Pirates For Peace

Sunday, March 22, 2009


5815 orion radio heard@8.10 plays suzi quatro,cat stevens and mouth and mc'neil strong signal sinpo 54444
6292-8.20 radio altrex playing wings-live and let die. fair signal. also long fades. sinpo 33223
6524 radio ramonia plays bow wow wow fair signal.heard@8.40 sinpo 33233
4025 laser hot hits playing kelly clackson.strong signal sinpo 55455
6375 unid can just hear music above noise faded out a few minutes later.
3905-9.25 skyline radio weak signal sinpo 22112
6210 misti radio heard@1010 plays omd and elvis presley fair signal 33233
6280 radio merlin plays blonde and louis armstrong good signal at times,but also long fades singo 43323
5800 unid plays eric clapton faded out a few minutes later.heard@10.32
6305 unid plays sweet and blondie good signal sinpo 44334
6290 radio borderhunter heard@11.55 playing the eagles.unid station on same freg.closed down a few minutes later
6140-13.00 radio gloria good signal sinpo 44434
3905 unid heard@16.20 weak signal hard to catch id due splash from reflections europe.sinpo 21222
6220 playback international heard@16.35 playing belinda carlise strong signal sinpo 54454.also on 6870 playing the carpenters.heard @17.30 good signal 44344.

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