Pirates For Peace

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


4025 laser hot hits heard@21.10 plays status quo,ike and tina turner and londonbeat strong signal 54344

6220 -21.25 mystery radio can just about hear it below rte.still weak signal when rte went off@21.30 sinpo 21121

Monday, March 30, 2009


4025-laser hots hits heard@22.15 playing pop music strong signal 55444

Sunday, March 29, 2009

29/03/09 times bst

6220-radio marbio plays cher.heard@8.30 strong signal sinpo55455

6520 unid playing sixties music from hermins hermits,brenda lee,rick neilson and shadows good signal sinpo 44344

5815 -9.00 orion radio strong signal. plays beatles and everley brothers sinpo 55445

3900-9.10 skyline radio fair signal 33223

6375-9.23 unid plays prince and micheal zager band good signal 44334

6300 unid heard@9.52 playing susan maughan and del shannon.off@10.00 good signal sinpo 44344

5800 radio geronimo heard dave scott reading letters and e-mail reception reports good signal sinpo 44434

6280 radio merlin heard@10.45 playing lounge music fair signal but some fading sinpo 33222 also heard later@12.55 playing rock music from ac/dc and thin lizzy good signal 44444

6255 radio telstar south heard@12.50 playing marmalade faded out a few minutes later

6300 radio borderhunter heard@14.22 playing dance and rock music usual strong signal sinpo55455

6375-16.45 unid fair signal but faded out 10 minutes later sinpo 33232

6426-16.55 unid playing rock music. weak signal and lots of noise sinpo 21121

6220 playback international heard@17.05 playing status quo strong signal sinpo 54444

3932 bogusman heard@17.55 playing indie music and chat strong signal sinpo 55445

Saturday, March 28, 2009


4025 laser hot hits heard@7.15 playing pop music and talking about uk dxers blog.good signal sinpo 44344
6290 radio altrex playing rock music.heard@8.50 weak signal sinpo 22112
3910 radio unique{maybe} plays music from talking heads,omd and steve miller band.heard@16.35.strong signal sinpo 54454
6220-18.30 mystery radio playing pop music strong signal 54454
3932-18.50 bogusman playing indie music good signal sinpo 44344
3905 unid@20.30 playing balitmoro and sabrina.off@20.44 strong signal sinpo 55455
3898 radio piepzender heard@20.47 playing dutch version off the song top of world fair signal sinpo 32333

Friday, March 27, 2009


6220-19.55 mystery radio plays pop music.signal not help by rte radio.sinpo 32232
4025 laser hot hits heard@20.30 good signal. plays al stewart and the bee gees.sinpo 44444
3900 skyline radio(tent) weak signal can just about hear music above noise.21121

Thursday, March 26, 2009


6220 mystery radio. can just about hear mystery tonight.rte is a lot stronger. heard@19.45

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


6220-20.00 mystery radio plays pop music strong signal 54334.can hear rte below mystery

Monday, March 23, 2009


6220 mystery radio heard@20.00 plays pop music.mystery is lot stronger than rte tonight sinpo43344
4025 laser hot hits heard@20.05 playing dance music strong signal sinpo54444

Sunday, March 22, 2009


5815 orion radio heard@8.10 plays suzi quatro,cat stevens and mouth and mc'neil strong signal sinpo 54444
6292-8.20 radio altrex playing wings-live and let die. fair signal. also long fades. sinpo 33223
6524 radio ramonia plays bow wow wow fair signal.heard@8.40 sinpo 33233
4025 laser hot hits playing kelly clackson.strong signal sinpo 55455
6375 unid can just hear music above noise faded out a few minutes later.
3905-9.25 skyline radio weak signal sinpo 22112
6210 misti radio heard@1010 plays omd and elvis presley fair signal 33233
6280 radio merlin plays blonde and louis armstrong good signal at times,but also long fades singo 43323
5800 unid plays eric clapton faded out a few minutes later.heard@10.32
6305 unid plays sweet and blondie good signal sinpo 44334
6290 radio borderhunter heard@11.55 playing the eagles.unid station on same freg.closed down a few minutes later
6140-13.00 radio gloria good signal sinpo 44434
3905 unid heard@16.20 weak signal hard to catch id due splash from reflections europe.sinpo 21222
6220 playback international heard@16.35 playing belinda carlise strong signal sinpo 54454.also on 6870 playing the carpenters.heard @17.30 good signal 44344.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


6377-9.05 baken 16 plays pop music from hollies hall and oates and kelly family fair signal 33233
6281 radio altrex weak signal heard id @9.17 sinpo 21121
4025 laser hot hits heard@9.40 fair signal 33233.heard later@16.30 playing dance music good signal 43344
6220-18.45 mystery radio playing pop music strong signal 54344

Thursday, March 19, 2009


6220-19.00 mystery radio playing pop music good signal 44344.
@19.45 rte radio coming in the stronger signal, can just hear mystery radio below it
4025 laser hot hits heard@21.25 playing music from micheal zager band,bon jovi and roxette strong signal 54444

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


6220-20.00 mystery radio and rte coming in on this frequencey. a complete mess on this frequecey again tonight

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


4025 laser hot hits heard@20.15 playing dance music good signal, but also some morse code beeps on frequncey sinpo 43333
6200-2032 mystery radio playing dance music fair signal 33333

