reports are welcome to: SE-TA@web.de

We'll get back to you in 2020/2021 with our response
and ask for your valued patience.

Yours sincerely
Radio SE-TA 2

Sw Logs

6205-5.40 Laser Hot Hits. Anita Ward, Pink, Queen Sinpo 54444

3400-5.52 Unid. Beach Boys, Freddie And The Dreamers, The Zombies Sinpo 43444

5780-6.04 Harmony Radio. Vera Lynn, Shirley Bassey, Tony Bennett And Perry Como Sinpo 54444

6305-6.15 Radio Merlin International. Richard Hell And The Voidoids, Dead, Iggy Pop Sinpo 33433

6205-17.05 Laser Hot Hits. Sister Sledge, Sybil, Natalie Imbruglia Sinpo 54444

6290-17.15 Pandora Radio. Elton John, Buddy And Bunny Burden, Jesus And The Mary Chain Sinpo 34333

6210-17.40 Radio King Sw. Jackson Browne, Japan, Jethro Tull Sinpo 43333

6285-20.20 Radio Batavia. Eiffel 65, S Express, Id Jingles, Henk Wijngaard Sinpo 44444

6262-20.30 Studio 52 Techno Music Including DJ Paul Elstak" rainbow in the sky" Sinpo 43433

6244-20.40 Radio Johnny Tobacco. John Hogan, Daniel O'Donnell, Hazel Sinpo 54444

5770-20.50 Panda Radio. Eddie Cochran, Id's, Julianne Werding, 5000 Volts Sinpo 43333

6390-21.00 Radio Joey. Iron Maiden, Roger Daltrey, Demis Roussus Sinpo 54444

5780-21.10 Harmony Radio. The Carpenters, Gene Kelly, Tony Christie Sinpo 54444

6290-21.23 Radio Batavia. Nena, Eleni, Stone Et Charden Sinpo 44444

4853-21.40 Radio Dolfijn. Dionne Warwick, Paul Hardcastle, Thompson Twins Sinpo 43433

3905-21.50 Radio Fox 48. Dance Music Sinpo 34333

6243-22.00 Radio Odynn. The Doors, Nena, The Hombres Sinpo 43444

Friday, June 19, 2020

Sw Logs

3902-18.40 Misti Radio. Beach Boys, The Hollies, Ids, Wanda Jackson And Rick Nelson Sinpo 43333

6290-19.00 Radio Pioneer. Dutch Music, Hot Chocolate, Kool And The Gang Sinpo 44333

5770-19.20 Panda Radio. Kayak, I'ds, Julliane Werding, Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg Sinpo 33433

5140-19.32 Charleston Radio.Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

3400-19.40 Unid. Chairman Of The Board, Donna Summer, Edwin Starr Sinpo 43444

6305-20.05 Radio Merlin International. Les Reed Orchestra, Human League And The Pretenders Sinpo 44333

6940-20.15 Radio Pamela. M, Eric Clapton, The Bellamy Brothers Sinpo 43433

6390-20.25 Radio Witte Reus.  Dance Music Sinpo 43333

6283-20.35 Radio Johnny Tobacco( presumed). Metallica, Roy Orbison, Three Degrees Sinpo 54444

6244-20.45 Studio 52. Bruce Springsteen, Id Jingle, Boney M, Klubbheads Sinpo 33433

6276-20.55 Radio Bella Italia. Italian Music And Id Jingle Sinpo 33333

3910-21.05 Unid. Air Music From " Moon Safari" Sinpo 54444

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Sw Logs

6280-18.10 Radio Odynn. Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

5140-18.20 Charleston Radio.Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

5790-18.30 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amigo Recording, Smokie, The Searches And Bzn Sinpo 44333

6280-20.46 Radio Odynn. Air, The Osmonds, Manfred Manns Earthband, Duncan Browne 43444

6263-21.00 Cupid Radio. Rammstein, Poison, Soundgarden And Beth Hart Sinpo 55444

5780-21.12 Harmony Radio. Bing Crosby, Mamas And The Papas, Bobby Vinton Sinpo 54444

6305-21.25 Radio Merlin International. Peter Frampton, The Jeff Healey Band, Dire Straits Sinpo 43333

5880-21.44 Panda Radio. The Babys" piece of the action", Ids And CD Sinpo 43333

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Sw Logs

5790-19.05 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amigo Recording, The Sensation" black eyed women", Diana Ross" upside-down" Sinpo 43333

