Pirates For Peace

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

4015-18.45 Laser Hot Hits playing Dance Music, Followed by Abba. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

Monday, January 30, 2012

4015-22.32 Laser Hot Hits Playing ABC And The Bee Gees. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

3930-23.30 Polaris Radio Playing Cream And Id Jingles. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

Sunday, January 29, 2012

6201-7.28 Radio Orang Utan Playing Bryan Ferry And The police. fair to good signal Sinpo 44433

4015-7 48 Laser Hot Hits Dave Simpson Playing Steve Earlie. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6985-8.03 Radio Waves International Playing A French Song and id jingle. weak signal Sinpo 33233

5820-8.20 Orion Radio Playing Instrumental And Dutch Music. also Greeting Listeners. good signal, but the occasional utility qrm Sinpo 43444

6220-8.35 Radio Merlin International Playing The Everly brothers, The Big Booper and Danny and the Juniors. good signal Sinpo 43444

6422-8.50 Radio Grutte Pier(tent) Playing polka Music. Fair signal Sinpo 43333

6302-9.05 Radio Altrex Playing Micheal Bubble And The hollies. Weak to fair Signal Sinpo 33323. also Heard At 10.00 when Signal Had Surprisingly improved to Fair Sinpo 43333. with Music From Buddy Holly"that will be the day".

6485-9.25 Premier Radio playing Music From David Dundas And Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel. Also Frankie Miller And Pilot. Thanks For the Greetings. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444.

6325-9.40 Wizard Radio. playing Non Stop Kraftwork Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444. Also Heard at 11.15 Saying Thanks To Adrian in the Rep. Of Ireland For His Reception Report. Also Playing The original version of "magic fly" by Minimalistix. Sinpo 44444

6320-10.55 Unid Playimg Coldplay. Fair Signal Sinpo 34333. Off A few Minutes Later.

12751-11.40 Radio Spaceshuttle With Greetings And Playing Blondie. Also Played a Remix Version Of Boney M"daddy cool". Fair Signal, With The Odd Fade Sinpo 43323

6970-12.00 Laser Hot Hits Dave Simpson Playing The Eagles And Steely Dan. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6930-12.15 Irish Music Radio Playing Joe Dolan, Bagatelle And Chris De Burgh. Strong Signal, with a occasional fade Sinpo 54444

6220-15.30 Radio Merlin International playing Shaina Twain And Ed Bricknell. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6375-16.00 Radio Caroline International playing Dance And Pop Music.Fair Signal, but quite noisy Sinpo 43233. Also Heard at 18.05 With Pop Music From the Currant Scene And plenty Of Id Jingles. Sinpo 43333

5800-16.12 Polaris Radio playing Rock Music And Id Jingles. Weak Signal, with the odd Fair Peak Sinpo 32333

6302-16.35 Radio Altrex Instrumental Music. Said he was closing down to get some dinner as his stomach was rumbling. Some splash from Reflections Europe on 6295 Sinpo 32333

6570-17.08 Unid playing Elvis Presley"love me tender"And Polka music. Fair Signal, but some ssb qrm Sinpo 42333

Saturday, January 28, 2012

4015-7.45 Laser Hot Hits Mike Andrews Playing UB40 And The Carpenters. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6302-8.50 Radio Altrex With"papa was a rolling stone", Weak Signal Sinpo 32333

6930-9.05 Irish Music Radio Playing Sophie Ellis Baxter And New Order, Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6970-9.30 Laser Hot Hits Gary Drew With his DX Program. First Of A Recording of a review of the new Tesun Pl 398BT SW Radio, Followed by Sw News Program. Also give a mention To this Blog And Uk Dxers. Many Thanks for that. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6206-14.55 Unid playing Stenppenwolf. Faded out a few minutes later. Sinpo 33323

6295-15.15 Unid playing George Michael"careless whisper". Fair Signal, with some fading Sinpo 43323

6422-15.25 Unid playing Reggae And Rock Music. Fair Signal Sinpo 44333

12740-15.35 Radio Spaceshuttle Thanking Europe for there reception reports And playing Many Scooter Songs. Fair to Good Signal Sinpo 44433

7535-15.45 Trans Europe Radio playing Dance Music And Id's. Fair Signal Sinpo 43433