Monday, March 16, 2009


6220-2020 mystery radio plays pop music good signal 44444

Sunday, March 15, 2009


4025-8.25 laser hot hits good signal 44344
5815-8.38 orion radio plays dutch music and wings strong signal 54444
6210 misti radio heard@8.48 playing omd and t-spoon fair signal 33233
6520 unid heard@ 8.55 playing non stop music from little richard,golden earring,david bowie and clout good signal 44434
6265-9,10 unid plays dutch music high noise level on this freq. Sinpo 21121
3910 skyline radio international weak signal 22121
6205-9.55 unid playing darts faded out a few minutes later
6524 radio ramonia playing oldies heard@10.45 fair signal 32333

Saturday, March 14, 2009


6378 radio altrex plays rock music very weak signal heard@9.47.heard id @10.07
6426-17.30 unid can just about hear music above hign noise level
3932 bogusman heard@1845 usaul indie music and chat strong signal 54444
4025 laser hot hits playing dance music heard@19.00 good signal 44344
3905 unid heard@21.05 playing elo and chicago weak signal 22122

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


4025-20.40 laser hot hits plays pop music good signal sinpo 44344

Monday, March 9, 2009


4025-19.00 laser hot hits playing janet jackson,lady ga ga and howard jones good signal-44344

Sunday, March 8, 2009


6220-7.15 mystery radio strong signal 44444

6380 unid heard playing madness and level 42 fair signal 33233

6850-7.40 playback international playing Kate Bush good signal 44344

4.25 heard laser hot hits@7.47 talking about Colin Dixon and playing dollar 44344

5815-8.15 Orion Radio plays Ami Stewart,Albert Hammond and Fleetwood mac strong signal 44444

6210 Radio Geronimo heard@8.45 Dave Scott talking about UK Dxers site good signal getter stronger at closed down@9.15

6285-8.55 Radio Borderhunter plays ELO, Survivor, Golden Earring and Bill Haley strong signal 55455

6310 Radio Conder plays dance music fair signal Sinpo  33333

6265-9.22 Antonia radio plays pop music  Sinpo 43333

6300 Radio Merlin plays Rock music from Graham Bonnet,Asia and Hawkwind strong signal 54444

6240-9.50 Delta radio fair signal not helped by weaker station underneath it Sinpo 32232

6280 Radio Zodiac fair signal Sinpo 33333

6310 Radio Malaisy plays pop music heard@13.50 strong signal 44444

6140-13.00 Bluestar radio plays dutch music strong signal 55455

3932 Bogusman heard@16.25 talking about politics playing his usual Indie music and middle of the road strong  signal Sinpo 54444

4025 laser hot hits heard@10.45 good signal 44344

Saturday, March 7, 2009


6215 unid heard@9.05 playing dutch music. Too weak to id
9510-9.25 radio joystick plays detroit spinners strong signal 54454
6285 -11.00 unid heard playing abba faded out a few minutes later
6375 unid heard@1140 playing dutch music good signal 44344 off@11.47
6280-12.05 someone plays pop music from father abraham and the sweet lots of fading today on 48 metres making it very hard to id
3905-18.00 votn plays mark knopfler.ssb interferance making it hard to hear signal. stronger@18.50 no ssb but @19.05 ssb had returned sinpo 53343
19.10-4025 laser hot hits fair signal 34333
6220-1915 mystery radio plays phil collins and aha strong signal 55455

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


3900-20.00 radio bommerang plays pet shop boys strong signal-55455
3903-20.15 skyline radio greeting radio bommerang weak signal-22122 heard@21.00 signal much better 44344
3903-20.30 votn plays pop music sinpo44344
3903-20.35 radio bommerang thanking skyline and votn-55455

Sunday, March 1, 2009


6220- 7.25 mystery radio strong signal 54444
6880-8.05 playback international plays jazz music sinpo 22122
5880-8.15 orion radio plays don mclean elo strong signal 55445
6425 unid plays kinks and hermans hermits fair signal but also utillty noise 33233
6205-8.35 radio paardenkracht plays bay city rollers silk rolling stones and byrds strong signal 54444
6240-9.05 misti radio poor signal 22122
6265 antonia radio heard@9.10 playing the archies foundations and roy orbison fair signal but also deep fading 33233
3910 skyline international(tent) poor signal lots of noise sinpo 21121
6250-9.30 delta radio plays men at work stranglers and toto good signal but also a lot of utilly noise 43233
6300- 9.40 radio merlin plays a tape of radio london heard later@10.50 plays sex pistols kiss bob marley and t rex
6215 unid heard only for a few minutes to weak to id 22121
6210 unid plays dutch music@9.45 sinpo 33233
6220 radio marabu plays louis armstrong@9.55 strong signal 54444
6282 radio borderhunter heard@10.00 plays al stewart ac/dc ike and tina tuner and chuck berry 55455
6290-10.30 radio cochiquaz plays spanish music 43444
6295 radio boomerang plays kim wilde then off back on a few minutes later plays laura branigan off@10.52
6140-13.00 mv baltic plays rock strong signal 55455
6313-15.30 radio alice playing polka strong signal 54444
6310-15.35 radio malaisy playing dance music suffering from splash from radio alice. mush better@17.00 good signal 44344