4700-19.15 Mystery Radio 21. Haerts, Max Graham Vs Yes, Kalandra Sinpo 44344

5140-19.25 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6290-20.20 Panda Radio. Barry Mann, Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg, The Bellamy Brothers Sinpo 43433

3400-20.32  Unid. Manfred Mann, Pet Shop Boys, Christopher Cross Sinpo 43333

6305-20.43 Radio Merlin International. Sia, Annie Lennox, The Carpenters Sinpo 43333

Monday, June 15, 2020

Sw/Mw Logs

5790-18.45 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amigo Recording, Marianne Faithful And Family Sinpo 44333

4700-18.55 Radio Mystery 21. The Fatrat, Blutengel, CJ Stone Sinpo 44444

5140-19.05 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

4853-20.20 Radio Dolfijn. Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

6940-20.32 Radio Pamela. The Ramones, Mungo Jerry, Jean Michel Jarre, U2 And I'd Jingle Sinpo 43333

6287-20.47 Radio Johnny Tobacco. Fancy, Metallica, Los Bravos Sinpo 55444

6930-20.58 Radio Nova. Status Quo, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, U2 Sinpo 43444

1638-21.15 Radio Bluebird. Dutch/ Polka Mix Sinpo 44344

Sunday, June 14, 2020

6205-8.15 Laser Hot Hits. Lucas Prata, Sneaker Pimps, Junior Vasquez Sinpo 43444

6290-8.26 Radio Cuckoo. Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie And Bob Segar Sinpo 44433

6260-8.40 Radio Monique. Sherbet And Golden Earring" radar love" 43444

6385-8.50 Radio 319. Radio Mi-Amigo Recording, Will Tura, Mud, Ringo  Starr.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Sw Logs

6205-5.45 Laser Hot Hits. The Internationals, Echo And The Bunnymen, Rihanna, The Tuesdays Sinpo 54444

6390-5.58 Radio 319 With Radio Mi-Amigo Recording. The Honeycombs, Dan Hartman Sinpo 43333

3400-6.10 Unid. Herman Brood, Dennis Brown, Elton John Sinpo 44333

5790-7.45 Radio 319 With Radio Mi-Amigo Recording. ELO" night in the city", Golden Earring" radar love" Sinpo 43433

5780-10.05 Harmony Radio. Matt Munroe, Jane Morgan, Vivienne Segal And Beverly Fite Sinpo 54444

6290-18.58 Radio Cuckoo. Forget Me Knots, Mary Black And The Bothy Band Sinpo 43444

6390-19.10 Radio Joey. Polle Eduard, Eddie Money, Albert West Sinpo 43444

5790-19.30 Radio 319. Tony Prince Show, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple And Suzi Quatro Sinpo 43433

4853-19.40 Radio Dolfijn. Elvis Presley, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones Sinpo 34333

6305-19.50 Radio Merlin International. Justin Haywood" broken dream", Jo Stafford" no other love" Sinpo 34333

3905-20.00 Radio Ascona. Ids, Brotherhood Of Man, Chris Andrews, Ugly Kid Joe Sinpo 33433

5140-20.15 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 43333 

5780-20.30 Harmony Radio. I'd Jingle, Glen Miller, Margaret Whiting, Dean Martin Sinpo 54444

6285-20.55 Radio Johnny Tobacco( presumed). The Hollies, Gene Vincent, Ottawan Sinpo 55444

6390-21.05 Radio Joey. Fancy" bolero", I'd Jingle, Dutch Music Sinpo 43444

6275-21.15 Unid. Mr Mister, Umberto, Sailor Sinpo 44333

Friday, June 12, 2020

6205-18.18 Laser Hot Hits. East 17, Deacon Blue, David Bowie Sinpo 43444

5140-18.30 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

3920-18.45 Radio Piepzender. Los Bravos" Black is black" And Dutch Music Sinpo 54444. 