6305-16.10 Unid playing Christian St. Peters"pied piper".Fair Signal Sinpo 34333

6940-16.20 Trans Europe Radio. moved here to avoid the strong signal's that came on 7540 and 7530 at 16.00. Playing Dance Music. Good Signal, but some splash from IMR on 6930 Sinpo 43444

6375-16.30 Radio Caroline International with Dance Music And Id Jingles. Fair Signal Sinpo 43433

6220-16.42 Unid playing Pop Music.Weak Signal Sinpo 32333

6510-16.55 Radio Rising Sun playing David Bowie And plenty of id jingles Fair Signal Sinpo 44333

6300-17.12 Radio Witte Reus playing Instrumental And Dance Music. Fair Signal, but some strong utillty qrm making it hard to hear at times Sinpo 42333

6305-17.30 Radio Merlin International With Music from Tavares And Van McCoy. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6325-17.55 Unid playing Foreinger And Country Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

Friday, January 27, 2012

6422-19.00 Radio Grutte Pier Playing Dance music. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

3905-19.25 Skyline Radio International Playing Ram Jam"black betty" And Meatloaf"paradise by the dashboard light". Fair Signal, but quite noisy Sinpo 43233

4015-!9.40 Laser Hot Hits Playing Dance Music. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

3905-21.04 Unid Playing John Parr And A Dutch Version Of"Sister Mary" Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

Thursday, January 26, 2012

6375-16.35 Radio Caroline International(see comments) playing Rock Music.Weak Signal, With the odd Fair Peak Sinpo 33233. Only heard for about 10 Minutes before fading out or off

6970-17.06 Laser Hot Hits Martin Scott playing Loose Ends. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6295-17.35 Radio Monte Carlo playing Black" wonderful life". Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

4015-18.50 Laser Hot Hits with Music From Limial, Dire Straits, Cock Robin And Paper Lace. Also Reading Out Reception Reports. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4015-18.50 Laser Hot Hits Playing Paul McCartney/Micheal Jackson And The Pointer Sisters.Also reading a reception report From Kent(UK). Good Signal Sinpo 43444

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


6970-17.05 Laser Hot Hits playing The Strawbs"part of the union". Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

5805-17.15 Bluestar Radio Playing Dance Music And Greetings Good Signal Sinpo 43444

4015-17.40 Laser Hot Hits Dave Simpson playing Rock Music. No Sign of the utility's that were there yesterday. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

Monday, January 23, 2012

6295-16.05 Unid Instrumental Music, Followed by The Big Ben Chimes And Closed Down. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6302-16.25 Radio Altrex Playing Oldies And Instrumental Music. Said He Was Closing Down. Closed Down at approx.16.40 Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6325-17.15 Unid With Artems World Of Music Program. Today's edition Of Artem's Was all about RWBI. Playing Music From Chicago, Roxette And ABBA. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

4015-18.15 Laser Hot Hits Playing Simply Red. Good Signal, But the occasional Bursts Of utility's Makes Hard to hear at Times Sinpo 43443

Sunday, January 22, 2012

4015-7.32 Laser Hot Hits  Tony James Playing The Ramsey Family. Last song of his show followed by The Martin Scott show Playing Billy Ocean . Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6206-7.06 Radio Orang Utan Playing Manfred's Mann's Earthband, Steve Harley, The Hollies And hot chocolate. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

5820-8.05 Orion Radio playing The Shocking Blue Jeans And CCR. Also saying Hello And talking about Radio Saxonia. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6305-17.15 Radio Zeewolf with music from The Who And Ac/Dc.Also talking in Dutch. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6305-17.25 Radio Sallandse Boer playing Music from Marvin Gaye And Steppenwolf.Also asking for Radio Zeewolf.Good Signal Sinpo 43444

9480-8.20 EMR Tom Tayler Playing Pink Floyd And Elton John. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6475-8,36 Radio Pioneer  Playing CCR Songs And Ids. Fair Signal, but fading a Lot. Sinpo 43323

6282-8.44 Radio Shadow Playing Oldies And id jingle. Weak Signal and hard To hear due To utility Qrm 31323

6525-8.55 Unid Playing David Bowie And CCR. Fair Signal Sinpo 34333

6305-9.03 Radio Merlin International Playing Steps"tragedy. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6325-9.40 Unid Playing Instrumental Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444. Maybe Wizard Radio.

