Pirates For Peace

Saturday, February 28, 2009


6880 playback international heard@7.40 playing paul simon fair signal 33233
6378 radio altrex playing lots of beatles songs fair signal 33333
6240 misti radio heard@9.00 poor signal 22122 closed down@9.05
6220 mystery radio@16.55 playing music from pointer sisters,phil collins and rem strong signal 54445 heard@21.00 doinging a joint program with playback international
3900-17.52 radio boomerang strong signal 55455
3925 radioborderhunter heard@20.30 strong signal 55455

Friday, February 27, 2009


3905-18.15 unid heard playing 10 cc weak signal cant catch id due to splash from reflections europe on 3910
Heard@19.00 playing dutch music coming in with a fair signal since reflections europe closed down
6880 playback international heard @22.55 playing boy meets girl and dawn sinpo 33233

Sunday, February 22, 2009


6220-7.20 mystery radio plays pop music strong signal 54445
6325 heard@8.15 with two stations on,now@8.25 only one zender paardenkracht playing neil young 55444
6375-8.30 baken 16 plays ac/dc and bob dylan close down@8.57 strong signal 54455
6140-13.00 radio glora international plays music from troogs, walker brothers and pocuipine trees good signal 44344

Saturday, February 21, 2009


6880 playbck international heard@7.30 playing queen and david bowie -under pressure good signal 43333
6380 radio altrex playing van halen fair signal, but also long fades
6925-11.15 unid very weak can hear music just above noise level
3932 bogusman heard@17.05 with a good signal talking about the cold weather and playing indie music-44444

Friday, February 20, 2009


18.45-3910 skyline radio international(tent) plays dutch music good signal-43444.off@18.55

Thursday, February 19, 2009

shortwave logs

19.00-3910 skyline radio international someone plays music weak signal and there is lots of noise on the band
@19.45 signal much stronger heard giving out id sinpo 43333
Later@21.15 very strong signal plays queen, fr david and duran duran-sinpo 54444

Sunday, February 15, 2009

7.40-3910 skyline international radio,heard playing fergal sharkey,sinpo44343

7.50-6220 mystery radio plays pop music,strong signal.sinpo55455

8.30-5810 orion radio playing golden earring,good signal sinpo43343

8.50-6240 misti radio plays queen-i want it all sinpo33233

9.20-6205 radio scotland strong signal,plays pet shop boys and boney m sinpo54444

9.40-6310 delta radio plays gary glitter,sinpo44444

10.00-6290 unid plays rainbow sinpo33333

10.20-6310 radio paardenkracht plays hot choclate strong signal sinpo 54444

10.35-6302 radio condor plays dance music sinpo 43333

10.42-5800 radio geromino reading reception reports weak signal 22122

11.02 radio guintos-6290 fair signal sinpo 33233

11.40-6205 radio borderhunter strong signal plays elton john,suszane vega and madonna sinpo 54444

1405 -6903 votn plays dance music sinpo 44344 moved to 6310 a few minutes later sinpo 33333

13.00-6140 emr with the radio jackie story sinpo 55555

1635-6220 mystery radio plays kool and the gang sinpo 54445

18.00-3932 bogusman plays indie music and chat good signal 44344

Saturday, February 14, 2009


9.35-6878 playback international weak signal playing pop music.22222
9.44-6285 radio altrex plays the rolling stones-honkey tonk women,fair signal,but a bit off faded as well-33233
9.55-6310 unid only heard for a few minutes, faded out before i got a id 13.57-3932 boguesman playing indie music strong signal-55445. 16.10-3910 unid someone reading the stock exchange strong signal-55455 also on 5780 sinpo 55555 not sure if it is a legal station or pirate

Sunday, February 8, 2009

7.15-6220 mystery radio,strong signal,plays pop music-55455
8.00-5810 orion radio good signal,plays harpo and clout-44444
8.25-6202 radio scotland,fair signal plays music from tom petty and elo-33233
9.00-6295 someone plays insturmental music,off@9.05 strong signal,maybe bommerang-55455
9.05-6300 radio bommerang with a strong signal,moved to 6305 afew minutes later off@9.17-55555
10.20-6265 radio zodic,good signal-44434
10.33-6300 votn playing frankie goes to hollywood,ram jam and manfreds mann earthband
fair signal-43333
1300-6140 bluestar radio.very strong signal.plays elvis presley-55555
13.20-6210 unid playig abba.weak signal-22122

Saturday, February 7, 2009

shortwave radio

6870-7.45 playback international plays jazz music, week signal-22122
6210-7.55 unid very week signal-21122
6300-11.45 radio borderhunter good signal plays peter framton-44444
6220-18.55 mystery radio plays nonstop pop music,strong signal-54454

Friday, February 6, 2009

shortwave radio

6220 mystery radio dance music with a strong signal-55444

Monday, February 2, 2009

6220-8.15 mystery radio gloria gaynor good signal 44434

6210-8.35 radio borderhunter strong signal playing al stewart,wille nelson,the look and musical youth-sinpo 55455

6280-8.50 radio merlin playing old music then@9.27 rock music from deep purple and thin lizzy then faded out.faded back in with a goodsignal@11.44 playing selecter and neil young-44434

6315 unid playing dire straits faded out before i could get id

6140-1300 mv baltic radio strong signal playing ac/dc,ram jam,beatles and kinks-55455

6305-3.40 unid playing bryan adams,guns and roses andlyn anderson-good signal