5790-19.15 Panda Radio. Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg, Johnny And The Has-beens, Blue Swede Sinpo 43333

6290-19.25 Radio Johnny Tobacco. Polka, Dutch, Instrumental Music And CCR" have you ever seen the rain" Sinpo 54444

3400-19.38 Unid. Hollywood Beyond, Shaun Cassidy And Fleetwood Mac Sinpo 43433

Thursday, June 11, 2020

5790-19.10 Radio 319 With Radio Mi-Amigo Recording. Ryan Paris, The Peels Sinpo 43333

6305-19.20 Radio Merlin International. Mike Preston Show, Patsy Cline And Prelude Sinpo 34333

5140-19.30 Charleston Radio  Old Time Music Including Andrex" he hop" Sinpo 34333

3400-19.40 Unid. Mike And The Mechanics, Ultravox, Elvis Costello Sinpo 43433

Monday, June 8, 2020

6930-19.40 Radio Nova. Ac/Dc, Rush, Inxs, Aerosmith Sinpo 44433

3940-19.55 Mike Radio( presumed). Europe, Pat Benetar, Tower Sinpo 54444

4870-20.05 Panda Radio. Dj Shop, Marti Webb, The Snake Charmer Sinpo 43333

6205-20.20 Laser Hot Hits. Rob Walker Live. Whitney Houston, Robert Palmer, Dina Carroll Sinpo 44444

4700-20.35 Unid. Scooter" summer wine" Sinpo 43333

3400-20.45 Unid. New Order, Was Not Was, Living In A Box Sinpo 44344

6955-21.18 Radio Parade International. Phd, Kids From Fame, I'd Jingle And Hot Chocolate Sinpo 43433

Sunday, June 7, 2020

6130-8.15 Radio Casanova. Bzn, Claudia Hülscher And" morning has broken" Sinpo 43333

6210-8.32 Radio King Sw. Jimmy Buffett And Tangerine Dream Sinpo 33333

6265-10.12 Radio Scotland International. Divine Inspiration, Dumunde, The Everly Brothers Sinpo 44433

6205-10.27 Laser Hot Hits. Jellybean, The Sundays, Dionne Warwick Sinpo 43444

6377-17.05 Radio Joey. Dance Music Sinpo 44333

6205-17.25 Laser Hot Hits. Dean Friedman, The Cars, Celine Dion Sinpo 43444

6305-17.55 Radio Merlin International. John Miles" music", UFO" doctor doctor" Sinpo 33433

5140-18.15 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6390-18.30 Radio Joey. Dario G" sunchyme" And Aqua" doctor jones" Sinpo 43444

6285-20.35 Radio Johnny Tobacco( presumed). Dutch Music, Elvis Presley And Gene Vincent Sinpo 54444

Saturday, June 6, 2020

5780-7.43 Harmony Radio. Roger Whitaker, Tony Christie And Richard Harris Sinpo 43444

5790-7.55 Radio 319 With Radio Mi-Amigo Recording. War And Smokie Sinpo 43333

6290-18.00 Radio Pandora. Chris Norman And Suzi Quatro, The Ramones, Short Radio Merlin International Recording, The Stranglers Sinpo 44333

3920-19.00 Radio Quintus. Pat Benetar, Nick Straker Band, I'd Jingle, Midge Ure Sinpo 43433

3940-19.13 Continental Radio. Connie Francis, I'd Jingle, The Rolling Stones, Earth And Fire, Metallica Sinpo 43433

5790-19.25 Radio 319 With Radio Mi-Amigo Recording. The Lemon Pipers, Big Audio Dynamite Sinpo 44333

5140-19.35 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6288-19.45 Radio Johnny Tobacco (presumed). Vera Lon Dios, Eddie Meduzza, Steve Miller Band Sinpo 54444

6305-20.13 Radio Merlin International. ZZ Top, Wings, The Who Sinpo 33433

Monday, June 1, 2020

6205-16.03 Laser Hot Hits. Status Quo, The Rolling Stones, Chris Rea, Al Stewart Sinpo 54444

6288-16.48 Radio Johnny Tobacco (Presumed). Roxette, Johnny Cash, Chris Rea Sinpo 54444

6305-17.05 Radio Merlin International. Baccara, Gene McDonald, Richie Valens( 2 songs) Sinpo 43333

5790-17.20 Radio 319 With Radio Mi-Amigo Recording. James Brown, Cerrone, Al Downey Sinpo 33433

6290-18.15 Radio Cuckoo. Men Without Hats, New Order, I'd Jingle, Pet Shop Boys And Madonna Sinpo 44444

4700-18.48 Mystery Radio 21. Gabriel Fleszar And Enigma Sinpo 43444

5140-19.00 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6285-19.05 Radio Johnny Tobacco (presumed). Polka And Dutch Music Including Freddy Quinn Sinpo 54444