6292-10.05 Radio Scotland Playing New Order"blue Monday". Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6262-10.10 Wizard Radio Playing The Korgis"if i had you". Thanks For The hello's. Also Talking about WNKR. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444. Short Skip seams to be working well this morning.

6930-11,35 Irish Music Radio Playing Steve Earlie/Shannon Shannon And Air Supply. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6970-12.00 Laser Hot Hits Playing Soul Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6295-12.05 Bogusman playing Talk Talk. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6295-13.48 The Ghoul Playing Talking Heads. Also Talking About Maps And Highways. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6395-15.40 Unid playing Gerry And The Pacemakers"don't let the sun catch you crying". Weak To Fair Signal And some very long fades Sinpo 33223

6220-16.35 Unid Very Weak Signal. could just about hear some Music And Talk Above Noise level Sinpo 23122

Saturday, January 21, 2012

4015-7.40 Laser Hot Hits Playing Chris Rea And Genesis. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6302- 8.45 Radio Altrex Playing Smokie"needles and pins". And Greetings. Weak signal, with odd Fair Peak Sinpo 33233

6315-9.00 Cupid Radio Playing Dance And Rock Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6325-9.20 Radio Zeewolf. Weak Signal, Can just about hear some Music. Sinpo 32122

6930-10.10 Irish Music Radio.  Karen playing Harold Marvin And the Blue Notes. Also Brenda Russel And Fleetwood Mac. Strong Signal Sin po 54444

6295-10,25 Unid Playing The Flock Of Seagulls. Signal On And Off. Sinpo 54444

6970-10.45 Laser Hot Hits Playing OMD And talking About Laser's Facebook Page Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6925-13.00 Unid playing Toto"hold the line".Fair Signal, but some splash from IMR on 6930 Sinpo 42333

6940-15.09 Trans Europe Radio With Contact Details And Instrumental Music. Said he was using 60 Watts. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6395-15.15 Radio Zodiac Instrumental Music And talking in Dutch.Closed down a few minutes later. Sinpo 43433

6305-16.02 Radio Sallandse Boer with  Music And Talk. Good Signal Sinpo 43444. Also heard earlier on 6297 with a report for Mike Radio Sinpo 43444

6375-16.25 Radio Bohemia International Pop Music And Talking. Fair Signal  but Noisy Sinpo 43233

6385-16.35 Radio Rising Sun playing Styx And Baccara. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6395-16.55 Radio Boomerang Playing Abba Songs"SOS" And " Waterloo". Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6320-17.05 Unid playing Alan Parsons Project And Bonnie Tyler.Fair Signal, but quite noisy Sinpo 43233

6422-17.17 Radio Grutte Pier Ultravox, Dance And Polka Music Good Signal Sinpo 44343

6930-17.40 Irish Music Radio playing Joe Dolan. Fair Signal,but fading now Sinpo 43323

6970-17.55 Laser Hot Hits playing Dj Bobo. Fair Signal, but faded out 10 minutes later Sinpo 43333

3930- 21.15 Radio Wilskracht(tent) Playing Irene Care"fame". Fair Signal, but noise level is high Sinpo 42333

Friday, January 20, 2012

3905-20.10 Skyline Radio International Playing Status Quo, Free Electric band, Dutch Music And Abba. Good Signal, but fading up and down Sinpo 44434

Thursday, January 19, 2012

6300-17.35 Radio Merlin International(tent) Playing"where do you go to my lovely" And" oh-la-di,ob-la-da. Fair Signal Sinpo 44333. Faded Out at 17.45

5805-17.50 Bluestar Radio Playing Country And Dutch Music. Fair Signal, But quite Noisy Sinpo 42333

4015-18.45 Laser Hot Hits Gary Drew Playing Cherrelle And Alexander O'Neil. Fair Signal, With Some Good Peaks Sinpo 44433

3930-21.45 Radio Batavia With Id Jingles.Also Music From Johnny Cash"ring of fire" And Dutch Music. Fair To Good Signal Sinpo 44333

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6202-17.24 Unid playing Instrumental Music.Fair Signal, but some splash from legal station on 6195 Sinpo 42333

6296-17.34 Elvis Am playing Forigner And UB40/Chrisse Hynde. Good Signal Sinpo 43444.Station heard here till 18.25 before fading out

6325-17.43 Radio Mi Amigo playing The Detroit Spinners And Cliff Richard. Fair Signal Sinpo 44333.

4015-18.30 Laser Hit Hits With Laser 558 Recordings. Playing Diana Ross"chain reaction". Good Signal Sinpo 44344

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

6220-16.38 Unid Playing Guns And Roses And The Hollies. Strong Signal Sinp0 54444

6290-16.50 Radio Rainbow International Playing The Beatles And Reading Reception Reports. Good Signal Sinpo 43444. Also Heard At 17.55 Still Coming In With a Good Signal. Playing Madhouse And Bruce Springsteen. Sinpo 43444

6315-18.40 Unid With Music From Kenny Rodgers"coward of the county". Also Instrumental And Country Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

Monday, January 16, 2012

6325-17.25 Unid Playing Pat Benetar"love is a battlefield". fair Signal Sinpo 43333

4015-23.15 Laser Hot Hits Playing Bobby Vee"take good care of my baby". Good Signal Sinpo 44344

Sunday, January 15, 2012

6208-6.55 Unid Playing  Playing Instrumental Music. Fair Signal, before fading out or off 5 minutes later. Sinpo 43333

4015-7.25 Laser Hot Hits Playing Adele. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6200-7.35 Radio Orang Utan Playing Credence Clearwater Rivial, Status Quo, George Baker Selection And Dutch Music. Good Signal,but some constant utility qrm in the background Sinpo 42443

5820-8,15 Orion Radio Playing U2, King And Crendence Clearwater Rival And promo For Offshore Echo's. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6420-8.35 Radio Pantomein Saying Hello And Playing German Pop Song. off A Few minutes Later. Fair Signal, But some Utility Qrm Sinpo 42333

6301-8.45 Radio Boomerang Playing Instrumental And Dutch Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444. Moved To 6298, before moving back to 6301

6485-9.00 Premier Radio Saying Hello And Saying he had not been on Sw the last few months due to Tx Problems. Also he was doing a 80's Show. Playing Music From wham And Tiffany. Good Signal Sinpo 43444. Its Good to Hear Premier Radio Back On SW.

6390-9,10 Unid Playing Dutch Music. Good Signal, but some utility Qrm Sinpo 43444. No Id Heard

6985 -9.33 Radio Waves International Playing Country Music And Id's. Weak Signal Sinpo 33223

6294-13.45 Free Radio Victoria playing Robin Beck"the first time". Weak signal, with some Fair Peaks. Sinpo 33233

6265-14.45 Radio Alice Thanking everyone in Ianns Chat And playing Dutch Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6220-14.55 Unid playing The Who, Thin Lizzy And Bob Dylan. very strong signal Sinpo 55444.

6326-15.10 Radio Caroline International playing Dance and Id Jingles. Weak To Fair Signal Sinpo 33323

6305-15.25 Radio Osaka With Id Jingles And Dutch Music. fair Signal Sinpo 34333

6320-15.35 Radio Altrex Thanking Eveyone for there reception repirts.Said he was closing down. Also playing Kraftwork Sinpo 43433

6940-9.42 Radio Boomerang Playing Dire Straits And The flock Of Seagulls. Strong Signal Sinpo 55444

6920-9.55 Geronimo Shortwave Playing Rock Music. Good Signal Sinpo 43444. Only On Low Power Today.

6325-10.15 Wizard Radio Playing Kraftwork And mentioned My Blog. Many Thanks For That . Also talking About The whether And Listening To MW Stations Last Night. Good Signal Sinpo 43444. Said he was only using 35 watts

6307-10.28 Radio Caroline International Id Jingle And Dance Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 33322

7475-10.35 Radio Pacman With a Qso Report for Trans Europe Radio. Fair Signal And Clear Sinpo 44333

6385-11.00 Radio Black Bandit Playing Johnny Cash. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6970-12.05 Laser Hot Hits With Laser 558 Recordings. Playing music From Five Star. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6930-12.15 Irish Music Radio Playing The Fortunes. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6305-10.40 Radio Paardenkracht Playing The Shocking Blue Jeans"venus". Good Signal Sinpo 43333

6422-11,25 Radio Grutte Pier Playing Squeeze. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333. Closed down at 11.35

Saturday, January 14, 2012

4015-7.25 Laser Hot hits Playing Micheal Jackson. Fair Signal, but the occasional utility Beeps Sinpo 42333

6302-8.55 Radio Altrex With Ids And Playing Dutch Music. Fair Signal, with some fading Sinpo 43323

6970-9.05 Laser Hot Hits Playing Simple Minds, Princess And Adele. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6930-9.25 Irish Music Radio John Playing Sean Kingston And Cheryl Lioyd. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6295-9.58 Free Radio Victoria With Music from The Bangles"walk like a Egyptian" And The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Fair Signal,but noise level is High Sinpo 43233

6325-10.35 Wizard Radio Thanking WMR And Nipper And Playing Erasure. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6205-12.30 Unid playing Dance Music.Also Id Jingle.Signal too weak to catch Id Sinpo 32122

6305-12.55 Unid With Abba Songs. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444. off a few minutes later

6320-14.45 Radio Osaka playing Dutch Music.Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6295-15.38 Unid playing Abba Songs"super tropper"And"sos".Fair to Good Signal Sinpo 44433

6301-15.50 Unid playing Instrumental Versions of "tie a yellow yellow ribbon round the oak tree"And"una paloma blanca".Fair Signal Sinpo 43433

6485-16.00 Premier Radio With A Recording of a old program.Playing Instrumental Music And Id's.Good Signal Sinpo 43444.

6325-16.25 Radio Caroline International With plenty of id Jingles And Dance Music.Fair To Good Signal Sinpo 44433

Friday, January 13, 2012

3905-19.50 Skyline Radio International Playing Dawn"knock three times" And Country Music. Good Signal, With The Odd Fade. Sinpo 44434

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


6325-17.45 Radio Caroline International With Id Jingles And Dance Music. Fair Signal Sinpo 43433

4015-18.15 Laser Hot Hits Playing Swing Out Sister And Diana Ross. Good Signal Sinpo 43444. Sounded like A Old Recording Of LHH

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

6220-17.08 Radio Rainbow International With"California girls". Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6305-17.16 Unid Playing Sweet"ballroom blitz". Fair Signal, but faded out 5 minutes later Sinpo 44323

4015-22.20 Laser Hot Hits Playing Martin Solveig. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

Monday, January 9, 2012

EMR this Sunday at 09.00 utc
Date 15th January 2012
Time 09.00 to 10.00 utc
Channel 9480 khz
09.00 Tom Taylor programme
09.30 Mike Taylor (Mail Box programme)
EMR Internet radio service on Sunday and Monday
Programme repeats are at the following times:
09.00, 1400, 18:00, 21:00 utc
Please visit www.emr.org.uk and click on the “EMR internet radio” button
which you will find throughout the website (see the menu on the left).
Please send all reception reports to: studio@emr.org.uk Good Listening 73s Tom
EMR Postal Address:
European Music Radio,
c/o M.V. Baltic Radio,
Seestraße 17,
D-19089 Göhren,

I'd like to remind all pirate stations and listeners around the world that
next Pirate HF-Weekend will be 14-15.1.2012 !

That would be a test-weekend for pirates from all over the world to

broadcast on High Frequencies 10-28 MHz (mostly on 15-22 MHz)
to reach other continents !! There have been a lot of new visitors to my
blog from all over the world, so I think there will be new listeners
standing by - from South America and Asia.

I hope the stations try to use frequencies between 21.450 - 21.550 MHz and

14.980 - 15.100 MHz, but of course anything goes.

SCHEDULE for Saturday 14.1 and Sunday 15.1.2012

1) European MORNING 08.00 - 12.00 UTC from Europe to Asia/Japan/Oceania.

2) European AFTERNOON 12.00 - 16.00 utc from Europe to North America and

vice versa.

3) European NIGHT 22.00 - 24.00 UTC from North America to Asia/Oceania. NEW!

No stations from USA or Canada signed to this slot yet.

The conditions have came down a little since November (28 MHz ham-QSO's are

weak) but I think 21.5 MHz will be open - and 15 MHz for sure.
Next time will be in the end of March when conditions are supposed to be
better again (via F2-layer).

MAIL ME THE SCHEDULE AND FREQUENCIES: harriku(ät)dnainternet.net




6289-17.20 Radio Rainbow International Playing Doris Day And 10cc. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6385-17.30 Radio Underground Playing Polka Music. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6422-17.45 Radio Grutte Pier(tent) With EuroPop Music. Fair To Good Signal. Sinpo 43443

4015-18.30 Laser Hot Hits. Radio Caroline Recordings With Music From Lou Reed And Bruce Hornsby And The Range. Sinpo 44333

Sunday, January 8, 2012

6200- 7.40 Radio Orang Utan Playing Showaddywaddy, Norman Greenbaum And Dutch Music. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6302-7.50 Radio Altrex Playing Credence Clearwater Rival And saying Hello. said he could only stay on for a short period of time , Fair signal Sinpo 43333

4015-8.05 Laser Hot Hits With A promo for offshore echo's And Tony James Playing Middle Of The Road And Bread. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6282-8.17 Radio Shadow With A Dutch Version Of "the night the drove old Dixie down". Also playing The Village People And Sailor. Fair Signal Sinpo 43433

6315-8.33 Oldtimer Radio Playing Polka And Dutch Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6422-8.42 Radio Grutte Pier With music From Dawn, The Four Seasons And Edison Lighthouse. Fair To Good Signal. Occasional SSB Qrm, but gone later. Sinpo 44433

6450-8.42 Radio Universe Playing Steve Harley And Cockney Rebel. Also Marillon And Pat Benetar. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6385-9.10 Unid Playing Dutch Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444. Maybe a relay of a Dutch Fm Station

6308-9.20 Radio Fox 48 Playing Polka Music. Fair Signal,with a occasional fade Sinpo 43323

5820-9.30 Orion Radio Playing instrumental And Dutch Music. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6301-9.40 Radio Bonofox Playing The Bee Gees And Billy Ocean. Fair signal Sinpo 43433

6325-9.47 Radio Zeewolf Playing Jona Lowa. Fair Signal, Some Fading Sinpo 43323

6325-14.02 Unid playing Instrumental Music, followed by The Monkeys.Faded out a few minutes later Sinpo 43233

6325-15.50 Radio Underground playing Deep Purple And Dutch Music.Also giving out E-Mail Address.Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6240-16.23 Radio Caroline International playing Pop And Dance music. Fair Signal At Times, but some long fades Sinpo 34323

6300-16.35 Radio Waldmeister playing Def Leopard. Weak Signal, with some Fair Peaks Sinpo 33323

6400-10.13  Radio Pantomien playing Bread"guitar man". Hard to hear due to Korean station underneath it Sinpo 32333. Moved to 6420 at 10.22 Playing Gary Newman. Fair Signal, with some fading Sinpo 34323

6325-10.35 Wizard Radio In Qso with Radio Zeewolf. Talking About The Weather And Conditions On the Sw Band. Also Thanks For visiting My Blog. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6285-10.40 Radio Borderhunter playing Brass Band And Dutch music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6970-11.00 Laser Hot Hits Dave Simpson Playing Be Bop Deluxe. Strong signal Sinpo 54444

6930-11.12 Irish Music Radio Playing Janis Joplin and Peter Green. Strong Signal, With The Odd Fade Sinpo 54444

6296-11.35 Radio Boomerang Playing Chris De Burgh And depeche Mode. also Talking In Dutch Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

3932-22.35 Free Radio Victoria Playing Rock Music From Queen, Elo, Whitesnake And Bon Jovi. Good Signal, with a occasional fade Sinpo 44434

Saturday, January 7, 2012

M V Baltic Radio - This Sunday

Dear Listeners,

MV Baltic Radio relay service is on the air this Sunday the 8th of January 2012

MVBR Schedule via 9480 KHz:

08.00 UTC Onwards - MV Baltic Radio (repeat from last Sunday)

Please send all M V Baltic Radio reception reports to info@mvbalticradio.de

PS: Schedule for 9480 KHz for 2012:

1st Sunday MV Baltic Radio

3rd Sunday E M R ( Next Sunday )

4th Sunday R Gloria

Good Listening 73s Tom

6422-8.05 Radio Grutte Pier Playing Polka Music. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

4015-8.50 Laser Hot Hits Playing Leo Sayer"thunder in my heart". Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6970-9.30 Laser Hot Hits With music From Yes"wondrous stories". Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6930-9,43 Irish Music Radio Playing David Guetta And Sean Casey.Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6325-13.40 Unid playing Wham And The Righteous Brothers. Fair Signal Sinpo 44333

6310-14.50 Unid playing Smokie"needles and pins".Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6300-15.30 Radio Underground playing Pilot" magic". In Qso with Wizzard And Standing by to hear Wizard Radio on 6296 Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6300-15.35 Radio Monte Carlo with a qso for Radio Underground Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6296-15.40 Wizard Radio playing The Lovin Spoonful.Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6305-16.03 Unid playing Wild Cherry And Talking about Marconi Radio Sinpo 44344

6325-16.12 Radio Pluto With A Good Signal. Said he was Using about 150 watts. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6325-16.15 Wizard Radio with Theme from The A Team. Talking About Radio Pluto And that it was nice to do a Qso with him Good Signal 44344

6325-16.17 Radio Underground Playing The Muppets Theme And Said he was having trouble with his Pc. Fair Signal, but starting to fade a little. Sinpo 43323

6325-16.25 Radio Powerliner(tent) With Qso Reports for Radio Pluto, Radio Underground And Wizard Radio.Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6422-17.05 Radio Grutte Pier(presumed) Playing Cher, The Spencer Davis Group, Neil Young And Duffy. Fair To Good Signal Sinpo 44433

3905-22.25 Skyline Radio International Playing Men At work And Klaus And Klaus. Fair Signal, But Noise Level Quite High Sinpo 43233

Friday, January 6, 2012

South Hertfordshire Radio 2012 Returns

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!

I hope that 2012 is better than 2011 for you. This is the first email of the year from us here at South Herts Radio. Join us on Sunday 8th January for our first broadcast of 2012 from 12.00 - 20.00 UTC.

The programme line up this time will be as follows...

12.00 - 13.00 The Happy Station Show with Keith Perron. Listen Again (sponsored show)

13.00 - 13.30 Glenn Hauser's world of radio - DX radio news for enthusiasts. Listen Again (sponsored show)

13.30 - 14.00 Frequency Cast - UK TV & Tech from Carl & Pete. Listen Again (sponsored show)

14.00 - 14.30 Media Network Plus (short version) - New media magazine with Keith Perron & Paulette MacQuarrie. Listen Again (sponsored show)

14.30 - 16.30 Jazz for the asking - Keith Perron plays jazz from around the world. Listen Again (sponsored show)

16.30 - 17.30 Media Network Plus (long version) - New media magazine with Keith Perron & Paulette MacQuarrie. Listen Again (sponsored show)

17.30 - 20.00 Our Music with Brendan & Tim - Join Brendan Bradley and Timmy Wing for their own selection of music and fun. Listen Again
That is our normal schedule and as it is the first transmission of this year, we decided to run with the usual line up. This will change from time to time with other shows on rotation like Vintage SHR - A selection of landbased and offshore radio shows, clips and documentaries past & present from the SHR archive. Listen Again
Details of all our shows can be found at http://www.southhertsradio.com/progs.html
We will be streaming on the internet and on air in Hertfordshire UK on 87.8 FM in stereo in some places. We are always grateful of those who relay our internet stream on other FM or SW frequencies. Our stream URL is
That is underscore south_herts_radio for all you people with smart phone apps who want to add our URL or for those who have different browsers to internet explorer. Our listen live page is at http://www.southhertsradio.com/live.html if you want to see more options and our website should get a bit of an update within the next few days. If our live stream goes down for whatever reason as it sometimes does but thankfully not too often, you will be able to hear anything you may have missed from our listen again page http://www.southhertsradio.com/again.html
Some people have problems with flash media in their browsers so download links will be available on request and the listen again player from Sunday's shows is normally uploaded on Monday's.
One last thing you might like to check out is our downloads page http://www.southhertsradio.com/downloads.html which has more from our archive of great radio.
I hope you find the time to join us and help spread the word. It's the best way to keep us going Smile
Near or far we bring you SHR.

Best 73,

Gary and the team.

http://www.southhertsradio.com SHR - International Radio From South Hertfordshire 

6422-17,50 Radio Grutte Pier(see comments) Playing Dutch Music. Fair Signal Sinpo 43
6305-18,15 Unid Playing Dutch Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

3905-18,40 Skyline Radio International  Playing Run DMC/ Aerosmith. Good Signal Sinpo 44344. Also Heard At 21.00 with a Strong Signal. Playing Roger Whitaker, Nena And Status Quo. Sinpo54444

Thursday, January 5, 2012

4015-19.16 Laser Hot Hits playing The Osmond's"the proud one". Fair Signal, but noise level is high Sinpo 43233

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


4015-20.38 Laser Hot Hits with Radio Caroline Recordings. Playing Elvis Costello And Spandau Ballet.Good Signal, with a small bit of fading Sinpo 44434

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

6325-17.55 Unid playing Dutch Music And "thank you for the music" Fair Signal, with the occasional fade. Sinpo 43323

4015-18.55 Laser Hot Hits Gary Drew with Instrumental Music From Loose Ends, Herbie Hancock And The Rah Band. Good Signal Sinpo 43444
6325-17.55 Unid playing Dutch Music And "thank you for the music" Fair Signal, with the occasional fade. Sinpo 43323

4015-18.55 Laser Hot Hits Gary Drew with Instrumental Music From Loose Ends, Herbie Hancock And The Rah Band. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

Monday, January 2, 2012

6220-10.20 Radio Merlin International With Music From John Lennon, Elton John And Marvin Gaye. Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6970-10.32 Laser Hot Hits Tony James playing Duran Duran And The Lotus Eaters. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6930-10.55 Irish Music Radio playing Band Aid And Chris Rea. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6295-12.10  Bogusman Talking about Mental Health And problems With his Freeview Box. Also playing Music from Hidden Camera's.Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6305-13.38 Radio Boomerang playing Instrumental Music And The Georigia Satellites. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6325-13.55 Radio Osaka playing Dutch Music. Weak to Fair Signal Sinpo 33233

6295-14.10 The Ghoul playing Black Sabbath"parnoid" And  Then Closed down Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6295-15.08 Unid playing Reggae Music. Weak Signal, with some Fair Peaks Sinpo 32333

6300-15.50 Radio Rainbow International playing Easy Listening Music And Id's. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6310-15.38 Radio XTC Reading News Story's From The Newspapers And Playing Rock Music. Fair Signal, but quite Noisy. Sinpo 43233

6385-16.00 Radio Underground Steve Reading out reception reports Fair Signal Sinpo 43333. Signal Improved to Good at 16.30. Playing Dutch Music. Sinpo 43444

4015-18.30 laser Hot Hits Playing Fleetwood Mac And The Pretenders. Fair Signal Sinpo 44333

3905-19.33 Unid playing Guns And Roses. Also John Farnham. Off Sunddenly a few minutes later. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

Sunday, January 1, 2012

4015-7.45 Laser Hot Hits Gary Drew Reading Reception Reports And Playing Soul Music. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6385-8.03 Radio Grutte Pier Playing Britney Spears And The Human League. Fair Signal, With Some Good Peaks. Also The Occasional Utility Qrm 43433

5820-8.23 Orion Radio With "is this the way to Amarillo" followed by Promos for Offshore Echo's And Am Forum. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6300-8,40 Radio Altrex Playing U2"new years day" And ABBA" happy new year". Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6205-8.50 Radio Star International  Playing Easy Listening Music Till 9.00 When Programs start with  Roger Dale giving Out Contact Details And Playing Pat Boone. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444.

6220-9.08 Radio Merlin International Playing 60's Music From The Hollies, Herman's Hermits, The Searchers And The Overlanders. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

9480-9.35 Radio Gloria International Playing Rock Music. Good Signal, But slight splash from station on 9485 Sinpo 43444

6920-9.45 Geronimo Shortwave Playing Icehouse. Fair Signal Sinpo 44333

6930-10.10 Irish Music Radio Playing 10cc"rubber bullets". Strong signal Sinpo 54444

6970-10.00 Laser Hot Hits playing Greg Lake And The Bee Gees. strong signal Sinpo 54444

12000-10.28 Flashback Music Radio Playing Kim Carnes"Bette Davis eyes" Weak Signal Sinpo 33233

760010.40 Radio Star International In Parallel with 6205. Matt Roberts Playing The Vaccines And reading out stations That He Logged on December 18. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

9480-10.51 MV Baltic Radio Playing John Lennon and The plastic Ono Band"give peace a chance". Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6205-13.00 Radio Star International  Christopher Phillps Playing The Beatles And Reading Reception Reports. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444. Also on 7600 Signal not as Strong here, but still coming in pretty well  Sinpo 44333

6220-14.55 Radio Merlin International Nellie playing The Boo Radleys And Primal Scream. Good Signal Signal Sinpo 43444

3900-16.20 Unid playing Manhattan Transfer" chanson De Armor" And ABBA" happy new year". Fair Signal, with some Good Peaks Sinpo 44343


Happy New Year